Writers Challenge 6

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Feme Sole, Oct 23, 2003.

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  1. Feme Sole

    Feme Sole Mrs. _Evil

    Apr 13, 2002
    okay this wasnt what i had originally planned, but lets try it....

    a lot of us are set in a particular style (some more than others, im one of the worst lol).....so switch up your style......if you normally rhyme, try writing something that doesnt rhyme......if you normally focus on imagery, try focusing on mets instead.......try using words youve never used before.....just totally switch things up.....you might surprise yourselves....

    drop your stuff in here or just make a new thread....

    have fun
    peace and blessings
  2. StubbilyMug

    StubbilyMug DayorDollar Records

    Sep 29, 2003
  3. FukkedUPKidR

    FukkedUPKidR Guest

    I tried this..I really did.

    =( It's HARD.
  4. Feme Sole

    Feme Sole Mrs. _Evil

    Apr 13, 2002
    who you tellin? hehe....its gonna be hard for me too but thats a good thing.......you better try it ms. rosa......
  5. Stina Da Beanah

    Stina Da Beanah ~StinaZ~ BACK!!!

    Dec 4, 2001
    Ok I'll try this...
    Don't hate me if this sux.

    I'll call it...My Neighbor Depression

    My neighbor Depression
    comes to visit me once in a while
    never knocking
    just usually walking in
    I could be eating breakfast
    or counting sheep
    having an uneasiness when waking up
    knowing he's there to slap me in the face with the daily news
    or I could be kicked back relaxing watching T.V.
    and he'll come in
    tap me on the shoulder
    grin in my face
    and say
    "I'm Back!!!"
    Oh yes, my neighbor depression
    never has the visits been short
    from a few days to months he'll be lurking around
    I tell him to leave
    that I don't need his company
    I'd move but he always finds me
    I found a way to get rid of him
    It's called depression be gone
    Also Known As
    Depression Pills!!!

    I already hear the critizism. I'm in a good mood and writing differently makes me suck even worse than I already do. I think it's funny. It's the best of the worst I can do. Hey!! I didn't see you guys write anything lolz

  6. S. Issue

    S. Issue Who?

    Sep 22, 2002
    Folded hands glisten under the mighty cracks of wrists frostbitten...Kissing the missing link between romance and remission. My strength and fortification replaces the faces mistaken in crowds of an enemy's graces! Why can't I sing to you and more, my horn won't blast that tune you so adore, and your mother can't score my folklore on anything else than the concrete floors, of bedroom docks where our midnight talks became blood-filled socks, running you through my mind over and over, I JUST CAN'T HAVE YOU STOP!!! Flip-flop, tick-tock, and such nonsenses seem to commense even though I asked time to quit moving, you and the bell-tower from remaining danceless. So why has my rhyme scheme been the daily dream of things crouching unseen? Is it because they fiend for life and the bass drop was what fixes the strife? Or is it because the neighbohood that was, can't be anymore?I kiss you one last time and renounce you in front of my God, you are the sod which I trod on, you are the underfoot plot that I walk my life on and even though that makes me think about you alot, I can't have you sleeping next to me, six feet deep, right next to my plot...
  7. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    Write the Wrong

    Rich beneath my breath I bleed,
    I keep it inside of me.
    Deep seeded,
    Sincerity needed,
    Truly I should speak.
    My emotions turning weak.
    This tangent growth
    That’s anger soaked.
    Reeks of jaded grinding teeth.
    Feeding it with pride whenever I decide to swallow it.
    Running on empty ‘cause my pen simply hit it’s hollow tip.
    If I bit the bullet quick,
    Would my lifeline stop, snap and break.
    Without a pad an some ink,
    I’d drown in this unfulfilled lake
    So I trade reality for confidence when I have lost my grip.
    I’m still just a kid.
    Thinking in this world I am really not that big.
    This pubescent Self-inflicting pain,
    Swells well inside my veins.
    Draining out my innocence like a recurring migraine.
    Hide the dry reaching,
    Ignore all the preaching,
    Let your thoughts just flood out all of life’s lessons.
    Don’t stop from speaking,
    Or your pen from leaking.
    Write victory in the blood of your oppresses.

    ILL SEEKAH Deaf to Depths of Death..

    Apr 8, 2000

    Freedom writer
    I kissed the dark glimmers perfected in ink
    sipped from literatures wine express
    from the womb of your mother
    experienced first-hand the Creators
    flawless creation so simple...yet complex in a visual aspect
    eyes the window to the soul?
    your tablets are the treasure to the mind
    orgasmic, sensual, pleasing,
    Can I borrow your pen?
    better yet your delightful vision and endless inspiration
    unpredictable tales screened with wisdom of self
    lingers your fore-thought in the depths of others
    Your poems-a-tree of growth
    perhaps thats where poetry was discovered

    Farewell freedom writer

    I am the descendant, the inheritance of your wonders.
    a seed that extended from the womb of your mother.
  9. TrufDXaggerator

    TrufDXaggerator New Member

    Sep 18, 2003
    Follow me along a road of turmoil
    Walk with Truf and show that you no longer live accordin to the Matrix
    Ive observed through much speculation
    No one is real although they try not to plunge victims to what is honest in themselves
    Thru much anticipation as a normal man
    No more than normal than Fred Flintstone or George
    Jetson is
    I only long to live past 50
    So Ive became so paranoid
    So much that Ive hidden myself behind a mask of an innocent that is far from my existens that Ive experienced all cus of ignorance
    While you take a stroll wit me realize like I have
    Life is tooo short for us to bypass
    Apreciate every moment thru every effort u expect to live it
    You have no clue how many wish to live the life you take for granted
    Let me close my mouth
    I wish not to mislead those cus Im imperfect
    Fuck It. This might do us some good my worthless seems worth it.
    Truthfuly Speakin and Truf Fully Spittin OUT.

