Yung Troy vs. Da Arch Bishop

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by Yung Troy, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Yung Troy

    Yung Troy The Lyrical King

    Sep 17, 2007
    Now before I start this battle I'd like to warn you that I'm not the MC you battled when you beat me in my first battle and thought you were runnin' shit.

    32 Bars "that are securely locked"


    I neva' seen a MC that suck as much, what you spittin' is gross//prostitute ho's and they lips don't even come close//nigguh can't you "tale" that you made up "folk"//Jig got ya' ass whipped like ya' made of yolk//or coke, cuz only crackheads will like yo' rhymes//and them sayin' that you betta' just a pipedream, "in they minds"//my first battle was a joke, I admit//but after this, on yo' body they will smell my shit//a lyricist, who bleed pussies like periods//Im not God but Im the truth and you fearin' this//we call you Da Arch Bitch-Shit, the meaning of the name is true//cuz you a bitch and Im shittin' on you//these punchlines, but they not just hittin' on you//they cave ya' chest, touch ya' heart, and they rip it through(bitch)//I aint callin you a snitch but dude// you like the "bitch" and Jigsaw "the loverboy" at ya' fuckin' rescue//R-E-S-P-E-C-T, bet Archie don't want beef wit' me//and ya' faggot ass click wit they secrecy//I'll expose em' to cancer, that Nickateen//let MJ post a verse, watch ya' choke, no Guillotine//our rhymes strong cuz we type wit' intensity//you have no balls, don't start wit' me bench warmer//you beat me in the first battle now you bout' to witness Karma//"shit", why am I battlin' this asshole//knowin' that he fucked, too loose to keep his ass closed//its sad how you think that you're a worthy competitor//all that gory shit you spit, Im like "man is stephen king the editor"//nothin but schemes, scenes, plots, and themes//ya' rhymes full of stunts and acts, do you see what I mean (Quote:Stephen King)//Uhh, don't ever call me illiterate, fool//go to fuckin' school//and give the bully his lunch money, too late, cuz the "nerd "is through

    You might as well not even type a verse........(laughing)
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