WTF @ even caring about race

Discussion in 'IntroSpectrum' started by Bonnie Bathory, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. Bonnie Bathory

    Bonnie Bathory New Member

    Sep 20, 1999
    The only reason we are different shades is from hundreds of years of being bred in the same region. We are like any other animal, our appearance is a result of our environment. It's science, and it's a completely redundant reason to dislike someone IMO. If you don't agree... you may as well start walking on water and turning water to wine and shit because you must be exempt from the scientific rules behind how the Earth works.

    wtf other difference is there between races other than color?

    Why would any race be inferior than the other knowing our race is nothing but a region? You may as well be saying, hey, I'm better than you because my ancestors were raised in Germany 6,000 years ago, and yours were raised in Egypt. WTF difference does that even make concerning your personal worth as an individual? It's retarded.

    Intelligence and priviledge vary from person to person, and even racist people know that shit, you learn that in preschool... so generalizing people as a whole based on color is like saying everyone with green eyes is poor, sounds pretty retarded, right? It does to me.

    People just hate other races because they hate in general. They have hate in their heart and don't know where to properly vent it, so they aim it at something retarded like generalizations based on skin color, even knowing it doesn't make any damn sense to pick a fight over something that unspecific and trivial.

    If race has anything at all to do with who you are on the inside, it's because you choose that. You can appreciate your family's history and your culture without it being about race. The generalizations don't just come from haters, they come from the individual too. I'm talking about assuming this or that history or tradition is something your entire race has experienced or partakes in... when you should be saying this and that history and tradition mean something to my family... because it's not about your entire race, it's about you and your family. You assume everyone in your race can relate, and there is no way that they do... and when you assume they can relate to the trials, tribulations and traditions you appreciate because they are the same race, you are also relating yourself to those who set a bad example in your race. I don't know why you'd want to fade your individuality away like that anyway. Your life is special and different from everyone elses, and that is a gift, and you should appreciate that rather than grouping yourself into hundreds of thousands of others of your same skin tone because you can relate to some of their experiences.

    In closing, either you are against being judged based on generalizations on race, or you encourage generalizations based on race... you can't pick and choose when it's convienient. The way I see it, you're better off speaking for yourself and not everyone who shares your skin tone... and speaking about what you've experienced, not what people of your skin tone have experienced. Of course it's not going to stop trivial racist hate... but at least then you are not ignorantly contributing to it. Like I said, it's a stupid reason to pick a fight IMO because it's just a scientific physical difference when it comes down to it, and everyone is different... and because everyone is different, its counter-productive to generalize on either side, whether you're on the offense or defense. Appreciate who you are as an individual. Your life is about you, nobody else... and fuck anyone who is too closed-minded to get that.

    Origins of light skin
    Chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to humans, and since they have light skin covered by hair, it is likely that our shared common ancestor would also have lacked pigmentation and been covered by hair. As human brain size increased the increase in its energy requirements would have required finer thermoregulation to avoid overheating. This may be one reason why humans developed sweat glands, an evolution we share with only a small number of creatures (including swine, many species of which are also hairless). The additional loss of body hair would have increased the effectiveness of evaporation of sweat, and produced better cooling. Though naked skin is advantageous for thermoregulation, it exposes the epidermis to destructive levels of UV radiation that can cause sunburn, skin cancer and birth defects resulting from the destruction of the essential vitamin B folate. Consequently strong natural selection in Africa favored increased levels of melanin in the skin, and the hairless Hominina ancestors of modern humans lost their light skin.

    Light skin color would have been a severe disadvantage to those living under the bright African sun. However, when humans left Africa for less sun-intense regions of the world, the selective pressure against lighter skin would have relaxed. This probably explains the greater variety of skin color found outside sub-Saharan Africa. Lighter skin colors may have been advantageous at higher latitudes since they allow greater penetration of the sun's UV radiation, a requirement for vitamin D synthesis. This may have led to selection for lightly pigmented skin. Scientists have identified at least 100 genes associated with pigment processing. Though African populations are relatively dark, according to a recent study they possess a greater diversity in skin complexion than all other populations. It is therefore likely that many of the alleles associated with light pigmentation were already present in an ancestral population in Africa prior to their dispersal. When humans migrated out of Africa, the lighter skin causing alleles may have accumulated in one population, either by genetic drift, natural selection, sexual selection or a combination of these effects. Since their effects are additive it is possible light skin could arise over several generations without any new mutations taking place.

    According to Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, light skin probably arose in North Africa or both in the north and east.

    A 2006 study provides evidence that the light skin pigmentation observed in Europeans and East Asians arose independently. They concluded that light pigmentation in Europeans is at least partially due to the effects of positive directional and/or sexual selection.
  2. Dex Lewis

    Dex Lewis Guest

  3. Noncentz

    Noncentz Sieg Heil, M'fer!

    Oct 13, 2004
    Oh for fuck sakes can this fucking forum find another topic?

    It's starting to be storrm front #2
  4. UnbrokeN

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    Jun 28, 2001
    Uncle Tom stil posts here,.
  5. x - calli

    x - calli friend of israel

    Dec 10, 1999
    you have to understand that theres been alot of race debating (and baiting) in this forum.

    but ill give a response..

    i agree. people started out in africa, and we migrated over the centuries to different parts of the globe. where the sun is brightest, darker skin is an advantage. further north, theres less of a need of pigmentation so skin gets lighter. i also read that the climate has an effect on the development of the nose.

    to quote myself,

    but racism became a strong force in america. blacks were enslaved in the south, and people were questioning and criticizing slavery (throughout most of history, slavery was taken for granted as part of the social order). and so, considering blacks subhuman was a convenient argument.
    but more than that, anytime one group is enslaved/subjugated by another group, the victors/enslavers often see them as inferior or subhuman. racism grows out of slavery. when the arabs enslaved africans in the middle ages, they treated the blacks very badly, and gained contempt for them. you can see that throughout history.

    people are always gonna be divided over one thing or another - race, religion, ethnicity, caste, tribe, nationality, political ideology, sports teams.. anything. thats how itll always be it seems.
  6. Rusty Knife

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    Sep 29, 2003
    I like black bitches, I like white bitches....nigga I like bitches - Game..
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