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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by mr.redeyez, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    I Bring More War To Your Door,like A Delivery
    Put The Blade To Yo Fore Till Blood Pour
    So When U Look In Tha Mirrow U Gone Remember Me
    I Been Said Im Like A Paranormal Intity
    You Would Have To Be Goliath To Injure Me
    But You Will Die If I Eva Suffa Injury
    Yeah You Will Only Be A Memory
    Like Mccain,or Hillary
    I Know U Feelin Me
    Dey Want Beef,that'z Why Dey Ice Grillin Me
    Ya Gotta Duck,wen I Un-tuck,an Buck Buck
    Like Wut Tha Fukk'z Up
    Bow Tha Fukk Down
    I Dont Give A Fukk Now..
    Im On Tha Hunt Fa Tha Crown
    Throwin Gang Signs
    Ma Nigguhz Throw Tha Same Signs
    Im Nut'z Yeah Im Kinda Cashew'z
    Cash Rule'z,blast Tool'z Then Stash Tool'z
    Plus All Eyez On Me,like Im Teachin In A Class Room
    I Dont Think No More,but I Still Gotta Jack The Ripper Flow
    Slick Like A Stripper Pole
    Rim'z Still Stop-n-go
    Imma Glow
    Imma Make It Snow,imma Make It Rain
    Like A Black Cloud
    Black Pride,black-n-proud
    Yeah All Of Thee Above
    Im Smokein On A Blunt Bumpin Piru Love
    An I Even Blood
    But I Will Make U Bleed
    I Spit Them Razor Blades
    Im Like A Battery
    See They Will U Feed U Lies
    Call Me Mr.good Bar'z,now Let Me Feed U Mines
  2. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    words get shown with sharpness
    i was sewn into darkness, born heartless
    with horns scarlett evil from the start shit
    to cope with, tryin not to be broke shit...
    only be dro we sparkin even alone the..
    ash tray hold more roaches than joes apartment
    but, chillout joe dont start shit, cuz the..
    chrome wit a cartridge rip thru bone and ya cartildge
    and brains scatter my mind relays data..
    fingers type it to keys, words is 2 l-b
    dope for the fiends like a preme, my delivery mean
  3. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    "dope for the fiends" like a preme(supreme)(preemie baby) my "delivery mean"

    fingers type it to keys? "words" is 2 l-b=(my words heavy, 2 pounds a ki)
  4. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    my team go and get creme its no in between
    A pro with so many schemes spygate try to skeem
    seen so much snow almost went sking
    fiends hit the slopes froze they nose
    be back in evening
    Cant even cope with all the bullshit that exist
    Niqqas should quit sing a note then join Day26
    Spray niggah wit zap of propellant acting rebellious
    push a wig back niqqas is jealous
    Stay wit the click clack case I get a few fellas
    No felonies my record irrelevant
  5. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Yeah..... I Kill Any Beat
    Any Day Any Week
    Plenty Speak,some Strong Many Weak
    Dont Make Me,make Tha Semi Leap
    Point It At Ya Face
    While You Sayin Ya Grace ''eat Bullets''
    An Stay In Ya Place,for If U Move
    I Spray It Like Mace,just Ta Prove
    Im Great,i Smash,i Take,im Shark,u Bait
    An I Aint Full Yet,so Im Still Feedin
    Im Still Speedin,im Still Eatin
    I Touch Down Ta Raise Hell
    Im Tha Reason Why They Raise Bail
    Imma Menace,im Tryna Be Known Like Tha Beetles
    An I Party Like A Rockstar,''no Guitar,no Needles''
  6. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Give me life or give me death
    The threat is the vet with the tech
    I’m Hannibal Lectors feeding you flesh
    Fresh too death cuz death is fresh in me
    Mesh suit- stealth moves equals a dead fool
    This is my stand call me son of sam
    the original x-man, slashing adversaries melons
    I’m making a killin, dealin on the block,
    like the black matt dealing with the cocks
    got me yelling “fake crack sellin” stop
    or the black glock will go pop, or how about
    the shottie cocked, universal for freezing young jocks
    it easing and pleasing to see a body drop
    hater snitch in the ditch wet like a mop
    dat-a-boy props for cleaning they top
    got to give props this thread is hot…haha
  7. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Got Swag?
    Oh Yeah I Really Do
    Oh Wat U Didnt Know?
    I Show No Pitty Ho
    I Let Ma City Know
    Imma Make Ma City Grow
    Imma Make Ma City Known
    Gotta Give Up Tha Thrown
    We Storm In,an Take Tha Palace Over
    U Cant Recover,leave Ya Red Like Rover
    Im Way Outta Ya Range
    Imma Alien Im Strange
    I Do Any Thing For Tha Change ''no Homo''
    Your Rap Is Plain
    Me, Ma Rap Is Cocain
    Like I Enhaled Propain
    An Drunk Butain,tha Modern Hussain
    Jumpin Out A Plane,dumpin Outta Trash Can
    Mr.redeyez Tha Mad Man
    Ma Flow Advance
    Yo Flow Last Year's Model
    Pop U Like A Crystal Bottle
    Ma Gunz Mean,an I Got Pissedoff Hollow'z
    Leave Ya Headless For Tha Hec Of It
    Just Chop Off Tha Neck Of His
    Mane Man,i Got Dat Off Da Dome Flow
    But Its Nice,like Tha Azz On Cocoa
    Phat Rhymes,all Fine-ness
    Tha Bra Rapper,yea Thatz Wat Mine-is
    .............................use Ya Head Wen U Read Mine....catch Up,,,,holla.....1
  8. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    kNew this iranian an illegal alien with different aliases
    serious paper kid baking cakes in the basement
    Knew he stylin, a stallion wildin chain on the medallion
    killed beef like mad cows when
    a out towner started to counter sales
    straight powder from fort lauderdale
    round up shells wet up like water fell
    left a slaughter well with arms lifted without barbells
    connected with the cartel
    expected it would get this hectic
    serving stars as clientel, profected the method
    late night its on like carson sharp as a marksmen
    no samples rejected, dude is eclectic thru his reflection
    see the cruelness depicted but this is the life he selected
  9. Abrasionz