    I really dont know what I speak
    Truf is only expired at a time when we feel we have nothing to lose
    That is why its all I speak.
  10. TrufDXaggerator

    TrufDXaggerator New Member

    Sep 18, 2003
    Dawg a huge typo!
    Second line from the bottom was supposed to read,Expressed not Expired. I hate when i do dat.
    Truthfuly Speakin and Truf Fully Spittin' OUT.

    I tell MC's to bring they boys all in/ Before u'd eva kill me I'd die from alcohol poisonin'/. Seriously Im not Lyin. Im Truf.
  11. misspimp

    misspimp a.k.a KATURAH

    Jun 24, 2003
    SO CALM!!

    Ooh baby...
    When we talking...
    It's so calm.
    & ooh baby...
    When we kissing...
    It's so calm.
    Ooh ooh baby...
    when we touchin...
    It is so calm.
    & ooh...
    when I'm looking into your eyes...
    I know that "it" was meant for you.
    & ooh baby...my nubian King...
    Knew from the first time I saw you...
    From the first moment of intrigue...
    That it would all be so right...
    &that you were something different.
    & within that indifference...
    There would be a place for me.
    I dont need no title!
    Dont need no false advertising commercial!
    Or no fake ass definition of what we are!
    All I need is to feel your presence.
    Cause ooh baby...
    My Proud Nubian King...
    It is so calm!
    Dont know how you feel...
    Wether or not you're feeling the same...
    But, ooh baby
    DOn't...just don't leave yet...
    Stay for a minute...
    & hold me in your arms for a little while longer.
    & ooh baby...
    Please dont go....
    Dont hangu up...
    Continue sharing your wisdom...
    & soothing me with your voice...
    Cause Mmm Hmm Mmm....
    It is so calm!

    **Hope you all like this....and i just wanted to say that everyones post in this challenge was great...I enjoyed reading all of them...

    mad love
  12. Deaths Advocate

    Deaths Advocate New Member

    Nov 2, 2003
    Imperfection, deficiency
    my mind’s escaping me
    it’s defeated me
    ...holds me...
    ...can’t break free...
    from all this nonsense
    ....controlling me....
    I’m kept enclosed
    ....I’m confined....
    from all my feelings, opinions and options
    ...fuck it...
    never chose this type of life,
    didn’t want it to end this way,
    it’s you who made me take out that knife
    ....cut you up in pieces....
    you gave me reasons
    so you could then
    ....deceive me....
    telling me lies
    so didn’t think I’d have the courage?
    ....those aren’t my cries....
    that I’m hearing while I’m slitting your throat
    funny how it works out
    ...when you’re the one in the boat...
    dealing with confused emotions
    cause I wouldn’t drink the potions
    ...you gave me...
    to become entitled as one
    Remaining an individual is hard
    I've helped you can feel my pain
    ....left you scarred...
    just so you’d remember my name
    Cause you see I’m dead
    all life has died inside
    just my physical movements
    make you believe
    ....I’m alive...​
  13. marc antony

    marc antony It's all about da ass....

    Jun 8, 2000
    aint been here in a while..........

    imagery writer.....lets do simile's and metaphors


    lets see....i hate school write now......so lets see

    the door hung open like hookers legs beckoning for a child.....
    "come child, come!''
    with the assurance of a motherly tender voice calling.....

    the bed, raggled and twisted inviting like a yellow card, my name in italics upon the invitation...the pillow called my name......

    the girl crawled with imps and held the fire of satan between her thighs....
    she writhed like a snake, back undulating the threshhold kept her intact...
    a moan escaped her prison of mouth and ran rampant across to the walls..........





    the bed twisted as her thighs clasped mine with the coldness of shackles....
    her eyes drooped as her star twinkle glazed her eyes like donut holes.....
    her mouth wriggled in a state of pure extasy that screamed....

    YOUR ARE MINE!!!!.........
  14. 49th Prophet

    49th Prophet Dark Magic Inferno

    Jul 18, 2003

    A smile,​
    I greet the beautiful dawn in all it's glory​
    bright skies​
    no lies​
    no worries​
    a feeling of pure joy,​
    as the birds are elequently singing​
    in love​
    think of​
    thoughts that are symbolic​
    white doves​
    I am at peace,​
    no stress​
    no tests​
    of emotion or faith​
    for I am in love,​
    a glorious and wonderous thing​
    peculiar how the happiness sets in​
    it brings ​
    bright colours​
    no other​
    drug could do this because​
    Im warm​
    swarmed in snuggles and kisses,​
    I love​
    being in love.​
  15. 49th Prophet

    49th Prophet Dark Magic Inferno

    Jul 18, 2003
    Great work by everyone!!!!!

    Its quite interesting to see the poems ya'll came up with

    nice work

    much love

  16. deedz

    deedz New Member

    Apr 16, 2003
    Stumbling through the door after a night of endulgence, I looked into the eyes of my creator and buried my emotions.
    "Where have u been?!"
    The fire in my eyez steamed and condesated on my face.
    My aggretion stole my sole at 4am. All I wanted was to destroy my demented deception of what life was to me. Was it shame in myself and what I've become? Not even trully taken my own shape yet I was ready to deform. Thatz when the rope got to tight to breath anymore and THE LIGHTZ WENT OUT!!!
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