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  1. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    Truth is a Rubix cube. Hmm, how should I put it
    It's confusion to whom who have no rules to use it
    Just put yo mind on the sovereign father
    Eyes on the signs, and solve it with the solver

    Think not,

    Triple sec, on a simple bet
    It cripples vets and gentile sects
    A Strong drink salted in sinful sweat
    And the song it sung, sings y'all fizz me yet ?
    Like a cocktail, it tints of sex
    Dissect the lyrics, be free from shallow depths

    Too much Truth, and not enough Religion
    Wheat germ-juice knotted in, pucked out ten lemons
    So much soothing. Shooting shit smooth since salvation's se7en

    Let me remind you

    Your pagan temple is chasing devils, wood and stone
    You say no ? We should go down all those idol roads ?


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