    Abrasionz New Member

    Apr 13, 2008

    ya'll seen scar face 1 times 2 many

    nerds need to get a life its sad

    millions of dollars and catching bodies daily
    and still have time to make it back home
    log in and write half ass rhymes about the bodies you catch
    like it would be cool if you actually did it or you dont handle business
    for the principle you just wanna try to prove your FINALLY cool
    so you yap about it like its supposed to change the laws of man
    and by that you faggots, dont let me lose you, i mean
    you can be the most gangster gangster in the world
    it still dont change the fact if you dissrespect another man
    he still by law is required to punch your faggot ass in the mouth
    or if your like me, cut the little poptarts toungue out or cut him somewhere
    on his delicate female like body so that he remembers he can bleed
    no matter how tuff the internet shit talkin makes him feel

    o and by the way i take it you nerds are too wrapped up in your fantasies
    you didnt get to 2nd grade to learn there was such a thing called forensics

    a real gangster once said
    real killers dont hit the studio and sing about it
    who the fuck is you nerds anyway celin deon

    is your life that pathetic you need to bullshit people all day
    is your job that shameful you need to pretend to deal drugs all day

    "ayo i slash throats all day, if i could only find someone who would talk to me
    i'd shoot'em with the guns that mainstream rappers talk about
    and throw up a gang sign and make it rain with the 100mil i got
    from dealin drugs last night
    o and did i mention im gangsta and i can use scar face as a metaphor
    in my rhymes cuz i seen the movie and fantasize about having enough nutz
    to even consider selling a dime of weed to my best friend Gary that i got off my other best
    friend Edgar and then write rhymes about the 80 pounds of coke i just sold to
    my foreign drug connect even though i never been outta my mommys house
    let alone off her tit"

    you fuckin pussys are the type of cowards to be 20-35 yr old men who
    actually get out of the house and off the computer long enough
    to give a funny look to the dude pumpin gas beside you
    and he comes over and slaps your skin tone off...
    then when you finally awake out the deep deep sleep
    you realize that lifes a little different then these fantasies
    you've been havin on mommys couch for the last few years
    then at night you get on a site like this and talk about how
    you shot a man at a gas pump earlier cuz he had on a polo shirt
    and you didnt like the color.................................

    one of my main points is that you fuckin pansies cant even rhyme
    you can mimic fifty cent all you want, you aint impressing nobody
    except maybe these other fake gangsters you rap on your mommys pc with
    who may actually believe you kill people all day
    its so funny lolololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you kids....
    you dont even know what a gang is...............
    real krips and bloods will kill you simply for sayin your affiliated with them
    of course you'll never know this becuz you dont know anyone whos not pussy
    like your mom's womb is

    i know people in gangs.......you dont know what a gangster is kids....
    you dont know what death is, or even self defense, people like me
    shit on nerds like ya'll all day and night for lifetimes
  10. Abrasionz

    Abrasionz New Member

    Apr 13, 2008
    o and think about this, what would happen if you got into a situation

    a rap battle or a record deal

    and someone asked you to rap where you AREN'T supposed to mimic Fifty Cent/real gangsters uhhh ohhh!!! then what?? lolollololol


    my point?... --> LOLOLOLOLOLOL thats what
    you aint rappers becuz you mimic fake gangsters

    what if someone asked you to rap about life....or even...DUN DUN DUN!! yours...

