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  1. S-ents

    S-ents S-ents

    Sep 7, 2005
    when I write rhymes Emcees are amazed,
    its the right time to release heavy flames,
    I resight chimes this beast brings the reign,
    It's the least next to vein, As I please with the brain,
    On the gain with the Wrath I bring,
    you couldn't reach the top if you rode on a scaffolding,
    Yo I'm baffoling, you just witnessed ill skill that is happening,
    So what can you say, to my mad wordplay, that I mold like clay,
    From the lyrics that I spray, It's C.S.K., Thats what I'm claimin',
    I'm droppin Knowlege so I'll convert it all to laimen,
    The illest with the syllables,
    The realest individuals,
    This Skill Fest is unliveble,
    I make kids much more miserable.

    One luv,
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