WWE Summerslam 2005 Results! (Spoof)

Discussion in 'Smack Down!' started by masterragu, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. masterragu

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    Dec 11, 1999
    WWE Summerslam 2005 Results! SPOILER!! *JOKE - NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY*
    My uncle is cheif executive advisor for the creative department and has settled the finishes for each of the matches at Summerslam on the 21st...ive decided to leak the news to whoevers lucky enough to find it...here we go

    Randy Orton Vs The Undertaker
    Randy pins The Undertaker at the 9 minute mark after the undertaker sells so much he doesnt get hardly any offensive moves, we all know Taker sells far to much and here he continues that trend and makes randy look like superman, Randy shits in Undertakers Ern,after the match Taker trys to chokeslam Orton but with help from Doink,Dink, Earthquake,The Shockmaster, Brutus Beefcake and Brother Love they beat down Taker after the win Randy announces his new group "Legend Thrillers"...Takers body vanishes and he floats to the top of the arena and a massive explosion occurs at the top of the arena and Takers body explodes...then the minions (a.k.a Val Venis and co) come down the else and pick up the pieces of his body the undertakers motocycle drives it self down the ramp and drives into the ring trying to catch Randy and his gang, Sarah runs down with her video camera....DDP appears and challenges Sarah to a match, one he looses in a matter of minutes..

    Matt Hardy Vs Edge
    Matt cuts Edges penis off with a knife and trys to make lita eat it, JR calls Matt a young stud and a pet ³³³³ and Matt sets up his lap top at Cole and tazzs announce table to see what the internet thinks of his performance, Lita jumps into the arms of Essay Reos

    John Cena Vs Y2J
    Fat Joe and Nelly come down with Cena as he takes on Y2J, jericho and cena wrestle an average match ending with Bishoff giving jericho the FU and Ralphus delivering a moonsault to Cena

    Batista Vs JBL
    Batista is dressed like Travis Bickle for this match...both men square off Vince comes down and announces its now a special Kennel From Hell Stipulation...Batista asks the dogs if they are "Talkin' 2 him" JBL bullys the dogs and potatos all of them, JBL signals to someone from the back and Rene Dupree runs down with FeFe and JBL rides FeFe out of the cage.

    Eugene Vs Kurt
    The match is called off and we are instead treated to Christy Hemme stripping naked on live TV

    Rey Vs Eddie
    Dominic is the ref
    He fastcounts and rey looses, dominic then cuts a killer promo and announces he only wants to be with Eddie to get closer to Kermal White

    Michaels Vs Hogan
    Michaels waits in the ring whilst hogan films two back to back episodes of Hogan Knows Best, when Hogan arrives he takes 6 sweet chins and 1 count kick out of all of them, michaels whispers for the finish but hogan gets a call on his cell phone telling him Brian Knobbs has been caught in Brookes Underwear draw hogans helicopter breaks the top off the arena and hogan clims the ladder and flys away...vince announces that instead Kenzo Kensuki will fight michaels, but michaels looses his smile and runs away. its now Benoit vs Kenzo featuring New Jack as the ref....Austin stunners every1 in the arena, Hogan comes back...fans cheer!...he announces he only came back for his pay check..the show goes of air with Perry Saturn Vs Moppy
  2. Nam Dekan

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    Mar 31, 1998
    lol @ kermal white
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    Jan 4, 2001
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    Bwahahahhaa@The Shockmaster.
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