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Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by lpoet, Sep 3, 2003.

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  1. 49th Prophet

    49th Prophet Dark Magic Inferno

    Jul 18, 2003
    Damn!... y'all had dope drops no doubt

    lol....yes as Xero said....

    I felt misspimps bitch slap lol

    But all good work. Well done.

    Much Love

  2. Bigg Caesar

    Bigg Caesar New Member

    Aug 22, 2003

    I live, I die
    I laugh, I cry
    I smile, I frown
    I get up, I lie down
    I stand alone, I don't understand
    I stand alone, for I am but one man
    The glory, the wonder
    The wishes, the dreams
    Sometimes, when you're under, things aren't as dark as it seems
    The sky, the clouds
    The sun, the moon
    It feels like forever, but it's just too soon
    The sand, the shores
    It rains, it pours
    An ocean of emotion
    Just think, some of it's yours
  3. Judge tha Dacyple

    Judge tha Dacyple Poetic Papi Emcee Señor

    Aug 3, 2000
    damn damn damn...misspimp that was amazing! dope dope pieces everyone, but misspimp...woooooooooo!

    lets see if i can key something up even HALF as brilliant as that!!

    I found the sandy shore all hour glasses are created from
    salt grazed my tongue as the sun and moon bathed me beautiful
    buried my hands in dampness till seconds lay on my cuticles suspended
    pivoted wrists till minutes upended upon themselves and sighed a love signed breeze
    a signature kiss of me within the winds shrill yet soft spoken soul song
    tried to hold on to just one memory sliding through fishermens fingertips
    the clouds lingered in their curtain call positions awaiting a solar bow
    but I'm already homeward bound.
  4. Feme Sole

    Feme Sole Mrs. _Evil

    Apr 13, 2002
    just popping in real quick....

    MIND $OUL:
    "my name was never king
    and today a poet
    damn man, thats why i have so much love for you......lovely

    MADDRAPPER I own you motherfuckers..

    Apr 27, 2001
    My Interpretation Of This Painting

    You invite scriptures so I write to pictures standing on shores
    Demanding more from you, find myself blind and stealth like whores
    Close my post and oppose a host of my rhymes seem to
    Roast my mind with the powers of a moderator scream true
    To my removal without approval now I’m stuck on rocks
    Trying to duck the shock beasts in my present that knocks
    Me around on bounds oh shit the tall stone came alive
    Before my lame eyes have no knives to fight this jive
    Not right damn my armor down as I look for calmer bounds
    Need the force like Yoda try set course with a quota leave clowns
    Dead if I was a jet eye bet many would die leaving hollowed ground
    But instead they attack me getting smack gee what options
    Are available? The moon is huge soon to surrender but refuse adoption
    Of braveness need to combat in this habitat, clouds twirled and curled
    And vary mean like dairy queen ice cream cones need advice to get home a world
    Of waters surround me they 're deep for drowning and mermaids with in
    Lays for my skin see a dark shark as IPOET throws darts at my heart to end
    My progress and put me to rest from his house using a mouse on his computer
    Desk keep me stressed in this mess an on shores to survive but need a tutor
    First thought they were eagles but no, oh shit winged dragons try swooping me up
    From the swirling sky hurling fie I don’t want to die so must hide so corrupt
    This situation these shore are jagged edge with ragged pledge no results
    Now a whale fail to swallow me because I won’t follow thee into
    The deep sea hell this is a creep-pee place on the shore

  6. General Concrete

    General Concrete the infamous

    Jan 3, 2000
    this is probably gonna be crap, but i felt i had to write something so here you go

    the sun, the sky, I despise them
    void rays in this empty horizon
    my dad said, it's a preemptive strike son
    it's us or them, need to end this liaison
    my tongue's rasp, throat's dry
    half-hearted grasp on a small fly
    waters wash the court where the lost lie
    low ambitions but as always the cost high
    can a ghost die? could there be respite
    drenched in worry and stench i woke that night
    ironic wish for the force that broke my flight
    wonder whether aged or gentle is the hand that wrote my plight
    waves of naught, driven by the anxiety of nothingess
    devoid of sense of cold or hot, i tried to ponder this
    what's the ultimate point, are there limitations
    did the one who gave, take with equal care and patience
    mind's a mess accounting casualties
    i lost the will to count, with that the nausea settled in
  7. Johnnie French

    Johnnie French Voodooradio.podomatic.com

    Jan 11, 2000
    I must say misspimp and poet those are two very fantastic poems
  8. marc antony

    marc antony It's all about da ass....

    Jun 8, 2000
    gosh i love the sunrise...
    shoulda thought time would overstep....
    for sunrise was inrigued by sunset.....
    and so he met her...........
    i wish i could leap frog the islands.....
    overstep my own boundaries as well....
    i mean look at he sky while the ocean takes my soul...
    and swells with my growin desire to leap frog to that island over there......
    over there oh over there is always over there.....
    the rays multiplied by the sun bursts kisses my face....
    and i am rejuventated morning energy readies me for my day.....
    and so i begin to cross paths with sunset and sunrise again.....
    less the moon comes out to play.......
  9. MisterEThoughts

    MisterEThoughts MysteryOfUntoldTruth

    Jun 20, 2003
    hey damn everyone u all rippin everyone apart haha but loving this to the fullest love that we all workin and still writing beautiful i will post something later i try to keyed it never done it before so give me a brake hehehe
  10. lewdDog

    lewdDog Life is are own illusion

    May 11, 2003

    I accost with heaven while I dream
    All a blur but my tears are clear
    I'm alone to drown once again
    As the sky is blue so am I
    A slight brightness of beauty in the distance
    But starts to fade as does my life
    So I reflect on life as I stare in the ocean of my eyes
    Concluding becoming of age was useless
    I’ve experienced heaven everyday I lived
    I just wish I knew this before I decided
    Alone in heaven tis a pain
    I’d prefer hell if I’d have company
  11. General Concrete

    General Concrete the infamous

    Jan 3, 2000
    nah i put a dent int he performance but i promise i'll do the next pic justice
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