[WK/7] 7 ShadowofDarkness 1-0 v. 8 Xquisite 1-0 (S.O.D No Show)

Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by Xquisite, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest




    The deadline for verses is Friday @ 11:59pm EST.
    The deadline for extensions is 24 hours ONLY, making it Saturday @ 11:59pm EST.
    The deadline for voting is Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.​


    [04] - You must post at least 5 valid voting links within your match.
    [05] - Within those 5 links, you must be sure to vote on both the Championship and Contender matches.
    [06] - Votes must be at least 2 full lines of feedback per competitor followed by the competitor's name in which you choose to vote for.
    [07] - Voting a tie result is deemed a failure to vote.
    [08] - Voting links must be posted in your battle thread with the Champ and Contender matches labeled clearly.
    [09] - Votes changed after 1 hour of posting will be deemed a failure to vote.
    [10] - Voting is open to current participants, past champions, and active RBL moderators ONLY.​


    [11] - All verses are to remain within the limits of 8 to 30 lines. Contender/Champion match verses are to remain within the limits of 8 to 40 lines. Any breach of line limit must be agreed upon by both competitors prior to a verse being posted. Failure to comply will result in an automatic forfeit by all failing parties.
    [12] - The second competitor must match or post less than the first competitor, but in no case can the second competitor exceed the first competitor.
    [13] - You must not edit your verse once your opponent has posted, who in turn must not edit their verse after the first vote is cast.​
  2. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    16 good for u?
  3. ShadofDarkness

    ShadofDarkness New Member

    Dec 4, 2009
    Yeah man, good stuff.

  4. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    sorry fam only had time for 10

    Nigga you better drop down and freeze or I’ll sock out ya teeth
    cuz I got a landscaper type punch….that’ll lay sod out wit ease
    I’m just a boss about my steeze and this nigga wont be testin me
    cuz this bitch don’t want it…like his moms during his pregnancy
    and bitches don’t think less of me…cuz I perfected the game bro
    shit, I pimp dimes on the daily…you get rejected by pesos
    plus I battle often…straight puttin niggas in shackled coffins
    while everyone knows punches never land when shadowboxin
    fa real, this Brit aint lethal…shit, we will never be equal
    cuz I eat Cheerios for breakfast…… and that’s how he greets people
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