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Discussion in 'Ladies Lounge' started by GaLaTeA, May 29, 2012.

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  1. GaLaTeA

    GaLaTeA Well-Known Member

    Jun 10, 2010
    Through the windows of my office, overlooking the town square, I'm noticing more and more emasculated men, wearing armor, which consists of baby bottles, pacifiers, bibs and nappies, pushing strange baby carriages around the square. Much like all fashion trends, they're distinctively designed by and for the wrong group of people.

    In short, I don't know why there hasn't been an invention made of milk bottles in the form and color of lush woman's breasts, in order to get a complete new species of "modern moms". Of course, any normal healthy male seems to be able to help his wife out from time to time, has to also knows all, if something urgent happens that he knows when to jump in, but nothing is more absurd than the strict separation of tasks connected with children are. At least not until the legal are of being able to pour liquor. The biggest irony of feminised and maternally inspired men, however, is that his wife; during his walks with the carriage; is usually somewhere enjoying her cheatfest with some overgrown fitness guru.

    Anyways, I wanted to say that fathers get a lot more involved when it comes to their offspring, than one would initially thought, but above all, only when they want it themself. This is usually contributed to a woman's non-possessive attitude with a partner, whether it's regarding upbringing or any other area. So women are (a) so damn intelligently twisted or (b) character-wise so smart that they won over the mechanisms of action in relationships to which State/church/or society tryed to mislead in the completely wrong direction.

    This is basically a kind of paradox ~ more than a woman negates the partner contacts with others, the more a person feels the need for the latter, which is in proportion to the duration of the relationship only increasing.

    Dear ladies, it's really easy with men. I'll leave the common behavioral mechanisms of reciprocity for another time, but I can offer a plastic tip. If you want a man to be involved with the child, without the psychological and physical coercion, of course, forget the popular midnight elbow thrusts, accompanied by the words: "Your turn."
  2. Ignorant

    Ignorant Village Idiot

    May 31, 2004
    All these soft, nurturing beta men represent a backlash to the "strong, silent" alpha types of yesteryear... when men were distant, hard working, disciplinarians who laid down the law and brought home the bacon.

    Now men are doing EVERYTHING, because they let women emasculate them... they're afraid to lay down the law or put their foot down... they're afraid to be masculine, because society and BBG have taught them that it's bad... they curse their penises due to "male guilt," promulgated by Oprah, Tyler Perry and Dr. Phil.

    In 50 years, we'll all be chicks.

    The death of masculinity is upon us.

    I salute you, Galatea, for joining the fight... I've been waging a counter battle against this assault on manhood for years now.

    I've lost a few friends in the fight, but I remain steadfast.

    We need more women to join actually... thank you!!
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