Yacht limitations of passengers in Croatia..

Discussion in 'Car & Audio' started by GaLaTeA, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Jun 10, 2010
    Today, via a conference call with one of the offices of port's captain, I felt the new Croatian Law on vessels, which says that in a whole year owners can only invite 18 different people on their yachts. Outrageous.

    This increasingly, ultraright winged country would like to transform yacht owners into monogamists. Aware of the fact that they have the most beautiful sea in the world, is working in their advantage and with it playing half of Europe for a fool. Again, outrageous.

    The new law won't adversely affect only those yacht owners, who otherwise only use them for display in one of the few Slovenian marinas. They are like our Civil Aviation Authority, who wants and demands that it would be nice to have as many planes registered, but never allowing them to fly!

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