[WK/46] 9. Ravenous510 (0-2) v. 10. Ah Swoop Pen (0-1) (ah swoop no-shows)

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  1. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    [01] - The deadline for verses is Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.
    [02] - The deadline for extensions is 24 hours ONLY, making it Friday @ 11:59pm EST.
    [03] - The deadline for voting is Sunday @ 11:59am EST.​


    [04] - You must post at least 5 valid voting links within your match.
    [05] - Within those 5 links, you must be sure to vote on both the Championship and Contender matches.
    [06] - Votes must be at least 2 full lines of feedback per competitor followed by the competitor's name in which you choose to vote for.
    [07] - Voting a tie result is deemed a failure to vote.
    [08] - Voting links must be posted in your battle thread with the Champ and Contender matches labeled clearly.
    [09] - Votes changed after 1 hour of posting will be deemed a failure to vote.
    [10] - Voting is open to current participants, past champions, and active RBL moderators ONLY.​


    [11] - All verses are to remain within the limits of 8 to 40 lines. Any breach of line limit must be agreed upon by both competitors prior to a verse being posted. Failure to comply will result in an automatic forfeit by all failing parties.
    [12] - An agreement of a line limit will serve as the maximum allowed; competitors are allowed to post under an agreed limit, but never over. An agreement is not required. Upon failure to agree to a line limit, the second competitor is thereby required to meet the limit set by the first competitor to post.
    [13] - You must not edit your verse once your opponent has posted, who in turn must not edit their verse after the first vote is cast.​
  2. Ravenous510

    Ravenous510 Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Ext plz until friday night...
  3. Ravenous510

    Ravenous510 Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Shit, I’m back to assert dominance!
    If you lack the assured confidence
    And wit to master your words – stop, desist!
    ‘Cause I’m sure to discredit guys
    With poor and decrepit lines -
    I spit lavish absurd opulence!
    I’ve seen one verse from you -
    Against the kid Namix -
    And I sense the grim fact is
    He done murdered you!
    See, some enjoy longevity’s reign -
    Some live in doubt and fizzle out -
    Destroyed - tossed in brevity’s flame!
    And your spot in a casket depends
    On if you squab and scrap ‘til the end -
    So this meek coward’ll remain undiscovered
    ‘Cause I’ll devour his weak frame – just another lost flash in the pen!
    Any set that he claims? Fictional!
    Respect he retains? Minimal!
    All I need is a reason to beat him to death –
    Leave this geek’s brain a grease stain! Critical!
    He regains physical means – great! – Grip the tool
    And forty-five him – immortalize him like a freeze-frame visual!
    Light him up, then pipe his slut
    Show her my man sabre -
    Fold her and pancake her -
    Mertilize her dreams and fertilize her seed like a landscaper!
    This kid's ethered!
    Your homicide's set - I personify death -
    The Grim Reaper!
    And I knew the Lord of the Flies was patient -
    Swoop’ll rue and scorn his human form
    Being chewed and torn in the fires of Satan!
    What will "Ah" do then?
    'Cause the usual funeral pires are blazin’ –
    Waitin’ for when “Ah” (I) Swoops in!

    Shitty diapers, I enjoy reading that back to myself even if no one else does...
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