your opinion on jays beat selection

Discussion in 'Audio Producers Discussions' started by articledon, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Metaphoracle

    Metaphoracle Blunted on the MV-8000

    Aug 19, 2000
    The Prelude - nice mellow beat, sets the tone for the album - 4.5/5

    Oh My God - I wasn't too into this beat at first but it's grown on me, it's got good energy to it but I've heard better from Just. - 4/5

    Kingdom Come - I fuckin' love this beat and Jay kills it. the way Just flipped that sample as sick. - 5/5

    Show Me What U Got - I still feel like the drums get a little too crazy at points on this, though I love the roll at the end where Jay says "Justin Blaze & The Blazettes". pretty good beat though. - 4/5

    Lost Ones - simple but effective. people seem to forget that u don't want the beat to outshine the artist on a song and this balances nice with the chorus & lyrics. but it's nothing people are gonna be saying "oh shit" over tho. - 4.5/5

    Do U Wanna Ride - I wish Kanye could have done one more beat on here, something a little more up-tempo but this is still dope. - 4/5

    30 Something - ill beat but like it was said already, I wish it would have had something else besides the drawn out keys that come in every so often. 4.5/5

    I Made It - kind of a boring beat on it's own I think, I like the drums on it though and Jay really makes this song. it's got a cool soulful vibe but it sounds like this is Blueprint throwaway. 3.5/5

    Anything - not too into it and that vocal sample is annyoing imo. 3.5/5

    Hollywood - I wouldn't be into this if I just heard it as an instrumental but Jay's flow and Beyonce's parts make it into a dope song. I like the song but the beat isn't my style. 3/5

    Trouble - this is Dre's best beat on the album to me, Jay comes hard on it as well. 4.5/5

    Dig A Hole - it bumps in my whip and for Swizz Beats it's alright. but still, not really something I'd be into if someone brought it to me as a beat to do a song to. I agree that the beat on Game's album was better minus the annyoing chorus he put on that one. 3/5

    Minority Report - fits the song but again, the beat on it's own ain't nothing too impressive. I love Ne-yo's chorus "seems like we don't even care". that shit's stuck in my head. Jay could have been less laid back on this but whatever. 4/5

    Beach Chair - I hated the start of this beat so much I never played more than 2 seconds of it the first few times I played the album. Jay's lyrics are what makes the song and the beat isn't bad now that I've taken time to listen to the song. 3/5

    granted an instrumental version of this album wouldn't be anything special but they fit the songs and Jay makes the most out of them. I was hoping for something a lot harder but it's cool to see Jay trying to do different shit cause everyone's stuck on the same ish now-a-days. overall, I'd give this shit 4 outta 5. I still wish he could have gotten some Timbaland, Premier or Ski tracks on here tho.
  2. *Deuce Wilde*

    *Deuce Wilde* aka stfu dave

    Aug 30, 2004
    swizz beatz has had some sick ass beats... "up in here" and especially "get it on the floor" are fuckin fire if ya ask me... and i still haven't been able to listen all the way thru beach chair... shit gives me a headache


    Jul 11, 2000
    this post is all ass backwards the technical aspect is all about the bang factor. also guess whos back was a hot flip.
  4. urban_tactics

    urban_tactics aka johnny cockram

    Mar 8, 2003
    sorry homey....but swizz weaks is just a garbage producer if u ask me

    and the nigga is a hater........he focus on trying to be different.........

    i say, stick to the basics......

    dig a hole is ass.......the hook is ass.......jayz need to sit his old camel lookin ass down.....before like me snatch his wife up....
  5. Definit

    Definit Based.

    Aug 4, 2002
    i personally thought it tried to make him something he wasnt...seemed like he picked his beats...rather then a team of people picking them for him...and being around him to pick out the final tracks for the album...just sounded flooded with something that wasnt him natually...

    something natually that doesnt blend in like the rest of his albums had...

    my vote...= beat selection was wack...blame the management...holla...Hov!
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