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Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Feme Sole, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. Feme Sole

    Feme Sole Mrs. _Evil

    Apr 13, 2002

    da klimp showed me this......im gonna do it after i get some rest...
  2. the Guy with a Pen

    the Guy with a Pen a Svan Production

    Oct 26, 2000
  3. marc antony

    marc antony It's all about da ass....

    Jun 8, 2000
    my nightmares caught up to me and so i ran....
    ran and didnt stop......
    nightmares, the violence, the depressed silence.............
    the iron blade taken to the violets escape dthe boundaries of my eyelids......
    so i ran......
  4. Tony Blair...

    Tony Blair... B.O.T - M.I.A '05

    Sep 24, 2003
    as i shut my eyes i fell into an eclipse of darkness,
    The moon iluminated the evil figure on the horizon of my mind,
    A shimmer of light shot up his blade, as a shivver of fear rattled to the base of my spine,
    Trapped in the past times of the black and white silent movie,
    As i became endangered i let out a scream...but to my avale...no one could hear me
  5. Xero Satsujin

    Xero Satsujin OnLy gOd kNoWs oR Goes

    Jul 10, 2003
    I patiently wait here for someone to awaken my souls perpetual sleep. In my arcane soul are worlds filled with wonder that I so jealously keep. With light to spare I often turn away stars that can’t shine all that bright. I don’t know why though, it just seems right. Because it is I who usually guides home those lost within the dark. Bursting into an inferno of raging flames from just a spark.

    I doubt I’ll ever find a star that burns bright enough to guide me from my own dreary gloom. Or is there even a heart big enough to help me escape from my own impending doom? I stand alone here in this sea of endless life. Yet I am able to make wondrous things from all of my pains and strife. The Fire I hold inside burns brilliantly all the way from front to back. Now bear witness to the Fire Within as the pain inside turns it Black.

    So many people have wronged and misused me that it’s a total disgrace. They have raped and polluted a once sacred and treasured place. There are next to none that even bother to wipe their feet before they enter. Then they stockpile all of their unwanted trash at my very center. Some even stomp all about the core of my being. Completely ravaging the heart of this once proud King.

    There’s so much to gain for all of that which I am short of. A pure example of this is someone meant just for me to love. But my heart has been beaten, battered, and bruised far too much. And I am troubled that it might break again even from an angel’s touch. So I put it away with all of the other burdens that I selflessly bear. I have no time for those who only pretend that they care.

    Still people seem to drop down on me as if I am standing in the rain. They drag me down by any means necessary no matter how much distance I appear to gain. It matters not if I carry something to cover my head. Its like they sense the life in me just like the living dead. Some wish to bathe in my light until I become their brighter tomorrow. Low and behold for it is I, the King of Sorrow.

    Now it seems that the ones who really care only call when it benefits them. Even if it is idle gossip about the doings of her and him. But like a feather caught in the wind I too need a refuge from grief. Instead I get kicked and stepped on like an autumn leaf. Will someone pick me up is what I sometimes wonder. Or will they just leave me here floating about in endless tumult and blunder?

    I have become my own light in the darkness to see. But with my blazing glory it seems that others only want to consume me. Or either they want to bask in my light while the flame burns higher and higher. But their presence just breaks down the demeanor of my fire. Trustingly I am adorned by armor from the suns forge. Eventually though I am going to break and be let loose like a rivers gorge.

    At times it seems like I am running around wild and completely blind. I seem oblivious to the fact that I too must keep a sane mind. So many warm themselves by my fire that I cant tell friend from foe. It doesn’t matter because we’re all tainted no matter which path we go. Even the greatest of warriors falters before the affairs of the heart. But with so much pain inside of me, mine is slowly being ripped apart.

    With one last glance over my shoulder I peer about in search for myself a Queen. More of a Goddess rather because to me that’s what she’ll mean. There is so much love inside of me that I wish to share with only one. But the darkness inside of me will soon make it accessible by none. Maybe she will have the light that I seek to guide me back to my throne. For now I am here by myself all alone.

    Despite my efforts and the struggles there is much I have not achieved. My scuffles and hardships pale in comparison to the pain I have received. The body can withstand and endure punishment because it will eventually heal. But there is no way that I can ignore the distress that I feel. Still I refuse to let any of this pain prevail. And my will gives me the fuel for my fire so that I will not fail.

