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Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Mind~$oul, Jul 16, 2003.

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  1. MzLashay

    MzLashay Livin'

    Jul 3, 2003
    Ty ...ion know this just came off the top of my head but thanks again for your kind words it is appreciated
  2. misspimp

    misspimp a.k.a KATURAH

    Jun 24, 2003
    Brit Boi Gee loved every single line

    mad love
  3. unspoken1

    unspoken1 Revolutionary Wordsmen

    Nov 23, 2002
    if i could just turn the hands back
    back to a time when it was just you and i
    together as friends
    instead of me making the mistake of going for more
    i miss the way you could make me feel better
    i miss the way you could always make me laugh
    but now when i see you theres nothing
    and it hurts more than anything i could hav gone through
    if god would grant me one wish it would for me to go back to that day
    that day which we were one
    that day when all i saw was your smile
    that day when i could talk to you about anything
    that day when it was just me and you
    but i cant
    it wont happen
    i just wish
    i just wish that things were different
    that we were different
    that the day was different
    please i just want things to go back to the way the were
    so i could forget the way they are
  4. Nebulaz

    Nebulaz fear God, not man

    Feb 28, 2001
    If I could force time to rewind; I wouldn't
    I wouldn't waste the time to think about it
    I wouldn't dream about it
    My dreams push me forward
    a contradiction to the past
    My last breathe will be my first
    and my first would be my last
    There'll be no rest, and no collapse
    I'll mirror the fatigue shown by the clock
    of our arms moving foward and never stop
    Each moment i'll gain a second
    Each revolution I'll lose a minute
    But why would it matter when I give hours freely
    but unlike others time isnt my enemy
    Why claim reliving the past to be heavnly
    When you can only meet the Heavenly Father
    by living your life
    The day cycles to the night
    not vice versa - displaying no hindsight
    I wouldn't want to question more and answer less
    I wouldn't grow substantially
    if I stopped milking the cancer's breast
    some say "this man's possessed"
    but no demon lurks beneath my chest
    no startling revelations or speaks depressed
    I dont plow my thoughts sourly
    or feel the need to re-seed my plants
    or the need to redeem another chance
    My gearbox has no reverse
    Directional change forward gears to backward
    why waste the time
    I refuse to accompany my watch, just to escape the times
    day planners are never present, so I cant make the time
    The clock tries to control me, by the length to wait in line
    despite its attempts it fails, because i'll never take the time
    during its quiet hours its trying to relate to mine
    it hates to admit its wrong but demonstrates i'm right
    because the soul will go no where if the heart must chase the mind
  5. lewdDog

    lewdDog Life is are own illusion

    May 11, 2003
    If I could turn back the hands of time...

    I know I’d be in a different set of mind.
    I wouldn’t be thinking of things I could do with my free time.
    Maybe I’d turn it back before I was born.
    Maybe I’d turn it back before my heart was scorn.
    Maybe then I could fix my mistakes prevent ever having to deal with heartache.
    Then life would just be a walk thru the woods; a piece of cake.
    But what if I dreamt wasn’t so great.
    I'd have regrets and reflect a life I’d never know if it was perfect.
    A life not worth living for.....await the reaper never more.
  6. varentao

    varentao New Member

    Apr 24, 2003
    I am the devil to wreak havoc,
    Take the world as my own,
    Battle to tip scales once more.
    I am God to make ammends,
    Bring it back to my heart,
    If only a fleeting touch.
    Through human form to explore,
    Supernatural to observe from afar,
    Such a fine line rarely trodden,
    Intertwined into enlightened darkness...
    If i could turn back the hands of time...

    There's another i would do. But it's virtually impossible to get out.
  7. JiHaD210


    Aug 12, 2002
    quick type up off my head...

    my mind grabs tha hands of time and dwells on rewind
    ill only find that every crime and cry had a reason behind
    lifes lessons has purpose, on the surface one cant see this
    u see pain and strain and struggling cant be mantained
    u ask.."wheres God?" in lifes game, does he even kno my name?
    in truth hes just waiting, for you to figure out u need him
    its a rude awakening, but soon youll see peace again
    its gotta be a sin, messing wit time clocks and past thoughts
    cause God's plots are more complicated than what the eye sees.....or what the eye does not.....
    we need all the pain and agony, struggling with suffering
    the nites spent praying builds character and leaves us hoping
    doing things over is cheating and sincerly must be wrong
    cause ive learned among long fought draws with lifes psalms
    now God gave me 'peace which passes all understanding'
    im not longer helplessly gathering, or selfishly grabbing
    i wont turn back time and im gonna tell you all why...
    cause rolling back time would prolly take away this fiance of mine...

    i love you babygurl..

    (everytime i write something (freestyle) i always end up mentioning my fiance...?)
  8. JiHaD210


    Aug 12, 2002
    ^^^^and if u didnt get my point (ending) all my struggles and wrong things i did eventually led up to meeting my fiance...i wouldnt trade that for anything in the world...
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