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  1. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    For my friends in a cell i hate to see you in hell
    Patience, should of never spanked em', too anxious.
    Charge? First degree second degree third degree
    No burns but he burned em', mothers yearn
    Deep desire of resurrections a deep depression
    Drop a tear on my shoulder I'll be the one who catch em'
    Call me when you loney, it's nothing to clear the schedule
    Crime federal, nothing to bust a head or two
    Witness edible, HELL, is where he headed to
    She poppin' flats for her baby, need to relax
    Recovering crack, addict, ass tatted
    A lethal decline, let's join hands, we can combine
    Ease ya mind, ride silently, seats are reclined
    Reclusive, get away from the crime, take the stress and rewind
  2. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Do what makes up YOU happy
    Trying to impress leads to stress.
    Hair nappy, dread it, thug shit embedded
    You shoot dice? Bet it, shake 7s I'm groomed by a 2 time felon
    These killers serial, living to die, will we make it to heaven
    Coke sellin' - while mothers pray to their jesus
    Cells packed maybe they'll release us.
    Doomed since a fetus, money lead us, demons ride our back
    Would you believe niggas still smoke crack
    Stealing from family will get ya smacked
    Gave him a pass but if he bring his ass back,
    Mob shit boss man get him wacked, Facts.
  3. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Why must I suffer? Lord. is that a way to make me tougher?
    When the cards shuffled, did they cut it?
    Who dealt this shitty hand? Fuck it, I'll to learn love it
    Heard momma on a budget, and I feel her pain
    Hit a stain, things will be right? People fight when money tight.
    Guess no rest for the weary, finding pleasure in misery
    I'll wait till they kill me, no crying or shivering
    It's merched, like a fish out of water that nigga perch
    Family supposed to be first, they couldn't wait to desert
    Left me on my own alone and it hurt,
    Couldn't get any worse, your services no longer needed
    I'm heated, thinking of murder and could I beat it
    Dark places i revisit, mixing pleasure with business.
    Sick to my stomach, black deaths. this plauge is bubonic.
    A toxin, that seeps threw my city, a product
    Tonic, in my cup, seeking a peace of mind
    Speaking to seniors that lack knowledge a waste of time.
    Guidance needed, body language screamin'
    The people close fail to read the signs. I'm overheated
    Hard to hold grudges with the people you love.
    So most find balance in drugs. A lethal sub
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  4. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Seen parents rat on they own kids.
    Stuck doing bids. Reminisce for 20 years.
    Lay down do your time or shed tears.
    Melanin got us trapped in hell a born felon
    Whole sellin' kill kill our mental ill
    Come walk through the dark alleys your soul shiver
    Where a old nigga test you stomp you in dress shoes
    Girls learn to be sexual at young ages,
    Her and her friends twins they pussy threw, cold cases
    Asians really suck it for long time a slow grind
    Hustle, stack it don't spend it the only way to be independent
    Hand outs weaken your spirit the lion not in em'
    Use to be menace, losses or prison change em, legacy finished
  5. K.I.T.

    K.I.T. Member

    Apr 30, 2003
    they, call, me, kit, Lucifer,.. what, is, stupider?/
    catchin', fades, across, of, Jupiter//
    hoola-hoopeler,.. crown, jeweler,.. rule'er/
    of, lyrical, formats, treat, rappers, like, doormats/
    making, you, absorb, tracks, then, stab, you, inside, of, ya, thorax//
    i'm, kinda, bored, black,. use, to, record, up, off, of, 4-tracks/
    one, shot, one, take,. leave, you, slitthering, like, a, snake//
    off, of, coffee, mixed, with, a, bag, of, tea/
    ask, me, 'how, I, know, your, girlfriends, head, game, is, sloppy?'//
    copy,. me, if, ya, wanna, blow, styles, like, marijuana/
    all, across, the, sauna, leave, you, fallen, on, the, 'frozen, tundra'//
    this, summer, I, think, i'll, probably, change, my, life/
    go, from, walking, in, the, street, to, riding, a, Mercedes, bike//
    baby, life,. leave, you, like, a, navy, stripe/
    all, across, my, shoulder, talk, to, you, on, a, Motorola, controller//
    eat, you, like, a, bar, of, granola,.. i, thought, i, told, ya/
    the, illest, soldier,... sicker, than, coke, mixed, with, baking, soda//
    folder, of, made, money, g,.. something's, under, me/
    leave, you, madder, than, the, democrat's, across, the, country//
    monthly, weekly, daily,... i'm, like, a, comet, named, 'hailey'/
    windsailing, on, test's, constantly, failing//
    not, a, smart, student,... no, college, diploma/
    with, the, constant, fear, of, being, homeless, sleeping, on, the, shoulder//
    of, the, corner, no, organ, donor, i'm, a, loner/
    go, to, a, strip, club, without, a, boner//
    once, a, stoner,... off, of, a, stress, or, they, call, it, shake/
    use, to, smoke, everyday, then, rest, and, meditate//
    but, i'm, lost, some, weight, in, my, wallet, so, i, turned, alcoholic/
    kinda, psychotic,... with, ya, girl, who, loves, being, erotic//
    microcosmic, dude, with, a, brain, disorder/
    building, a, great, wall, across, of, my, verbal, border//
    slight, torture, niggas, think, it's, a, scene, out, of, 'misery'/
    verbal, wizardry, you, think, of, 'dope', they, gonna, mention, me/
    i'm, like, a, mad, scientist's, twisted, inventions, g//
    i'm, preventing, thee, rhyme, style, to, get, distorted/
    worser, than, being, threatened, by, a, crooked, and, extorted//
    i've, aborted, shit, i, saw, as, problems, in, my, life/
    when, i, think, of, being, lazy, you, know, i, gotta, think, twice//
    you, gonna, pay, a, large, price,... if, you, ever, cross, that, fine, line/
    feel, like, i, can, transform, like, optimus, prime, like, nine, times//
    where, they, find, mine?, in, the, pacific, ocean/
    yea, i, like, to, rap, but, not, the, bragging, and, boastin'//
    locomotion, the, shit, all, goes, together, b/
    rap, cleverly, like, a, guillotine, i'm, severing//
    whatever, you, thought, was, put, together, soo, precise/
    i, be, on, a, wack, mc, like, a, cat, be, on, a, mice//
    who, cares, i'm, nice?, rap, everyday, just, to, pass, time/
    when, thought, of, mc's, they, of, me, as, one, of, the, bad, kind//
    or, the, wrong, kind,... whatever, sounds, sorta, twisted/
    use, to, go, by, keep it thoro, now, it's, just, kit, bizkit//
    deep, and, mystic, mental, ability, c of tranquility/
    willingly, worth, more, than, a, million, g//
    what's, appealing, me?, to, all, of, this, attention/
    is, just, when, it, comes, to, rhyming, i, deserve, some, kind, of, mention//
    check, your, pention,... plans,... injur'in/
    leave, you, like, cats, without, his, dentures,... man//

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