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  1. GLOVE

    GLOVE If da GLOVE fits spit wit

    Feb 12, 2001
    I got a confeshin or some hinders that I need to get off my chest cuz if I wanna be takin serously in this rap game I need to be clean and sometimes this reqires truth.
    I do'nt really know jeff n he did'nt get me a job at walmart. I said that to impression that I was actually more poplar than I reall am. It also is'nt tru that I produce for miss ellieot and jadakiss. I did see cam'ron in a concert once though n I do have a dmx sweatshirt. My inventin of tellin this to you is so I can start rapping again after hiaytis.

    This ditty that yo'ure about to read is a riss not a diss.

    i scare white folk wit newport smoke n bum pokes
    they say i bit abs zero style? beat him by a mile
    but he still cool n sweet can't be beat or kicked with feet
    that nom guy is a lie
    fill a snake skin with piss n make him drink it bear grylls way
    play gay my way n get ur cock burnt by a sun ray
    monnie python wathing mother fucker rubber duck duck ducker
    well check my anaconda ramming ya girl rhonda n injectin venom
    like a tiger in da woods i give her my goods n bump it
    snookie style actin wild puttin my child juice on her vile privates
    lie a bit n see what happins
    i came clean n i do't mean to sound green
    eat ya spleen
    lauhg at me?
    i will bit ya mums tittay before ya weened
    while ya cry over the spilt milk i sell it to dairy queen
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