"Your Hood" Cypher- 10 bars

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by TorrMup, May 3, 2008.

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  1. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    In my hood I handle my B.I. niggah believe Im ridin high
    Gats any kind. You can get anything you like like T.I
    see why we drive by squeezin the llamas
    the same reason why they wanna squeeze on obama
    every other week im in the range squeezin on the sheet wit osama
    In my hood they sell like retail be careful
    you aint gotta rock addidas to catch a shell toes
  2. Blitz_krieg

    Blitz_krieg SAY WHA.........

    Jun 17, 2008
    My hooh My hood..
    aight check:

    What you know about goin out 7 days of the week
    shoot crapins in the streets and playin for keeps/
    Shit looks bleek unless play ball or can roll a pair of dice,
    or if u got that hustle mustle in this hustlers paradise/
    This is where u can meet your sative sisters
    or your couzin cocain,
    or you can have mother morphine come and ease your pain/
    u can get that HarON for ya viens, and a glass dick for your lips,
    or u can get suitcase full of shrooms if u want to go on "trip"/
    got that lean if u sip and its served ice cold,
    or you can cop some X and "let the good times roll"/
    Round here Everything being sold, even a hustlers soul,
    but we can negotiate that deal when im getting to old/

    just a quick keystyle to a slow ass beat

    WIDOW MAKER New Member

    Oct 20, 2007
    my hood

    the brick city were semis aint flips,
    but automatics wit full clips handled by the bloodz and the crips//

    Newark blocks blocked by the blocking ass cops,
    making bullshyt stops eying my gwuap they better stop//

    girls is hot but the freaks got drops,
    titties and no tops short shorties getting all of my knots//

    yayo is up but the spot still rocking non stop,
    ]like flops im still fliping and the bird getin gwuap//
  4. Whisky

    Whisky watch it

    Sep 18, 2008
    my hood is on some gangster shit, period.
    you think i'm not serious? kid you so hilarious

    blah blah, this thread doesn't motivate me
  5. Macmili

    Macmili Thorough

    Jun 14, 2007
    in my hood, it's an explosive situation
    in my hood, you can get burned, the shit is blazing
    in my hood, cats pack tools to pay rent
    in my hood, it's like life was not meant
    in my hood, you can get gassed with the quickness
    drugs get stashed by kids that don't ask for forgiveness
    in my hood, all you see is metal
    in my hood, the engine responds when my foot hits the pedal

  6. tbone

    tbone Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2000
    GIve me a team, a few gats and packs
    to rip these streets
    clutch'n the mac reach'n a mili
    you nyggaz is silly
    even if ya hood was hard
    we bare arms just to strong arm
    nyggaz is bitch
    How I stay wit my arms around harm
    best bet is for ya to stay calm
    even if ya step in my hood
    Either by the news or somebody experience
    still hilarious how hoodrats
    stay elegant to show intelligence
    so its no fear of interference
    how Set Ups become a major play in

    its only two options in the hood where i'm from

    ya either lock and load
    prepare to get ya melon pop and swoll
    its are life how we Rock and Roll

  7. -Punchline-

    -Punchline- New Member

    Jan 29, 2001
    timberlake white j's rolled wit slight haze,
    rock an plant days, crazy trippers...
    we dnt plays,u wont leave a graze,
    i strike like k's,leave u in a coma like a bad dipper..
    and mothafuckaz we drink brews and the liquer..
  8. AcrophySoorry

    AcrophySoorry New Member

    Apr 24, 2009
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  9. twdIDescipleI

    twdIDescipleI New Member

    May 29, 2002
    IM from a place that got Ravaged-by-Katrina/
    Not neworleans/But biloxi/where we savage with tha Ninas
    VLs and GD's quick to damage any challenger-in-the-arena
    so many casinos/we like the los vegas of the south/
    Dboys stay sellin big amounts/and snitches keep sellin dem niggas out
  10. tbone

    tbone Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2000
    its on for the coke, bets to have that work
    leave a nygga like dots, tell a bitch to jerk
    i'm all for the game, deuce wit the aim
    flame spit'n that game, we never the same
    ya just a hang around, my crew bang around
    ya wanna sound, than meet ground
    I aint play'n wit em, fuck em
    we can duck sauce em
    that sauce soy boy get crossed
    got chop sticks haters often
    so what you bark'n
    i'm hold'n that hawlk'n
    nyggaz gotta see me in 3D
    cause i'm in they mind like day dreams'
    if ya hit me its like an abortion
    cause after its mail extortion
    ya runners want'n a portion
    nyggaz say adopt, you nyggaz orphans
    make ya sunroof to a drop top, whats hot
    we busting nygga, we rushing nyggaz
  11. Da Shorty Man

