Writing techniques for Artists/ Songwriters!

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    Writing Techniques
    1. Write for tomorrow, not for today. Try to be original as possible and stay away from sounding like anyting on the radio now. Your work today must sound fresh 6 to 12 months from now.
    2. Look for the art full balance between catchy and repetitive. Will this be exciting or annoying after dozens of listens?
    3. Melody, melody, melody. Does it have peaks and valleys? Is it interesting without words? Can you hum it?
    4. Sing it if you'd say it. Cute and flirty is good, corny is not.
    5. How broad is your concept? Imagine a movie. How many scenes could you see it play in?
    6. Could your kook be sung by both men and women? Definately a plus! Could it relate to young, old, black, white?

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