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Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Mind~$oul, Sep 20, 2003.

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  1. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001

    You'll post your poems in here

    aim me or email me
    when your finish with your collab

    and i'll open this back up
  2. Feme Sole

    Feme Sole Mrs. _Evil

    Apr 13, 2002
    Thoughts before bed were as follows:

    Graffiti on my heart
    Every last one of you did it.....

    I laid in bed with the covers over my head;
    You cannot fear what you cannot see...
    So I decided
    Not to look in the mirror again....

    Okay no more pretend
    I was so grown up back then
    When I didn't need paper
    Because I used my skin.

    Extending out towards the rusty door knob...
    Screech, and my feet move slowly...
    Coldly kissing the floor as a fall rush of wind
    Knocks on the door as if it were me...

    Something moving inside this heart of mine
    I want that body on me and I just wanna
    Rest my hands upon her body...Take her as mine!
    Fill her with my ambitions and ingenious stupidity...

    Pull the covers back with greasy fingertips
    Seared at the creases by life's harsh reality...
    This is the only way...I was taken by the streets...
    She spat on my mornings, when i grew
    Out of the cracks in the sidewalk
    To claim my morning after pillow talk spot...
    Calling to the mental anguish of my past,
    Begging for at least one final showing of perfection...

    His filthy words grabbed me like a lasso
    Scarring my neck and weakening my knees
    until I could not move…
    I just laid there counting imaginary stars
    And waiting for it to end….
    The biggest pain came when I realized that it never would.

    Why are you doing this to me sir?
    My punishment is your reward?
    I ignored the shame;
    The hatred thrusting in and out of me
    Until I found it hard to breath…

    His breath smelled like burning leaves
    And the look in his eyes would make Satan cry
    He looked at me the whole time
    As he invited himself between those thighs of mine.
    He gripped my arms and shook me
    And I tried indifference but it didn’t work
    The more I squirmed,
    The bigger he smirked…

    Eyes bulging forth as the silence breaks
    And her hymen gives in too...
    Like a torrent in between those hips
    And I love it when she moves
    And squirms to get away, begging me
    To take everything back that I am about
    To give her in this perpetual heaven...
    My wrists have bled names of those that
    I have tried to love...The list runs together
    And now I'm putting my hatred in you.

    Leaving my extra excretions on lips locked
    Deep inside clenched hips and legs...
    Flirting with fists, pinched against the
    Straining...Clasped around her wrists!
    Face to the pillow as I light her on fire
    And leave her bloody and disgraced
    In shambles on the bed, panties torn,
    And I hope she knows my baby is inside her...

    Graffiti on my heart and in my womb
    HE did it.

  3. misspimp

    misspimp a.k.a KATURAH

    Jun 24, 2003

    Misspimp /DarkAngel

    I’ve always ran right beside you
    Never wanted and never tried to fight you
    Whenever you needed I’ve always been the one you’d cry to
    I told you I got you
    So why am I the one you lie to?

    It’s my secret shame, my little secret
    It’s hard but I’m trying to defeat
    I know you always been by my side
    There until the end
    But some things can’t be together
    Some things are beyond friends

    I promised to always be there
    We said we’d never have to bare
    Any problems by our self
    I only want to help
    I just want to assist
    Friends for life remember?
    So why do you resist

    I can’t bring you into this
    I have to escape your grasp
    Friends for life yeah
    But what if my life don’t last
    I can span problems, I can span fights
    But you know where I go once a month of Tuesday night?
    I'm dying slowly
    This cancer is defeating me
    Just go away, cos it will hurt more when I leave you see.

    Tell me how you can fight this isolated
    Pushing away the ones you love
    It would kill me to see you pass away
    But it would hurt more without a hug
    Don’t shrug at my concern
    Don’t ignore my glare
    Wait don’t walk away
    I need you to acknowledge how much I care

    I can shut my eyes to my tears of pain
    But can’t shut my eyes to yours
    I can close my mouth to my screams
    But I can’t shut yours out any more
    I keep you at arms length, miles away to you
    But to me, you've never left me;
    You’ve been what I’ve gone through
    My mind is with you, my heart too
    But know this love for you I hold,
    This treasure I keep is true
    I’m getting closer, my end is drawing near
    I’m only scared of losing you, that’s my only fear

    Remember when we made that bond?
    That night we pricked our skin
    Put our fingers together
    And vowed blood out blood in
    Sisters till the very end
    More than just best friends
    Depend on each other
    Defend one another
    How could you forget that night?
    We said we’d share each others fright
    And I won’t lie
    I’m scared of the inevitable as well
    But why not just cherish the time we have
    Instead of this early farewell??

