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Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Mind~$oul, Mar 23, 2004.

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  1. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    Pick a number. Write to that number. Post it in this thread only. If you dont like the list I got oh well. It's just something that came off the top of my head. Hope you all enjoy...

    1. A Wish

    2. Revolution

    3. Love at first sight

    4. Addiction

    5. Rape

    6. Happiness

    7. Life of a homeless person

    8. Racism

    9. Story of Icarus

    10. Music

    11. School Days

    12. The Furture

    13. Abortion

    14. Dreams

    15. Story of Narcissus

    16. Birth of a child

    17. Secret Admire

    18. Story Of Moses

    19. You are a prison inmate on deathrow. You have a week left to live.

    20. A Death Bed

    21. The day you will propose/The day He proposes to you

    22. You View of life

    23. A country you would love to visit

    24. If ou could change one thing

    25. Childhood Memories

    26. A love Story

    27. You catch your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating.

    28. Religon

    29. Mentally Challenged

    30. Voices In Your Head

    31. AIDS

    32. You Are Blind

    33. Describe you favorite color as a person.

    34. First Day Of Spring

    35. A Dead Rose

    36. Revenge

    37. Suicide

    38. You are a witness in a murder Trail. Tell your story

    39. The Harlem Renisance(sp)

    40. Life As A Drug Dealer


    Life as Whitney Houston lol.

    MISSKEYdaQUEEN Watch the black panther..

    Jul 20, 2002
    4. Addiction

    ^^could do wonders with this one!
  3. RealMS

    RealMS Ne te quaesiveris extra

    Feb 27, 2004
    That's a nice list you got M$. Too bad I can't relate to the bonus though.
    I chose number 5, I was suprised it was on the list when I saw it.

    I hope it's liked, I may be sayin too much or revealing too much for some, but that's life,

    No More
    My skin has peeled,
    Each layer containing a fear
    My eyes have shed,
    Each drop of hurt from the past

    I let the tears fall and dissolve,
    I let the skin renew, the old fade
    I let the misery run away,
    I began to regain sight, so I could see

    My Father shall not yet know,
    My Mother, I have suprisingly told
    The one thing that explained it all, I kept close,
    Up until now, I've grown to no longer hold

    My words don't have to cry-out to be saved,
    My body does not need to hide from what caused pain
    Invisible marks shall not win to last eternally,
    My life from now on, should not be powered by overcasts of sad days

    Teachers used to whisper why,
    I was the one who wouldn't always smile
    They used to say I was quiet and awfully shy,
    Now it's whispered I stand out

    I had no reason for the priviledge of happiness,
    The guilt was building at its base upon my already crumbling heart
    All I needed was a place called a happy home
    Filled with love I only dreamed,
    But I was betrayed, dignity taken,
    Secluded with another permanent scar

    Nobody was there to hug me except me,
    Felt so alone with only my weak arms to protect
    Afraid I'd be stuck with no way to escape again,
    Even when the bastard left
    I was so frightened during nights-scared to death

    Five years passed,
    And his face reappeared
    With arms wrapped around me too tight,
    NO way I missed him, I felt anger, I-that moment, relived the fear

    Behind closed doors I cried,
    This time I ripped out what stayed hidden inside
    What was then I don't want to be the same now,
    I realized a year later after,
    When I was found of the love of my life

    Affection that somehow first startled me,
    But I saw his touch was different
    Security and care, replaced cries and scare,
    He didn't take advantage of my elements of beauty,
    When I was cautious and afraid, he waited,
    To finally be there

    Patches covering parts of my soul,
    All of the drenched and weathered hurt I had to absorb
    Was a prisoner for years until I fell in love, yeah,
    Promising I'd never be,
    But my fears of love, life...
    May be no more...

    -Srry if its too long, but I hope its worth reading.

    -Peace & Love
  4. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    ^damn girl, that was amazing. Nice way to start this off.
  5. lpoet

    lpoet POET

    Oct 20, 2002
    to many topics...
  6. Vulkan'XL

    Vulkan'XL New Member

    Jun 15, 2003
    Rolling silently on cloud-nine
    Blankets and pillows enveloping
    This passionate showing of feeling.
    Every mention of sound is masked
    And every movement towards exits
    Is cut off by solid-human-rock...
    She keeps moaning about
    The kisses I'm planting and
    Begging for me.
    You want it baby, I know you do.
    She likes it rough, ropes and handcuffs,
    Holding her down so she cant' get up.
    Through doorways to the bedroom,
    They grabbed me and threw me down.
    I swear she wanted it all,
    But wait, was that just something
    I told myself to protect
    My mind from the inevitable fall?
    They pull the duct tape off
    And untie the chords...
    I'm carted off, Rape was the charge....

  7. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    Thier was always something missing,like a piece of my soul...
    first glimpse you could never see the depression takin control
    of my charred soul...
    an overcast of cloudy days is what trends to follow..
    my thunderstorm of built up repression and bitter tears...