    Da Shorty Man Tha ILL AUTHeNTIC

    Sep 5, 1999
    in my hood we be creepin
    where them hataz git beaten
    catch you when you sleepin
    see you when you think we aint peepin
    got tha hood locked monday thru weekend, no need pretend
    stick'em up kid, gimmee tha endz, supply demand
    from tha H..Town
    you can git down or lay-down
    either way mane mah nigguz dont play round'
    spray rounds and thow tha H up
    wake up an bake this cake up
    take up a money makin hobby quick mah nigga, stay up
  12. tbone

    tbone Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2000

    bring it back like dubbed tapes
    nyggaz like hoes who love to hate
    more like get a taste now wait
    overcame bake now I struggle wit cake
    where cats to idiotic we love to take
    when setups become bodies
    nyggaz mack'n but lov'n the fake
    i'm just talk'n outta my ass'
    but foreal front'n get ya ass
    i'm just after the cash
    in&out like swat call me the flash
    Dipset but I aint even REP yet'
    thats religion whose reach'n to step
    I'm hug'n the block like weather
    for you that got styles thats whatever
    i'm just spitting what i'm feel'n
    think'n to have my car three wheel'n
    Aint even on the west side, hoes like i'm trip'n
    nyggaz i'm flip'n, bitches i'm pimp'n
    give a fuck if ya holla whats up
    cause tragedy is victimize
    I aint try'n to be that guy on the other side
    thats why I ryde, for any nygga who wanna take my high
    listen cause dimes don't come a dozen if ya aint buzz'n
    so ya life isn't shyt in this world, if ya aint fuck'n
    i'm like Harriet tubman, quiet money get in wit duffles
    give it to any nygga who attempt to ruffle
    this my struggle so i gots to hustle......
  13. JskillzSLC

    JskillzSLC New Member

    Jul 19, 2010
    WHERE I GREW UP...AS A YUNG BUCK..The Shack..511

    to describe my hood it definately wasnt in no suburbs,
    cuz my hood is where the streets run wit gravel n no curbs,
    sittin on tha porch tryin to kill the second 40 of O.E.,
    just lost in dominoes to the O.G.,
    this is where a few found their wives,
    we would all came together to tha stink shack sharin each others lives,
    our money was runnin low, pockets took dives,
    and shoes was tagged up so Rome threw em ovr tha wire wit fresh new ties,
    outside chillin, wit the rest tha block lookin so nice,
    Ricky's cats runnin round chasin tha mice,
    cops rollin down tha block not once but comin back twice,
    they would never really stop if we wasnt outside they would just come back,
    never forget tha house wit tha broke down cadillac,
    neighbors were never really trippin they was cool,
    they soon realized we was tryin to make money and nevr really go to school,
    like jay z said even the pretty girls would come by and stop thru tha hood,
    and we always had the best music even bumpin mo syllablez when they was good,
    couldnt even count how many homies were always on tha run,
    but on friday and saturday night the shack was tha place to b it was always fun,
    J would be lifting tha weights in tha front yard,
    growin up we used to believe he would always be hard,
    shit, tha fool was always gettin a new car,
    or even in tha back loadin his straps
    as tha rest of us was gettin fucked up listenin to tha freestyle raps
    smokin his blunts while rickys datin different fat sluts,
    we thought tha muafucka was nutz,
    but really ricky just had them permanant beer googles,
    sayin he would nevr fuck tha girls comin thru lookin like models,
    he acted like he could but he never really tries,
    instead settles for the bitch that was eatin his flies,
    bbqin was an ery day thing in the summer,
    gettin tha girls to come thru wasnt hard just dial tha number,
    meet at either tha house or the river,
    half tha alumni got problems wit they liver,
    sittin outside this place you had to stop by whether not it was in your path,
    had holes in the floor, a stand up shower no bath, and thugs tryin to do math,
    tryin to make the money with out a real job,
    we always was there and will always be part of the STINK SHACK MOB..

