Writers Challenge #4

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Nebulaz, Aug 26, 2003.

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  1. harmonee

    harmonee RM's original vocalist

    Mar 27, 2000

    this one really hit close to home...my little sister recently tried to commit suicide. she ended up in the hospital for like a week...she's doing better now...but i just wanted to give ya ur props
  2. Jaylacage

    Jaylacage Criticus Maximus

    Mar 19, 2001
    Leaving is not an action ~
    It's a vision withheld when the drama has happened ~
    These mediocre, choke hold bolders have painted the very road I chose for this quest ~
    Parents snicker an wonder why my own clothes seem dead ~
    Cause nothing wants to change ~
    The pictures have turned black and white, but the depictions are still the same ~
    Feel this pain, grab a thousand particles in a field of grain ~
    The "Bluegrass" ~
    Corn stalk notation seen from the window of a new past ~
    Cuz these hills I use to reside kind of lost their shape ~
    The soil is tainted with the footsteps of my falling grace ~
    So I pause an escape ~
    And drag the memories on till they no longer call for my face ~
    An my room still echoes the many tongues that have spoken ~
    So why am I vacating my childhood's lungs in one moment ~
    But my domain will still breathe after my lead has been chosen ~
    So plant that seed, an sure enough it will grow ~
    Take good care of it, an later it will show ~
    I'm a big man mom, and your gonna have to except it ~
    An I'm not takin my soul, cause in your heart is where I left it ~
    So lets say good-bye to the imaginary thought chamber ~
    The safehaven for me, whenever I sought danger ~
    The space I caught anger ~
    The very walls I've mimiced and stared ~
    I'm out of this cell, but some how my living's impared ~
    That 10 by 10 cubicle ~
    I'll remember you always, cuz to me, you were always beautiful ~

    word..just jotted that down while listenin to one of the new beats that my producer made for me...I'm actually thinking of taken this topic..and maybe writin more and dropping some verses...but anyways...I hope you enjoyed it....and much props to the people above me...nice jobs...

    oh yeh also..i plan to be in here more often gaining some thoughts an knowledge...talkin bout poetry and what not..cuz my next album is basicly gonna be poetry to a beat...abstract stuff..but i will be back more often dropping you guys some thoughts an lyrics...peace

  3. !Mpulse

    !Mpulse Who is really illy ill???

    Dec 31, 2000
    ^^^real nice, i like it alot.. love the black/white but still the same depiction line....

    good drop, hope to see ya around givin us a peice of your poetry mind...
  4. eatemup

    eatemup New Member

    Apr 25, 2002
    im about to be 18 time to get up and hit the streets ...
    stand on my own 2 feet ...
    never thought i'd see the day but here i am, I can no longer stay ...
    packing up my shit dam this about a bitch ...
    looking through my shit remebering the times i had that made me feel so rich ...
    looking at the bed where i fucked my first bitch ...
    full of hapiness with all the friends that i had ...
    sitting in the back drinking till we fell flat on our backs ...
    but then i think oh well there will be new times a new place as i take my shit and say goodby to this memorey and my mother who I will miss ...
  5. !Mpulse

    !Mpulse Who is really illy ill???

    Dec 31, 2000
    we need to make writers challenge #5 ... this is gettin old already
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