    I always was the loner...
    never shared my thoughts with strangers..
    never even dared to have my reputation endangered...
    possibly,my heart is like shattered pottery...
    only to rebuild again,and again on unsteady property...
    as a child i admired all walks on life..
    now im unapproachable,and near impossible...
    to create a steady relationship with...

    love creates a sense of false security...
    a breath of fresh air..
    has me smiling but in a sense of bitter deception...
    i end up regrettin so many crushes my heart was ignited by...
    she held the key of happiness...
    but she didnt realize...
    how many doors she could open for me..
    this isnt one girl,this is a lifetime of girls i fell to quickly for..
    happiness is deprived by unfortunate barriers that has kept me fulfilling a sacred sense of one w/someone...
    wishin i could let you know...but im forced to hold my tongue...

    but its to much to swallow...when your heart is so hollow and you could never borrow any inspiration from others cuz theyll discriminate you...
    i try not to follow the trend,but if only i could penetrate thru...
    the barbed wire fence that exists in my mind,
    leavin me in shock with every attempt to open my heart...

    they say i share to much,but in these days to have a heart,its harder to get focused cuz all the pain and anger promoted against us that share our emotions...
    but in the despair where former friends have now became distant strangers...
    happiness is more than what i could acheive....
    when to share your deepest dreams,is not permitted cuz I dont follow the trend I want to eclipse it...
    happiness...i yearn intensely,but seems disguised inside my frequent daydreams...
    a distant revolutionary,exclusive but reality of isolation is what i precieve...
  8. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    There was a point for that. And it aint like you ever do any of the challenges anyway.
  9. lpoet

    lpoet POET

    Oct 20, 2002
    whats the point?
  10. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    lol it tell wouldnt matter to you. But if you want to know i'll tell you on aim.
  11. h.wood


    Jul 26, 2002
    omg i dont know which one i want- there is about 8 of them i want to do
  12. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    ^You can do more than one
  13. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    this is some old shit i did a few years ago. It goes good with topic #33


    so dull, life as been
    to whom searches
    for light..no color
    seen through their eyes...no rhythm beathing through
    their heart line...
    fallen leaves...fall victim to their
    wanderlust feet...
    the offspring of mixed
    coloring...happiness escaped
    them when they first
    exhaled...forever they shall
    suffocate..for only pain is left
    to inhale...
    unseen and
    forgotten..they watch life only
    when it rains...
    .......a heartbroken man them
  14. allnakey

    allnakey Sex is no fun by yourself

    Mar 30, 2003
    #25 this is something I wrote up an while ago, Not really complete as you see there are some gaps in it. It was originally suppose to be a collabo piece, But The other person was busy and couldn't fill in the gaps of the piece. nyways this is what i got for it I add a few lines to try and connect everything together as smoothy as I could

    Glimpses of lights and ordinates sparkle in the spirit of the days
    Once lost inside these sparkles amazed in it’s intussuscepts
    Spite the days, the joy seems of over abundance
    People walk the street in bearing no hardships
    Today's the day of Christmas cheer

    Remembering back of Christmas past
    I seen mom in a picture, those were the days of long ago
    She bought me a sled that year
    And we celebrated the rest of the day in that park, sledding down the hills
    But she hasn't been there ever since
    I look back at other Christmas photos
    Just blank blurs of where she would have stood
    And my smile-less pose, wishing to have, what I've been missing for 11 years
    Holiday cheer left me in those day, that past is kind of a downer
    Christmas never was my holiday, only lived through photos

    What do you want for Christmas this year?

    A chance to smile and enjoy the days
    I want to get away from everything material
    but that's hard, when that's all Christmas is these days
    No one appreciates their family these days on this holiday.

    What do you want for Christmas this year?

    I want to sled down those hills again
    With a brand new sled on Christmas
    I want to be that happy kid, with mommy holding his hand
    Instead I’ll just waste Christmas here, Cause the excitement is gone

    I don't look forward to this years exuberance of smiles and presents
    Cause I missed out years ago
    And I'm the grinch I want to steal all your happiness
    So everyone can feel like me
    And wish on their past Christmas to come back real
    My girlfriend could buy me the world this year, It wouldn't matter much
    Tell her to stop wasting her money After all it's the thought that counts
    And I know she is always thinking of me
    So that is presents enough

    Santa is in every childs mind
    As they sleep the night away, in hope of days gifts
    Over anxious as their dreams seem so sweet
    Those were the days missed, awaiting Santa
    The tree is bright and full, lit with their joys
  15. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
    Day One


    Day One
    Today is the first day of the end of my life
    I cried only internally, seeing pain in here can hurt me.
    Handed over to the state, soon to be handed over to God.
    Date of execution set for a year from today.
    For my innocence, that is not nearly enough time for me to pray...

    Day Two
    Hard to sleep, never hard to think.
    My mind races, back to the era of my naivete
    3 years ago, when she was screaming rape.
    She'd escape my memories only in death.
    The warmth of a guilty man's breath still lingers.

    Day Three
    Slept. Finally. But Nightmares never do.
    Memories never do.

    Day Four
    "God, why has Thou forsaken me?"
    Or however it goes. I'm left in a revelers clothes
    Trying not to remember the cold.
    The dank, cold closet where I hid from the screams
    To scared to leave until the police got me.