    JASON ANTHONY White Devil

    Mar 10, 2010
    Haha, the stink shack, that's some shit I can speak on,
    Drove by the other day, jesus, the fuckin tree's gone,
    It wasn't a place I'd ever want my kids ta grow up,
    Carpet covered in beer, blood, ashes, piss, and throw up,
    I remember the BBQ’s at the river, bitches getting Debo’d,
    Every week, the power was shut off, or somethin was repo’d,
    Always drinkin somthin cheap, E&J was the way ta go,
    Till some bitch got picked on, and Ricky the captain would save a ho,
    Thinkin back to those days makes me wanna try harder,
    But if it wasn’t for that place, I wouldn’t a met my life partner.
  15. Bar nigga

    Bar nigga 314 STL Ancient of daze..

    Jan 26, 2009
    Arch effect, crooked cops and stolen cars 2
    got me prayin wit christ name, but in hebrew
    jesus eyes wasnt blue
    if u think they was then u been fooled
    went an bought me a frew
    Newports loose
    2 quaters a penny i
    sin in the city i grew
    Saint Cyr, nigga Red
    product of the Lou
    wit product on the move
    my Logic is misconscrewed
    i profit from Miss abused
    chicks that i used
    show Tits and strip nude
    prostitutes pay indues
    this is news to u never knew niggaz
    time mimic my free writtens
    political prisions
    imprison prophets too
    peace to my cousin he thuggin
    shot a cop or 2
    now he behind bars
    time on his mind and he got a lot to do
    young nigga fresh outta school
    loved fly cars and nice broads
    my advice, keep ya mind free and Die hard..
  16. TruestPain

    TruestPain C.E.O of Rho' Wylin' Reco

    May 19, 2000
    I'm from the under-dog state(RI), where ya pockets could get run for walkin
    Where respects earned and even ya mama could get gunned for talkin
    Where snitches get flipped down, in dirt just for speakin easy
    Where cops get backed in a corner if they come to deep believe me
    Staying strapped here is a must, dudes is wild 'nuff to take ya life
    New England full'a murderers and thugs, it aint so fun at night
    We from the hood but none of us claim gangsta, but we bang them bangas
    And if you aint from here better repsect us for you end in danger
    Its gritty and ugly, it can be shitty or bubbley
    Its the hood, no harder than yours or mine, recognize who ya company
    This is Rhode Island and Boston, we wylin so often
    We survive through the hardships, die in the coffin
    New England mobstas, we rize and we've fallen
    Look in our eyes you'll see the size where our hearts-is
  17. Grandeur

    Grandeur Member

    Nov 8, 2001
    My hood is so hood aint nobody gotta prove it-
    Niggaz shootin, and doin it because we plainly FUCKIN STUPID-
    Stockton California, you see the grass, we see your ass bleedin-
    and stealin your girl, until her ass were squeezin-
    and the straps were squeezin, ar15's and ak's in n out of season-
    Knocking out your teeth, or losing with intentions of winnin-
    Prayin wit intentions of sinnin, ur playing the end of your inning-
    Ending your breathing, until we regret how were livin-
    Sittin in prison, wonderin if killin u bitches was worth living with our freedom missin-
    But we flee on missions in amiss hopin ur dome we dont miss-
    can u live a life like this?
  18. delonte_east

    delonte_east Injured Reserve

    Sep 5, 2010
    I hate gullible women
    get your mind up
    still get tricked over dick
    so I get my grind up
    treat me bad like I would never improve
    haters play the pit as I accelerate through
    star from birth
    just needed some insight
    you were marked from birth
    just knew how to look right
    cursed from the womb
    a faggot underneath
    but at the nighttime colossus
    who is running the streets
    who would have thought
    that those thugs are acting
    fucking the normal ones
    and calling them faggots
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