XXL shows love to the West Coast

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    Oct 3, 2002
    XXL Spotlights West Coast Hip-Hop In March Issue
    By Clover Hope
    Date: 2/18/2005 10:00 am

    West Coast rappers the Game and Snoop Dogg appear together on the “West Coast Resurrection” March issue of XXL magazine, in celebration of the history and revival of West Coast rap.

    The Long Beach-raised Snoop Dogg and Compton-bred Game are often credited with bringing the West Coast back to recognition in hip-hop recently.

    On the cover of the commemorative issue, Game sports his trademark red hoodie (the color of the Bloods gang) and Snoop dons baby blue (the Crips color).

    “It’s ironic how much Snoop and the Game have in common. Both are Dr. Dre protégés who created two of the strongest debut albums in hip-hop history,” said XXL Editor-in-Chief Elliot Wilson in a statement. “Hopefully, that type of success will open more doors for a new generation of West Coast MCs.”

    In the upcoming issue, Game speaks on his awe of Aftermath mentor Dr. Dre, a legendary face from the West. “I saw Dre, and I damn near shi**ed on myself. I only [knew] this dude from TV and listening to the radio,” says Game. “Still to this day, I be working in the studio with Dre, he turn his head, and I be looking at him like, Damn, that’s muthafu**in’ Dr. Dre!”

    Unlike Game, who has openly praised the brotherhood aspect he says gangs can offer, Snoop prefers to downplay his supposed connection to the street life in his interview.

    Reacting to his line, “Keep a rag on the left side/yeah that’s the Crip side” on his hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” Snoop says, “That was just a particular statement that I made on the song. I’m not tryin’ to promote a way of life. I’m not tryin’ to promote gang violence or nothin’ like that. It’s just the way I felt when I wrote the rap.”

    In the special issue, the magazine also pays tribute to vital players in the rap game who came out the West. The hip-hop publication marks the ten-year anniversary of Eazy-E’s death, features profiles of rap pioneers DJ Quik and MC Eiht, and an exclusive interview with Ras Kass on life after prison.

    XXL has also joined with MTV2 for the 25 Greatest West Coast Videos of all time, which airs March 13 on MTV2. Elliott Wilson provides his own commentary throughout the countdown.

    “The thing I love most about our final list is that we were able to cover such a wide range of artists,” said Wilson. “The West Coast has always been about more than just gangsta rap.”

    Wilson said the video countdown honors such artists as Sir-Mix-A-Lot, MC Hammer, Coolio and Young MC, who were often criticized for going the pop route. Female MCs like Yo-Yo and JJ Fad, and rap crews Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief are also given the light.

    The XXL “West Coast Resurrection” issue will be on stands March 1.

    Can't wait to read the pieces on Eiht and Kass...
  2. Soul Assassin

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    Jun 15, 2001
    wow... even with a west coast issue they still have aftermath on the cover... Mr. wilson really needs to back away from the scrotum.
  3. Dialted

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    Jun 15, 2004
    haha, that's what i'm sayin'
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