    Day Five
    I speak a defense to the wind
    That of a lay-person's defense
    I could have gotten convicted by myself,
    I didn't need a lawyer. What I need is prayer.
    What I need is my innocent spirit back.

    Day Six
    Today is the day of the Devil
    Day of the rebel. Day to remember that
    The evidence is lost.
    I can't appeal because the system does not
    Appeal to me. I can't believe a system
    That can't believe in me.
    At least - at least they gave me
    Bed sheets.

    Day of Redemption

    "And today in further, stranger news, a young black man in Puntnam County took his life hanging himself with a bedsheet. The odd thing about it is; he was already on Death Row awaiting execution from the state. The young man, 16, was sentenced to death when he attorney attempted to use the insanity defense on a rape and murder charge, one not allowed to minors in the state of Georgia. He left behind a note, and in it he claims he was innocent, saying that if he were to leave this world, it would be on his own terms. He says, and I quote "This world killed me twice before I died: Once when I was sentenced to death row for raping and killing my own mother, and once before when that police officer made me sit in the closet while he did it. Y'all didn't want it, so I took back my spirit."

    More news at eleven...

    Day One
    How many black men we got?
  16. lpoet

    lpoet POET

    Oct 20, 2002

    i wrote this back in october of 2002..



    Baby due in November trying not
    To remember the abortion I talked
    Her into just last December and
    Now I find myself praying for
    My unborn daughter health when
    Less than a year ago I took her
    Breath away, I took her
    First steps, and tears away
    I selfishly begged my girl to
    Sign the papers to let the doctor
    Rip my flesh my flesh and blood away
    And I know that today is a brighter day
    But somehow the cold tools touching my girls
    Legs as she lie on the bed run back and forth
    Through my head and inside the feeling of
    Rejoicing after the horrid deed was done and
    On that day I realize now that I slipped
    Away from my Father and
    The devil had won
    I’m still ashamed
    What have I become?
  17. the Guy with a Pen

    the Guy with a Pen a Svan Production

    Oct 26, 2000

    we were distant. lovers.
    parted like the waters succumbed to moses
    or words of twin stanzas reaching for one another
    you sent it sealed in a jar, living like our hearts
    and now its' course petals
    are like thinking about you; hard

    I'm in fragments, puzzle pieces to a broken mirror
    stained with the aged taste of my reflection
    'I love you' is still etched on a few
    on a whisper I've come to know
    that it's more than just time that passes
    apparently.. so do you

    a broken petal falls in defeat
    dry, cracked, nature proves stronger
    I'm not sure how to approach you any longer
    so I don't

    a broken stem, subtly marking the foundatoin
    our relationship never had a chance to gain
    this fucking dead rose, persisting its growth
    feasting, feeding, feeling.. my pain

    if there's a lesson I've learned from the fires of passion
    a blister of knowledge, if not a scar to the burn
    I would caution and weight heavy
    emphasis on the need to warn
    even a dead rose, has it's thorn
  18. CommonenemY

    CommonenemY locomokopokeyohoehoe

    Jan 13, 2004
    o 4...

    mister stupid in a drunken stuper
    divorced consumer
    trying to stay away
    but its so fun to play
    its so fun to lay all day
    escape to a place where everything is okay
    mind in a fog
    anxious for something
    same drawers and dirty socks
    no big deal its nothing
    same thing different day
    a cloud of smoke
    a pop of that
    theres no use to pray
    let the x o flow till the suns down
    cheers till we're run down
    black out
    walking zombies
    not thinking but talking
    heart racing things not advils
    speed kills
    proceed with caution
    theres no turning back
    now only fighting urges
    wants are urgent
    wants seem like needs
    it differs from person to person
    dont try just believe me
    whole checks and days gone
    till your scrounging for change
    in need of a change
    your weak but think your strong
    lifes so short to waste on waste
    its tempting to take a taste
    whos to say whats to much
    your body in this case
    its a one way street to death or jail
    one way ticket to turning pail
    realities off the richter
    nose to nose
    right in your face
    somethings got a hold with claws
    either tug free
    or keep up that sprint with a second wind
    to death in this race
  19. CommonenemY

    CommonenemY locomokopokeyohoehoe

    Jan 13, 2004
    NisLaniF had a good one...

    This world killed me twice before I died: Once when I was sentenced to death row for raping and killing my own mother, and once before when that police officer made me sit in the closet while he did it.

  20. AzeussuezA

    AzeussuezA The Mods Are Gay

    Jul 22, 2003
    I'm pickin #12

    Never seen
    Never reached
    Dead upon impact

    Will it redeem
    Itself when breached
    Then rise again in tact?

    What is Fact
    Abstract lies within
    Goals and Dreams and Schemes of things
    Die with you
    There is no future
    There is only now......

    Today was yesterday's tomorrow
    This moment just seconds ago was the future
    And now we come to the conclusion of this poem
    And the future has become the past
    Nothing will last
    Not you
    Not me
    Not the ground we tread upon
    The the sky we sleep under
    Not the cars we drive
    The food we eat
    Or the people we meet

    Future is Now
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