X Files Mythology: Colonization

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    Apr 29, 2003
    Well, I think you all are into X-Files, right? hehehe ... because it was a great serie!

    I saw that X-Files Mythology: Colonization came out on DVD, on Sept. 27th

    The Mythology is Chris Carter’s visionary story arc of “The X-Files” comprised of 60 episodes from all nine seasons of the show.

    In The X-Files Mythology: Colonization, Mulder’s search for the truth suddenly seems near its end when he and Scully meet Cassandra Spender. A multiple abductee, Cassandra

    believes that aliens came to Earth on a mission that has somehow gone terribly wrong. Her theory is confirmed when Krycek reveals that three abduction sites were beacons for alien

    colonization and the death and destruction at those sites were caused by a small alien rebel force. Determined to prevent the colonization of Earth, this force is also eliminating all proof

    that an alien presence was ever on the planet. Unfortunately for Mulder, his quest for the truth has made him part of the proof which must be eliminated.

    Does anyone remember anything about Colonization?? X-Files was so great!
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