    I have walked the path of light and dark alone just to turn right back around. All of the burns and burdens stacked on my shoulders to keep me flat on the ground. This journey is one that I must take all by myself. I harbor a burden that I cannot cast upon the back of anyone else. I am blessed with so much light and glories of my own I never hang my head in shame. But somehow I have come to realize that sooner or later I will have no other choice but to give in and embrace The Black Flame.
  6. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    got damn xero did you actually write that to the pic or have it saved up?

    my lawd, i have to read that later
  7. Xero Satsujin

    Xero Satsujin OnLy gOd kNoWs oR Goes

    Jul 10, 2003
    The image sparked on something that I had been writing for a while and just never got back to it. So when I saw it, it reminded me of it, and I went back to writing...I think it's a little long, but I couldnt stop writing until I was satisfied...
  8. lewdDog

    lewdDog Life is are own illusion

    May 11, 2003
    i dunno quick free verse to the pic....

    My fears are taking over my life, even when I'm asleep
    Playing like a sitcom in black n white
    My darkest deepest secret has been exposed
    My biggest fear of all came true everyone kno's
    What else is there left to do but to run n hide
    My past is all catching back up with me
    My legs are getin weary n my curiosity is too much
    U know what? Y don’t I stop? N let my life catch up
  9. Sun_Flower

    Sun_Flower Bluez By Loves Eye

    Mar 12, 2002
    Oh my!
    Leaves dust fine lies
    Blinding my insights
    Trying to run away from this lime
    Pulling me back with windspell dark cries

    Images laughing and having a wailing good time
    Flocking after my precious time
    No fawls to put aside
    Just my feet in crying times
    Pressing against decay of the past
    Leaving behind this thought of dying
    No need for truning back

    Just this guy I had to leave
    fighting for his life
    In someone else's

    Oh my!
  10. Speedy Gunzalez

    Speedy Gunzalez Awareness is my Alias

    Jul 31, 2001
    The awaken beast roams a dark deserted land
    Caterogized by colorless souls corrupted beyond salvation
    Victims are not unique, for the beast knows no human characteristics
    When commencing to devour human flesh
    Draining out the blood of civilization
    While diabolicizing the concept of self
    Consequently trapping the human soul with evil
    Under the guise of intrinsic barbaricism
  11. MisterEThoughts

    MisterEThoughts MysteryOfUntoldTruth

    Jun 20, 2003
    Demond shasing me like a sin that i have gotten many times before the life i have lived the choices i made..... the people i met my lord my life is one never ending barrier that i can hardly clime
    what happens if i can't take it no more?how long will my emptiness mend feeling so blue and so unwell......cries in the morning after i wake up cries after i go to sleep kiss me my angel from above......GOD!!!!! send me the one i am longing for..... just someone to hold and think about something new...... life is so empty and not complete if you don't have people who love you....ahhhhhhh a dream of nightmare and incomparable barracade of lonleness how can i take this? i can't..... damn it i am tired of this shit it's all over and i am ending it here........



    It's over i am a soul now floating in the middle of heaven and hell and god is the only person who can choose my path now.......

    I keyed this up i found a pic in the poetry thing where u write to the pic and shit was i came up with any feelings or feedbacks will be appriciated........
  12. AzeussuezA

    AzeussuezA The Mods Are Gay

    Jul 22, 2003

    They're right behind you.
    On your heels like a shadow running west into the sunset....

    Can seem to see what they do.
    From the lover you've waited to meet to the many you've already met...

    Time flies running from your insides
    Minds eyes coincide with thought dreams
    Unseen schemes ducking behind dark alleys in teams
    Of things of which this one brings
    Memories of days past at long last
    I'm free from the hypocracy that grows within me

    So I run.....and run....and run
    Then I realize.
    I am my own demon chasing the life inside my head


    ILL SEEKAH Deaf to Depths of Death..

    Apr 8, 2000
    Dark skies spill lifes mist upon my sight
    my heart drives tightly in my throat,
    despite the blood written oath and my shunned cries.

    I seen the sun smite
    desperately sketching a ocean of blackened tears
    shackled near my lips such a bittertaste,
    that its nectur only delivers hate.

    I plead a sinners fate
    beneath the shadows smared in waste
    on a land that once was Grace.

    Presently draped...in Futures failures
    geared in hells worth to spawn barred torture,
    known to starve mortals that once were living.

    Drunk of wicked visions, the burdens thick
    stripped of wisdom and high off the serpents kiss
    so my derservings meant.

    Reaching but my ladders severed
    sobbingly my breath spurts
    "Father open the heavens,
    my skin boils with an unquenchable fire on the cresent!!!"

    my apologies will follow streams of dread,
    where screams are webbed in legions
    beneath a sea pledged with demons.