    I remember that night
    When stars were our company
    I remember thinking one day I will be them
    I knew then what I know now
    That cancer will be my end
    Could I have told you that?
    Could I tell you you would lose your friend?
    Mum and me are waiting now
    In the hospital room bed
    She’s holding my hand so tight
    Something I would let you do
    That night plays in my head
    As the doctor walks in
    They think I’m asleep, that I’ve given in
    I see him shake his head
    Mum cry
    Its like I’m looking on from the outside
    Where are you now I wonder?
    As I start to slip away
    Where were you today when I slipped away?
  4. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    damn the first two so far were ill as fuck. feme, i already told you how i felt about your collab. Misspimp and dark angel, that was some deep shit there, and the ending was great
  5. Sun_Flower

    Sun_Flower Bluez By Loves Eye

    Mar 12, 2002
    Feme/Vulkan strong piece liked the grab/emotions/expression of this piece. well written!

    Misspimp/Dark Angel ~ can relate to this piece. Had a friend that passed away just seven days ago from cancer so this hit deep within flesh well done. Loved the read.
  6. Triggaz

    Triggaz New Member

    Sep 27, 2003
    Feme Sole is pretty

    i win..sorry ill leave now
  7. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    After The Falls Of Prophets​

    Mind~$oul/49th Prophet

    my soul succumbed from
    the words
    of death...
    i dried and rotted like
    a flower, from the hands
    it caressed....with
    all because i spitted
    in the faces...
    of love like
    i've learned to only
    love and die
    for me...
    and step over the next
    man carelessly...
    i live life with
    much apathy...
    i've murder 48 prophets because
    of their desperate need...
    to save

    My soul succumbs
    to songs of darkness...
    im an ancient abode,
    now cracked and grown old
    from the chants of the heartless
    because i trusted
    poisoned words...
    the lust for anger
    leaves me twisted
    and disturbed...
    in a demonic mind state
    sanity will ignore me...
    which makes me different
    from the 48 who fall
    before me...
    for i am more than
    perpetual thought
    trapped in human form...
    in theory i exist
    but im yet to be born

    to a world
    where not a
    righteous soul...
    controls their own
    too weak to stand on
    their feet, so they crawl
    across brimstone...
    and i became a sinner when
    my thoughts became
    rebelliously, i took a step away from
    civilization to create my own
    it's not a
    move, and i will not fall before
    i will conquer the lost dream
    and become the next prophet
    to them....

    I've been desperate to
    save only myself...
    to find my dream to conquer,
    it's lost, I'm lost,
    a danger to my health...
    my thoughts are unique,
    they make me a sinner...
    to be different in a world lightless
    only makes the dark dimmer...
    my path is guided,
    by a burned out star...
    Hanging, alone like this
    it's survival is motionless,
    and won't get far...
    Directional disfunction
    crossroads confusion...
    This conflict is baffling,
    it's more like battling fusion...
    But finally I turn to acceptance
    as this new aura models me
    into the 49th Prophet as
    Mind Body and Soul embodies me.....
  8. misspimp

    misspimp a.k.a KATURAH

    Jun 24, 2003
    Mind~Soul & 49th....very beautiful...i really enjoyed reading this. I thought i read it once before but im guess not...anywho...the imagery was wonderful...both of your styles matched very nicely as well....excellent excellent piece!!

    mad love
  9. Feme Sole

    Feme Sole Mrs. _Evil

    Apr 13, 2002
    misspimp/dark angel--good emotion and topic...well written and creative idea

    49th/malik--49th i think this was one of my favorite pieces from you!.....i really liked how yall did this it was a creative idea.....
    all because i spitted
    in the faces...
    of love like
    LOVED that malik

    because i trusted
    poisoned words...

    Good job everyone!
  10. lpoet

    lpoet POET

    Oct 20, 2002

    marc antony lpoet

    the emcee speaks of rivers i sit riverside watching...
    as the water flows, like my pen and pad thoughts....
    i flow like the great mississippi thoughts make port...
    the rio grande best measures my sought after
    freedom of ideals......

    Many percieve it to be beautiful.....
    Me sprawlling my deepest thoughts
    And Devious plots upon paper but
    I hate the way this feels....
    Heart Screaming for repentence as
    My pen weilds contradictions like its oblivios
    To the truths my poetry has reveiled

    The emcee speaks of flowin LIKE rivers and falls of
    like waterfalls.....
    i see the other bank on the other side where the
    rhymes are always deeper...the grass greener......
    the birthplace of where i was spawned.....
    i set out and called towards a man who lived there....
    he snubbed my existence......
    "your kind aint good enough to be here"....
    so i sat and watched the river....
    and cursed the east bank.....
    while playing my harmonica......

    sun beaming..birds singing..
    bugs clingging to the slippery leaves of a
    eucalyptus tree...
    everything seems so calm but
    i cant find any sort of rhythm
    so i close my eyes...visualize each breath
    and allow life to be my remedy

    sunbathing elegance, i flow.....
    into the sunset past the young men.....
    who seek life with my company........
    neverending twist and turns twist and turn.....
    til im on the same path.......
    but im guided by the string vibrations inside the
    i keep flowing with no innate directory sense.....
    til im spoken of by an emcee with broken love......
    i flow on vastly immensely nowhere to go......
    nowhere to go, pas the eucalyptus....
    in the crossfire im the smolder ......
    and the significant relic when older.....
    i am spoken of....wrote of.....
    and reminisced of an emcee with broken love.....
    i flow.......
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