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Discussion in 'Battle Video Archives' started by Mini Thin, Dec 23, 2003.

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  1. Mini Thin

    Mini Thin New Member

    Mar 26, 2002
    what's up yall, my dj, dj cadillac is putting out a mixtape titled the steel city massacre.... we're trying to finally put pittsburgh on the map! u can check him out at www.djcadillac.net peep his video of him doing his thing...he's fucking noodles.

    but what were trying to do is get a feel to see who would cop this thing online. we got reviews by xxl and the source coming back, and like 5 of the top websites online. we also have distribution in the mid-west and east coast.... and here are some of the artists on board.

    dos noun
    lone catalysts
    elevated mindz
    ron noodles (98 scribble, semi finalist)
    sam sneed (YES, mr. mid-90's "i think u better recognize")
    shogun assassin (wu-tang killarmy)
    me (lol a beast battler from the 412, haha hold your applause)
    lost city
    the foundation
    legend (u should see his vid on BET on the 1st quarter of '04)
    woozey (i'm sure yall had to see his commercial all over BET a month ago)
    2gzz (roc the mic tour, rocafella emcee battle runner up "03)
    cha ron don and dj huggy

    plus like 20 more artists from in and around Pittsburgh!

    and we are waiting on track confirmation for masai turner formerly of the group strict flow and joe beast aftermath recording artist...

    so hit me back with some comments if u can......peace Mini
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