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    Jun 6, 2005
    Sony barely made a profit in the first quarter, mostly because of a declining demand for PlayStation 2 consoles, according to the company's quarterly financial report. Net profit dropped a whopping 98% from the previous year, and the games division, which often helped pump up the companies profit, had a 31.6% operating profit drop, with PS2 console shipments dropping 42%. Combined, hardware and software game sales accounted for an 18.2% decrease in sales. Sony blames the drop in its gaming division compared to last year on the PS2 console price cut, which caused a spike in sales.
    i love my xbox but its to late for Xbox its 2nd. you might ask why did i post this and it was to ask a ?
    why do you think the xbox sales are doing better, i think because most console gamers have the PS2 and less have the xbox.
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