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Discussion in 'Ladies Lounge' started by Pro-deuce, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. Pro-deuce

    Pro-deuce Guest

    this girl that im "seein" always be callin me to chill, i never call her...

    and today i promised to call her to chill and didn't....

    so she's gonna think that im not interested... be pissy, or just simply tell me to go fuck myself


    i gotta take her out somewhere realllllll nice, not necessarily the steak house

    just to a really nice date...

    u think i can just take her to NYC, to a museum or something, and then to a hookah bar, or a movie, or what???
  2. skandelous_lala

    skandelous_lala back from the dead

    Sep 12, 2000
    Assuming that you know her well enough to know what kind of stuff she is into..and we don't...make your call.

    I think the real question is why are you ignoring her in the first place...heh
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