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Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Mind~$oul, Dec 22, 2003.

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  1. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    On this challenge I would like for you all to write about a reoccurring dream that you have had throughout your life. For those who doesnt happen to have a reoccurring dream that you can think of, just simply write a piece about the last dream you remember having.
  2. MisterEThoughts

    MisterEThoughts MysteryOfUntoldTruth

    Jun 20, 2003
    hmmm i will do this later gotta think of something thats a good one but where is the pics? i miss them ...
  3. Lord RAH

    Lord RAH Grandeur's illuminant

    Jan 18, 2002
    Too many dreams

    It's like 8 and I'm sweating and cold
    Sleep unsatisfying it feels like I'm losing my hold
    Something's touching my soul
    Slowly for sho see
    I'm losing control
    Can't even remember how I feel asleep...Whoa
    I remember
    Two fists and one gat who dun that
    The gun spat rat ta tat tat
    Words emerged like" don't come back"
    You ran Who ran....your the man?!?!?
    All inside my body now...When How???
    My spinal cord is yellowing
    Bitch made just like your fellow men
    Stop bellowing get mellow man
    Puff and pass though and don't forget to tip some yo'
    What....?? why you even sweating that shit
    You dipped and didn't get hit
    My man's got clipped
    Your dreaming
    We would never run and leave Pee
    That's the dawg believe me
    But what if he left me to wallow and swallow my own death bee
    To what???
    To gurgle blood and die from a cowrds slug
    Two to ya mug where's the love
    This all started from one shove
    Two uppercuts adn one jab
    Next thing sun your stabbed
    Triggers got grabbed and shots riddle ya block
    I never pulled nothing
    I never had nothing
    Somebody pulled something
    Because you caught something
    Dude is down and Pee ain't to be found
    LOOK AROUND!!!???
    Yo RAH time to go to work nigguh get up................
  4. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    6ftg welcome to my nightmares..

    6ftg welcome to my nightmares..

    The sounds of music playing in the background
    I choke off blood when I wake up..
    My face drained of life in the mirror of Jacob
    I glance turning away quickly, another scenario
    I’m in the jungle in the mist of man apes, with roars
    The blinding light shines from the ape mans mouth,
    A world of creatures scurry through my bed
    I awake with dreads; I was sleep for more than a century
    I walk to the bathroom afraid to look in the mirror
    a quick glace shows me horror as the repetitions of
    fear under ground with the worms and the grubs
    I rub my eyes as I awake once more. The door beats like a heart
    as the sweat on my brow turns dark red
    my skin starts to burn with vengeance of sin
    The image of a body similar to mine illuminates parts of the anatomy
    Through a screen of existence visions couple my frontal lobe with persistence
    My cortex is a vision exploding with thoughts of sin
    You see the image highlighted was an image of nature loins
    My curse in which my dreams show me lust
    The sin, as I read this on the wall labeled putrid faith
    I awake with blood tears tattooed to my lids
    I have kids one a dwarf the others a disfigured child
    I pray to relinquish the curse of deformity only in return
    I receive images in the mirror, images of formality,
    a bright light shines in the mirror as I turn a way,
    Candymans hook rips up my spin through my spleen
    My bowels and guts released to hell,
    I awake with no eyes just lids blinking perfidiously
    My heart beats with every pump disgrace labeled
    on every white blood cells fait is spelled AIDS
    protect your self or your dreams breath no more..
    a subliminal messages I guess these scenarios are,
    I awake in soiled sheets yelling for my dead mother
    who is no longer here. I look around only to find myself up
    in the wee am- looking out my window at the white snow falling
    on Christmas day giving thanks to the lord for the day….

    6ftg welcome to my nightmares..​
  5. Victoria Secret

    Victoria Secret New Member

    Nov 29, 1999
    The steady waves of sleep overwhelm,
    My being and I'm drifting off into a dreamer's realm,
    Surrounded by onlookers with mouth agape,
    I'm the great luminary, and my light escapes,
    The limits of their puny universe,
    They've dictated the function of my existence, yet my purpose is the exact inverse,
    I stretch as wide as the farthest galaxies, and abreast the planets a reflection of man's fallacy,
    I rotate on distorted axes,
    Beginning to spin uncontrollably, the planets centrifugal force is released,
    Fallacy and truth collide, an explosion of proposed theories,
    My light is no longer radiating, and has dimmed to a faint glow,
    I'm an amenesiac, and my destiny, I don't know
    Stumbling from the blow,
    I'm in greener pastures,
    Engrossed w/ a feeling of rapture,
    Any knowledge of history or my past is obsolete,
    I live for here and now, enjoying green grass poking between the toes of my feet,
    I fall backwards expecting to be caught,
    and I'm not
    I try to awake, but I can't,
    The steady waves of sleep overwhelm,
    My being and again I'm drifiting off into a dreamer's realm.
  6. Dark_Angel

    Dark_Angel Dark_Angel

    Jul 15, 2003
    something i posted a while back, just a keystyle
    "Re-Occuring Shudders"

    Reoccurring shudders
    Sweat filled nightmares
    Where can you go,
    When even your dreams…
    Are haunted?
    Darkness in this cold room
    Snuggled in the corner
    Light shining
    Hands clasp around your head…

    Arms throb
    Crimson tears float down
    Dark rings under eyes
    As you’re snuggled in the corner
    Fighting off sleep

    Dreaming you’re awake
    Awake when you’re dreaming
    Dreaming of sleep
    To return to your
    Insomniac mind

    The spotlight grows smaller
    Snuggled in the corner
    Focus drifted to your face
    Dark rings under eyes
    As they strain with the light
    The focus of your dream
    Is that its night
    Stuck in the corner
    Dreaming you can’t sleep
    As your afraid fiction
    Is your reality…
  7. Aconite

    Aconite New Member

    Jul 14, 2003
    The tunnel is dark, crowded.
    We buy our tickets in the orange gloom.
    I dont know who we are.
    'We' are faceless entities, gathered in the dripping murk of the tunnel.

    We carry on the path.
    The obese and unfriendly conductor points us to our train stop.
    It is back out in the open.
    The train will take us over the water, away from this cesspit.

    Roots grow through the cracked concrete.
    They symbolize hope.
    They grow through the desolation.
    I want to be with them, but I fall on the tracks.

    I cant;
    Keep this track...
    This trail my life is taking...
    I struggle...scrammble to get back on the platform
    But I cant, and I am afraid...
    Not of the train, aimed at my figure,
    But of my hopelessness.
    My inability to control my fate.
    I must stay on this track, were I am doomed to live out my fate.

    I long to respire in freedom.
    To be a root.
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