Your FAVORITE album of ALL TIME... Did U Hear it when it FIRST came out, or later?

Discussion in 'Hip-Hop Central' started by thedream233, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Jun 14, 2013

    I'm not saying dismiss something thats from the past, all I'm saying is can it really be your #1 all time?

    remember I agreed with you at first, but when I thought about my top 5 albums

    east 1999 and eternal
    heavens movie
    the cool
    life after death
    devils night/slim shady LP (this spot changes often)

    I heard all these around the time when they were released.

    think about your favorite albums of all time. THEN think about when u heard them
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    Feb 18, 2001
    Snoop - Doggystyle
    Got it on tape when it was fresh... maybe a cpl months old at the most. Played it every day til it was warped lol. First CD I ever bought too. I really dig Doggfather, Blue Carpet Treatment and Deuces & Trayz too... day 1 for Doggfather, couldn't have been more than a week for the other 2.

    Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
    GZA - Liquid Swords
    Ghostface Killah - IRONMAN

    I'd say a year after release. lol, I actually bought all of them full price because the breakers at my school were all about Wu. I was really only feeling Guillotine on Cuban Linx, and sold all of them to a place called Recycle CD's for maybe $15 'cause I needed money... so stupid. Rebought them all again in '97 like "wtf was I thinking?

    Nas - It Was Written
    maybe a month old at most... If I Ruled The World was still a hot single. I got the edited version at Wal-Mart first, like wtf not even knowing there was such a thing as edited version... returned it then got the real shit at probably a Circuit City or some shit. Album grew on my over the years to become one of my favorites. At first I really only cared about If I Ruled The World & Affirmative Action.

    Wu-Tang - Forever
    a few weeks after release

    Makaveli - Don Killuminati
    day 1

    Fugees - The Score
    bought it maybe a year after release, finally... 10 cd's for 99 cents Music Club... remember those?

    Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt
    probably not even until around 2001, when Blueprint came out... 2Pac had me sleepin', backpackin' youth had me hatin' Hard Knock & Big Pimpin' for no reason

    Eminem - SSLP
    about a month or so... listened to it in a store kiosk, realized it was that idiot from some dumb MTV music video, but Bad Meets Evil & Still Don't Give a Fuck made me say 'oh shit' and buy it

    Mobb Deep - Infamous
    bought it in 99 finally, when Quiet Storm was around... didn't fully appreciate it til I was older and way higher, then it blew my fucking mind

    Company Flow - FunCrusher Plus
    must have got it in 2000 off napster, before buying a repress in 2003... came out in 97, but it was two dudes online that put me onto it. First I was like "nah, that album is bullshit" before even hearing it, but then I was like hell yeah

    Goodie Mob - Soul Food
    didn't have a damn clue 'til 2004, when a dude from Georgia who used to post on here mentioned it. Album was love at first sight.

    Last Emperor - Music, Magic & Myth
    I think it came out that month when I saw it on the latest releases shelf... fuckin' love that album. Instant classic. Couple weak spots, but it doesn't matter.

    Tonedeff - Archetype
    day 1... picked it up at a place called Independent Records here in East Denver, that closed a few months ago. Anticipated the shit out of it... had some growing pains, but I hold it in high regards all these years later.

    Method Man - T2000
    maybe a couple weeks old, when I went to get it... Wu fever. Was disappointing at first, but eventually became one of my favorite albums as it grew on me. Some winter in 2006 I had it in heavy rotation.

    Method Man & Redman - Blackout!
    Got this and 2001 on the same day when I was visiting family in Dublin overseas... not sure if they released on the same day, but they were baby fresh. I ended up being way more into Blackout initially, even though 2001 was a nuclear fire for like 2 years.

    Wu-Tang Killa Bees - The Swarm
    Same place I sold those 3 Wu solos, I bought this not long after Forever came out. Couldn't have been but a few months old

    Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele
    Pretty sure I got this within a month of release. Same as T2000, it seem kinda meh at first... few years later the shit is just classic, end to end and diverse as fuck.

    Mos Def & Talib - Blackstar
    Not til 2003 or 2004, for real... for some reason I never liked Talib's flow when I heard him, hadn't heard much of Mos... my cousin was fuckin' with it one day and that good chronic blessed me with the ears of knowledge.

    RZA/Bobby Digital - In Stereo
    Pretty sure I got it the week it came out... hated almost every track at first, but over time it became my shit and RZA's been my favorite rapper forever now. Birth of a Prince might be one of my favorites too... got it when it came out, but it had to grow on me. Didn't take as long, though.

    Cannibal Ox - Cold Vein
    Didn't bother to finally buy it til it was a year old... didn't appreciate the whole album until a few years ago really. Shit is a masterpiece.

    Mr. Lif - I Phantom
    I bought this album when it was kinda new, but thought he was wack because of his voice. Randomly threw it on in 2012 when I was out running, and I was like "oh shiiiit" - tellin' ya man, current state of mind really effects album perception.

    Jedi Mind Tricks - Psychosocialbiochemicalwhateverthefuck~
    Didn't even know who these guys were til 2004. I think Stoupe producing Rip The Jacker kind of put me on the scent trail.

    The Roots - Illadelph Halflife
    Not til 2004. Bought it in 2002, I think, had so many CD's I just kinda let shit collect dust sometimes. When I finally put it on it was like "wow, i'm a dumbass... I couldda been listening to this shit for years"

    Dr. Dre - The Chronic
    Pretty sure it was '95. Shouldda bought it sooner, being such a big fan of Doggystyle, but I guess I just didn't have my own money yet. I'd say by '97 was when I started to think I might like it more than Doggystyle. I don't, but it was close for awhile.

    Canibus - 2000 B.C.
    I think I got it in 2001. I barely knew who he was from the Sway & Tech "This Or That" mixtape, but god fuckin' damn, when I did get into him through the internet, shit "was like man on the moon"

    some other shit-
    Erykah Badu - Baduizm
    Lauryn Hill - Miseducation
    Nate Dogg - G Funk Classics Vol. 1 & 2

    Didn't even own any of these til the mid 2000's... I was so strictly rap for such a long time. Nearly 10 years, give or take, for those and I couldn't imagine not loving them now.

    Didn't really give Redman, Xzibit, Tha Likz, DMZ or Busta Rhymes their due til they were already a few albums deep, too. Slept on Biggie the whole time all that Pac shit was going on, but my boy did let me borrow Ready to Die on tape before all that started, and I was feelin' it... but I was like 12 or 13 and didn't have money to buy shit.
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    Feb 21, 2013
    Rip the Jacker

    At the time...2003, just ridiculous. It just matched my headspace at the time. Abstract, allusion filled, esoteric bars. Shit was wild, like a trip to space or something.
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