    The City of Regretted Seasons
    succombed in vultures and well bred heathens,
    that are the wing-men of the Temptor
    whom ventures to sell pain.
    So please enter and welcome to Hells Lane.
  14. spanky freedom

    spanky freedom ora tour

    Dec 12, 2002
    ashes of papyrus, dust abrush in a dash
    they ain't catching this catylist of anarchists
    im much to much a customers past

    i want the rush that i had
    chuckles and laughs
    but karma crushed, i been had
    conned by the shuffle

    gone from the hustlers lab
    've become a foreigner to the couple it drags
    but the gullibles double
    i truck through this graph, fast enough for my caste

    you pick ur poisen
    its either a puddle to funnel, or a puzzle to match

    meet me in the ivy
    bring ya gun and a mask
  15. Draft

    Draft The Genuine Draft

    Oct 6, 2003
    thatz an interesting thing to do,. i like it!!!
  16. DaJackle

    DaJackle ThoughtS ProcessinG

    Sep 1, 2003
    his crusty fingers brushed againts my limp coat
    my foot stomped on the ground like an african dance
    the rythem to my step grew faster and faster

    he swallowed the light of day, and i am the light of night
    the light that only mankind can bring
    the one that mankind can flurish

    his hands eclipsed the moon
    he brought darkness around me
    like a man stranded in the middle of the ocean

    run! run!
    my mind battled
    while being embraced my darkness' arms

    run! run!
    i screamed

    but there was no where to run
    i am trapped
    by my own sin
  17. ill skillz

    ill skillz sirberus mu'fawka

    Aug 23, 2000

    they are bleeding.. and as the blood gushes out touching the cold dirt, she ran away.. she knew you were chasing the skirt..you reach out.. but split in 2.. one is filled with a large dose of angry while the other screams.. "I NEED YOU".let her go, as ants march across a river of your blood. Its cold, its alive, its like god is touching you. You fear your other half, you never knew him. A child growing up without a father, you never knew him. But soon you will become best friends with your shadow. He will teach things far beyond human comprehension, you arent shallow. Your as deep as that never ending tunnel called life. Accept it.. accept everything.. accept nothing.
  18. mavrik...

    mavrik... Lyrically Transparent ...

    Jun 19, 2003
    freedom endangered by the hands and wrath of this earth.
    grabbing,pulling,and seeking for the lost souls, ever "sense" birth.
    darkness, as said before,is a fine cloud distracting the vision in which we use.
    the clearness of perception, a quality in which we abuse.
    order in which we place the segments of thought is of a ruin...
    memory interlaced with madness of the darkest, the truest.
    typings from the most of transparent ... this man who runs from the captivity, the clearness he inherits ..
    knowing right from wrong ... the struggles which the union of our community sings in her song.

    just a little something ... hope ya like.
  19. Royallyraggid

    Royallyraggid New Member

    Sep 21, 2003
    the claws of the beasts reach to rip and feast
    but i sprint past the graves still chased so I leap
    over a pit past the crypt shit! these demons persist
    more rise like the tide eyes lit through the mist
    my trench coat flaps as I evac through the back
    breath comin' in gasps they're still glued to my track
    grab the keys to my lac and pop open the trunk
    lift up the hidden latch and pop shells in the pump
    they approach but now slow cause they know I'm no joke
    one pops up beside and he dies with no throat
    then they swarm all at once serrated mouths agape
    I'm dodgin weavin' and screamin spittin rounds to escape
    If I can get inside my ride I might be able to drive
    almost out of ammo but these damn hoes still strive
    to eat me alive,but its gonna be a freakin costly meal
    I blast off ones leg it starts floppin like an eel
    thats when I feel,
    a razor claw saw through my lower back
    i fall to the ground turn around and blast that bitch in half
    i get back up and splash guts of three more demons in the fray
    I'm Johhny Blaze without the bike and my shotty here don't play
    I get to the door and kill two more before I can jump inside
    my doors ripped off of the hinges but my engines come to life
    i hit the gas and smash the mass still gathered in my path
    sguishing limbs and vertebrae and whatever else I pass
    i look back in the rearview as I exit the hellish carnage
    still stinging from my wound but my rep remains untarnished......

    lol...just fuckin around...
    this picture reminds me of a Ghost Rider comic..thats what came to mind so i guess thats where all this came from....
    anyway...this was a cool idea...hope to see more things like this....

  20. nextdrdre

    nextdrdre New Member

    Sep 15, 2003
    fuckin stupid ass picture
    but all yall rhmyes aint bad
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