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  1. areeyesee

    areeyesee New Member

    Jan 7, 2004
    for morissa 02/26/07

    Every heart.
    Every heart beat.
    Every heart beat felt like a Hiroshima, and i knew i couldnt call FEMA to help me put back together the pieces of our drowned out destiny.
    So i did the only thing i ever knew how to do.
    I prayed with my pen.
    Prayed with my pen until its tip sobbed similies underserving to be used in your description.
    You were my addiction and baby, being Bobby Brown wasnt as bad as it seemed, b/c you and i both knew that as long as i had 2 fingers that i would always keep your s**t covered.
    Lovers being a term overused, we were people whose feelings where heard in color.
    " brown skin, u know i love your brown skin. I cant tell where your begins, i can tell where mine ends" and i prayed to never know that which kept the clock on the wall so tic'ed off.
    See your love was like connect four because it filled in all my empty spaces. Had me playing Picard because u took me places no man has ever gone before.
    Corine Bailey Rae on repeat, u are not like a star.
    You were a chocolate covered constilation.
    You arew the reason why ispend endless nights in front of the television waitin for the moment your smiles start to run in syndication so i'll have an excuse to by a TiVo.
    feeling like Neal, like neo, like Ne-Yo, because my love lies in the midst of the trintiy amongst the stars while the radio reminds me of
    See i used to say that i missed you like my fathers last breath.
    These days i miss you like yours.

    MISSKEYdaQUEEN Watch the black panther..

    Jul 20, 2002
    Like mine?
    Or yours
    waiting patiently has me in anxiety and at lost for breath-less sanity I feel it slipping so it seems yes I am crazy for you.
    And if your heart beats like Hiroshima than mine beats like Nagasaki
    Almost hopeless and intangible are we and this love
    Almost pained and crippled like rubble for the union of two to not be manifested as it should be.
    And if the stars are your eyes then I'll sleep through the day to only star gaze and live in your twilight.
    Shoot me winks link shooting stars to hearts to remind me of your adoration.
    Fall unto me and I will wish us into reality, persistently and with sincerity.
    I love you so much it hurts
    but pain is my salvation if this is the only way this love will work so if I'll miss you so be it.
    It won't be replaced or exchanged.
    My longing will never truly be realized
    until the space we coexist in is the same.

    *I'm sorry you inspired me....

    so my comment had to be an add on.... in other words I enjoyed your piece. beautiful.
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