    "im 35 livin wit my mom, i like to pretend im other people and live in different locations, i need to get a job but i dont like work i have 97% body fat
    i talk trash i fantasize about what my life'd be like if i brushed my teeth even once, i have to take out the trash at 7:00"

    fuckin nerds and wanna-be rappers lol!

    eww i hate kids....eww....young and old...i fuckin hate kids...
  11. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    A wise man said practice what you preach
    Thats why I get my dirt out like im rappin wit the bleach
    Hate to be cliche
    that boy rappin 7 days he weak
    get it poppin in this bitch like some grease
    And If I cant afford it, explore options with the lease
    C class aint big enough for me,
    atleast a E class interior inferior reclining bucket seats
    Fuck these weirdos
    swear being underground instill flows
    swab jobs on aseop cock and get rear blows from dildos
    and I aint got subliminals, but these dudes couldnt rock
    if they got clocked wit minerals, moshed in physical
    punks get menisculed acting like their all thoughts be biblical
    been a fool once damn be one again
    ejaculate the lesbo eye now she even seamen
    pick up a pen to write till the ink end
    big enough to pick a fight and see who think wins
    quick enough to give you a right
    sit you in your seat..
    then rap about it on the mic 16's slim
    Yap all you like those sink who cant swim
    steer life clear this is my year
    up early in the morning to get this here
    dudes hate early in the morning... get this here
    try to stick me if you want it try get this here
    doctors have to stich something on em
    or here em say Clear!!
    i be like clothing lines white boys wear
    No fear YEAH...but iTs gets real redundant
    how many psychics online for the fuck of it?
    shouldnt hit women but i'll snuff a bitch
    think I ate gats how i dump a clip
    Thats why you hate rap be done with it
    cuts run deep abrasions is nothin
    blaze for frontin I'll punt yo teeth
    Have em call you kanye east
    though the wire part 2 wire ya jaw for the beef
    call the cops? you have to call the sargent for me
    step in the club lookin dope coat check got the dogs on me
    ho checked bring it to your doorstep
    leave this pussy bleeding but it havent found its flow yet
    he just depressed like postpartum
    i dunno maybe it was the drugs that scarred em
    thought he was having fun till he was plugged on em
    spent his last ate out the trash parents found the shit he was on
    kicked him out the pad, sent him to AA class
    now he relaspe off Cypher Rapmusic.com
  12. Abrasionz

    Abrasionz New Member

    Apr 13, 2008
    not bad the dump a clip thing was a nice punch but wack considering the two posts above it

    and the kanye east thing......lol very nice

    im impressed heh

    whole verse and only one fuck up (clip thingy)
    i suppose their may be a rapper here besides the vets showin up
    for the GRBs
  13. BKwegoHARD

    BKwegoHARD New Member

    Apr 8, 2010
    Is say what the fuck you say I'm rising above it
    but you'll always know I'm here like I was knives in your stomach
    and I'm not going anywhere despise it or love it
    Who do you think you are with your flamboyant expression
    Ill cut you down hit u and get rid of ya misconceptions
    You continue test em don’t mess wit em you disept em
    And than you get all sad when they go toarrest em
    Basically my mans you know u cant mess wit me
    Take one false move BLA you get a vasectomy
    At my school these dumb ass teacher trynna lecture me
    I say fuck you you stupi niggas don’t even get next to me
    Trust me Ill take care of your damsel in distress
    Wit my my nigga jess u know what comes next
    Rockin da chuck taylors and the v neck vest
    We save her ass than its off with the dress
    Bless me for all the things I have done
    Im the hottest nigga hotter than burger betwenn a bun
    Hotter than the bullets that are sprayin out of my gun
    that fly in to your body aint got no chance to run
    I feel bad for your mama even worse for your son
    After im finished rapin your bitch shel prolly turn into a nun
    I aint trippin bout it sun u know if I got one thing it my mind
    Ill show with this track fuck ill show u all the time
    The way I bust flows the say im one of akid
    As soon as your wack ass starts they soo ooops your out of time
    Not to sound like a hater get back to your house and celebrate a sater
    You kike as motherfucker I hope I never see u later
    And one more thing tell your moms I don’t wanna dater
    I cant cater to your feelins I stick to what I know
    You could put me n the jungle Ill still put on a show
    The audience loves they tell me please don’t go
    I say I did what I do I gotta collect my dough
  14. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003

