WWE Smackdown preview for tonight (6-12-03)

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    Wack Zach Is Back!

    The WWE Championship will be on the line this Thursday night (8/7 CT on UPN) on SmackDown! The champion, Brock Lesnar, will defend against the 500-pound Big Show. Remember, Show defeated Lesnar for the title last November at Survivor Series.
    Kurt Angle has already challenged the winner of this match. Angle, who returned triumphantly last week, is scheduled to be on SmackDown! this week. And Team Angle -- Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas -- reportedly called in sick last week and were not on hand for Angle's return. But Haas and Benjamin are scheduled to be in Orlando for this week's show.

    Meanwhile, Zach Gowen's entire WWE career will be on the line this week. Mr. McMahon says that the only way Gowen will earn a WWE contract is if he can beat the chairman in an arm-wrestling contest. Mr. McMahon added that Gowen has as much chance as a "one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest." But Mr. America, for one, believes in Gowen. Mr. America indicated that Gowen will defeat the chairman because Gowen may not have bigger arms, but he has a bigger heart.

    The new Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio will has little time to celebrate, as he will defend his newly-won title against the man he defeated just last week, Matt Hardy.

    In tag team action, newcomers the Basham Brothers tangle with Chris Benoit and Rhyno. In singles competition, Undertaker battles Johnny Stamboli, accompanied by the other members of FBI. And John Cena faces Funaki.

    The WWE Tag Team Champions, Tajiri and Eddie Guerrero, are Roddy Piper's guests on Piper's Pit.

    And Sable is Stephanie McMahon's new assistant. What's going on there? Perhaps we'll find out this Thursday night on SmackDown!, which begins at 8/7 CT on UPN!

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