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  1. Static Legacy

    Static Legacy 3 times of a lotta shit

    Apr 7, 2010
    Girl, you've been playing me for too long
    Got me twisted, I'm no longer that strong
    Guess I was stupid to believe ya, I was so wrong
    You got the gentle touch and sweet lies
    Never believed that evil can from beyond those eyes
    So screwed up, asking too many whys
    I don’t know how I could still love ya after all those tries
    Trying to forget , you still haunt my mind
    You where that treasure I was hoping to find
    Something special, you were one of a kind
    All of sudden you fell into to the trap
    Talking all this ego-centric materialistic crap
    That treasure you were the X on the map
    Now like the dark you appear everywhere
    Once unique, you became, so square
    Strong minded I have no fear
    except I was afraid that I would never hold you near
    My one fear became a reality my dear
    Growing up I figured you would change your ideals
    Never thought they would pull you in like fishermen with their reels
    Waiting for this moment I hoped I wouldn’t learn how it would feel
    Like royalty you bow down to them with every kneel
    Once so beautiful, now you make me sick
    Walking by without a word way to quick
    I still couldn’t treat ya like any other chick
    Yet, you burn me up like any other wick
    You might have been the first girl that I would love
    Now you fly by like that lonely dove
    Now I feel like a solo glove
    Alone and unpaired, in this odd world
    Scared, I’m in a fetal position all curled
    Like a ball that’s just been hurled
    I fell this sudden rush of emotion
    Take a sip of my magic potion
    Still remember the smell of your favorite lotion
    You had me stopped, only I will put myself back into motion…
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