    The game must got astigmatism, they never seen anybody as good as eye...
    Treat bitches like sales, aint nothing but good buys/
    Some people say I should be ashamed of myself...
    but i gotta career in the womb, Im tryin to make a name for myself/
    I compare my best verses to Jordan, thats why I get air play...
    And I dont gotta walk on tracks in a pair of jays/
    Haters like the abbreviation for Nevada, all they do is NV...
    Cuz their pockets like their personality, they so empty/
  15. Poetic Concept

    Poetic Concept New Member

    Mar 10, 2006
    Open mic, closin cypher,
    I syphon and slash bars like scyther
    Im a lycan u just biting, im enlightened
    Like lightning rods, I send shocks of vicaden
    tyson hit, numbing body parts, end to start,
    talk dont bring u far but par with 6 feet,
    defeat not possible, unplausible outcome
    U pause, I play I come with an arsenal
    of arsonist, im sick I spit arsenic, this is art
    expressed by the artistic, Im cannibalistic,
    my shit stick like spit balls, original rick ross,
    My dicks sweet it had every kind of lip gloss,
    Niggas get hip tossed, without cause,
    my bars lift jaws, my words flip brauds, hit the clit raw
    no draws, just bra, making her maul
    every time I enthrall her walls, lyrical expressionist
    this shit is effortless, come and test this shit
    get lit like christmas flints, Im straight like finger splints
    I linger than split, I am a hypocrite, I flip a brick
    then make a house with it, I so sick on the keystyle
    n I stay on the web like e-file, flow senile, NIggas see me n flee miles away
    stray the lyrical heartbreaker, n lifes a bitch n I might date rape her
    take her to n abandoned building, make her legs touch the ceiling
    Have her screamin my name, but thats the game, lames get laid like spades, im talking shovels n pails, nails and sticks, niggas kno where they lay if the follow the drips of blood
    slug shots, leave em with blood clots thicker than cum shots...pocket full of knots, I need to stop cause I can keep blowing, Im not going to stop I am jesse owens, knowing I can get it in, listenin in, nerveness got this nigga head glistening, this high is setting in lime n lemon kush got feeling the sprite, but thats how I like, hustler I sell Nics-at-night, I got tired of pressing enter, when Im done ill center, ur delivers are all returned to sender, my flow cold I feel like an air bender, at the end u stir pack lend stacks to the pack of wolves eating better, beretta leave him wetter than a 90 degree december,

    thats enough my fingers tired true freetype all day...chaa
  16. Sin-Razone

    Sin-Razone UnR3450n

    Nov 15, 2009

    spit more to drench the world in awesomeness/
    focus on wordplay syllables, rhyme realingment/
    posess intelect to inject words for historical context/
    cant stop keep bringin it, wind, fire, and sea but more infinite/
    finished when way after of hip hops death/
    breaths are consumed the product is massive no-nonsense/
    on a roll like meth addicts with pens ink and verbal brainmatter/
    splattered on concrete like a bloddy rainshower/
  17. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Long no see, It's takened me months to be
    Back, reminicent typin' my username n password
    It was last year I last vivisted n ''fuck this place'' was my last words
    It's a graveyard, cemetary, a place for the dead
    Im not wastin my life any more Im out this place now instead
  18. Ted Burton

    Ted Burton Feel The Esctacy

    Nov 23, 2009
    Hi I'm Ted Burton
    All these girls are flirting
    With me for certain
    I'm a happy person
    I'm in the top of the class
    I never let out natural gas
    And if I do I let it pass
    Like grass rolled up
    Smoked until it's ash
    Like I said I'm Ted Burton
    And I'm making cash
  19. Severity.

    Severity. New Member

    May 26, 2010
    Wordplay, easy for me, have a freebie or three
    Commit assault with pepper spray, be a seasoned MC
    When my flow sparks I don't use quote marks
    I'm not a capitalist, either...though I'm known to quote Marx
    Corny? Maybe. Who do I make horny? Ladies.
    Bust nuts like Shutter Island, serve my chickens with warm gravy
    But rape isn't the shit this kid'll committ
    I'm Johnny Cockran...and if they dick didn't fit I musta quit.

  20. Poetic Concept

    Poetic Concept New Member

    Mar 10, 2006
    Freestyle. quick witted, faster then keystyle
    I just keep typing a titan i grab rubber bats
    I spiking a pint of goose do a line and in the meanwhile
    u write wit Double colon smiles, my flow senile
    dick longer than the oj trial, u flow wild appartently
    Im just jumpin flow from servity, u barely break even
    shit u barely at par, my bars keep rising like sprint bills
    i leave niggas eager to battle no sitting still,
    but they fail to realize my mind runs like sprinting drills,
    its breeze like a cracked window sill

    Im the realist nigga that ever spoke thats a quote...end quote
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