Yung Anthony ft. Ace - Flashing Lights

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    Apr 15, 2005
    remix of kanye's


    Yung Anthony ft Ace - Flashing Lights (Remix)

    (verse 1)
    we only believe in cash and cars
    rats believe in booze and scars
    so what are u belivin? while u breathin?
    people with no life are always breezy
    these pigs from the bacon factory
    wanna mess with me cuz im asian
    talk about discrimination here i got one
    wanted me to pop one, now who u messin with up son?
    my vision is clear i see red and blue
    pullin me out cuz im sippin on 22's
    he told me to step out, so i land my shoe
    bitch lookin at me like i was a fool
    i'd say what u stoppin me? are u stupid?
    he said i was speeding, man that bullshit!
    what i do next? emptyin my clip!
    real homies die for dat gangsta shit!

    As i recall i know you love to show off
    But i never thought that you would take it this far
    what do i know
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