YuNg WiZ vs. Kriminal

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by YuNg WiZ, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    ok here are the rules:

    drop one verse (any length)

    and instead of direct disses let the talent do the talkin, whoever drops the most heartfelt verse is the can diss if you want but this is a different approach and is purely whoever drops the most talented verse I guess

    anyway enough rambling, whenever you show your head my nig we shall begin
  2. KriminaL

    KriminaL Guest

    Yo - im checking in, hope you won your game my man, coz you're about to lose this. (Oh god im so tough) :lol: you want me to spit first, or do you want the honors?
  3. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    haha i'll let u do the honors.....and let's add one more stipulation, first to 5 votes wins (4-0= TKO)
  4. KriminaL

    KriminaL Guest

    Yeah last rule - No FEEDING or BITING off shit.

    From here on in it's business, Not personal

    okay, warned your ass Yung - Bagglad ducked it, but you came for me - I admire that for like a second. haha

    :: KriminaL ::

    Twisting the rules and you're trying to dodge a battle
    aint you heard? Im the reason it's sleepless in seattle
    Its like "aww poor lee", battling someone in Milwaukee
    Your states so poor you battle people over a walkie-talkie

    oh looky looky im battling nasir jones, get this post closed
    even if you're a legend my lyrics so hard they'll break ya nose
    160 posts and your shit's still sounding consistantly lame
    I have to check your Employee Tag just to remember your name

    I think i seen you, it's true - dont you work down at some KFC?
    it's all like "Would you like Fried Chicken when you battle me"
    The reason you work with chicken is Clear, you're a "closet queer"
    and a chicken breast is the only type you're likely to get near

    Whats the difference - Cornel Sanders, Ronald McDonald and Young Wiz?
    No matter what it is they hand ya, there bound to entertain young Kids
    and i aint talking bout the happy meal, im on about the real deal
    when was the last time a chick WASNT Yung That you got a feel?

    Now you want a topic, you and you know i can drop it
    thats why i've put on a beat by the late Tupac, Bitch

    BeaT CHanGe

    Now im hearing voices in my head, The last voice i heard said
    "Give it up lee, You aint shit - you're better off just dead"
    What do you do when the best fan you had Just died?
    I tried, to keep it in but through all these tears i've cried

    I Found suicide, was probably to be the best way out early
    Surely, if i made a difference to just one little kid who heard me
    and they prefered me, to all of these other little rap gimmicks
    Than that proves to me with this business i was born to be in it

    Im the judge, the jury and now to be the exectued, My shit's disputed
    That people like The President of The Us, even had the chance 'n' viewed it
    and all the while i been saying fuck the government, all the people loving it
    are in control of our life running it, claiming that it's all fun 'n' shit

    But i've slipped under, Now i've gotta sit back and wonder,
    If there's no lightning is there gonna be any thunder?
    because you see the flash of me, before you hear me roar
    I think i've said this before, but i dont wanna be here no more

    Anyway, i'll hang up the mic cord, and let this mic war,
    get to a whole situation, And Yung The shit you facing
    Is just a whole new world that i have been replacing
    A Diss and a topical drop, if you're hot, let's see what you got.

    There ya go :smile: a mix of shit for you muh man, Lets see some of your talent i know you got it.
  5. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    comparing me to nasir jones you must wanna get ripped
    don't let these lips fool, I'm far from jigga wit it
    gettin jiggy wit it, bitch u feelin this shit
    like when bagglad put his dick up on ur lips
    yes, I get grimey, I dare you to find me
    on the lower level where u still be rhymin
    it's all timin, my flow speaks volumes
    while u still scary, rappin behind costumes
    this ain't halloween, besides that's jack's role
    but I'll play da grim reaper and and remove your soul
    leave u in an infinite hole
    and have u dirty dancin like a stripper up on a pole
    i still ain;t even started, my brain jus farted
    I'm slippin up right now, lemme get retarded
    once i get to rippin, your wit ur dearly departed
    fracture ur skull and ur mental gets parted
    now here we go lemme get into my flow
    rip you to shreads, jus tah let u kno
    eazy-e's spirit is livin through me
    so and is big L, Pac and biggie
    so I get a lil juicy when I rip you to pieces
    and prove what i stated in my openin thesis
    support all my facts cause that's how I get an "A"
    you wanted to battle me well now we bout to play
    I ain't even goin hard I don't feel like rappin
    i forgot about this battle cause u str8 crap man
    so I went to da toilet and shitted u out
    now ur girl lickin my ass crack to remember ur mouth
    yea, sick ain't it, I kno I'm twisted
    but I'm oh so gifted, and no I ain't ripped this
    cause I'm lazy, fuck you gay-z
    I mean kriminal, u think u shady?
    well it take more than subliminals to try and phase me
    I'll come and rob your crib you fuckin baby
    i send you from da cradle to da grave
    from your office to the pave
    barbeque you like famous dave
    a rap slave, they beat me to do this shit
    so they put me on a beat and I kill this shit
    sometimes I'm hot, but I'm always cold
    like late december, play my hands right and I never fold
    and everything that you think is raw
    is really nuthin I'm jus playin pa
    I can't battle you partna I give you this one
    cause right now I'm goin through some shit and my concentration's gone
    so til next time be prepared for war
    cause you kno I'm still ill when I come from da core
    don't ever step up to me expectin another freebie
    cause next time we battle, your career will end G
  6. KriminaL

    KriminaL Guest

    HaHa - Word, some dope shit there - okay, Votes?
  7. Mommy Gunz

    Mommy Gunz New Member

    Aug 8, 2005
  8. Halloween Jack

    Halloween Jack Heavens Demon

    May 10, 2001
    wow. sick battle... kriminal, ya style is ill man. got some funny ass punches.
    i like how u switched up from battle to topical.
    wiz, u ill too man, had some cleverass lines in your verse.
    if this was an actual diss battle, im not sure who i'd pick.
    but seeing that this is a battle of who's verse was more heartfelt, i'd say kriminal got it.
    i liked his whole battle/topic approach plus i know those feelings homies spittin about...
    you both get a hefty F'K YEAH in my book tho. lmao.
    good shit fellas.
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