[WK/45] 9. Ravenous510 (0-1) v. 10. Roadblock (0-1) (Vote!)

Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by Quriosity, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001


    [01] - The deadline for verses is Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.
    [02] - The deadline for extensions is 24 hours ONLY, making it Friday @ 11:59pm EST.
    [03] - The deadline for voting is Sunday @ 11:59am EST.​


    [04] - You must post at least 5 valid voting links within your match.
    [05] - Within those 5 links, you must be sure to vote on both the Championship and Contender matches.
    [06] - Votes must be at least 2 full lines of feedback per competitor followed by the competitor's name in which you choose to vote for.
    [07] - Voting a tie result is deemed a failure to vote.
    [08] - Voting links must be posted in your battle thread with the Champ and Contender matches labeled clearly.
    [09] - Votes changed after 1 hour of posting will be deemed a failure to vote.
    [10] - Voting is open to current participants, past champions, and active RBL moderators ONLY.​


    [11] - All verses are to remain within the limits of 8 to 40 lines. Any breach of line limit must be agreed upon by both competitors prior to a verse being posted. Failure to comply will result in an automatic forfeit by all failing parties.
    [12] - An agreement of a line limit will serve as the maximum allowed; competitors are allowed to post under an agreed limit, but never over. An agreement is not required. Upon failure to agree to a line limit, the second competitor is thereby required to meet the limit set by the first competitor to post.
    [13] - You must not edit your verse once your opponent has posted, who in turn must not edit their verse after the first vote is cast.​
  2. Donis

    Donis New Member

    May 15, 2003
    Let's go 32.
  3. Ravenous510

    Ravenous510 Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Roadblock blows cock
    He owns no socks and gets no props
    His mom sold pot to smoke rocks
    She has a mustache and sucks ass
    She pumped gas for a new bus pass
    Roadblock will get punched fast
    I'll hit him with nunchuks
    Then put his body in a dumptruck
    He's a dumbfuck
    And his rhymes are dumb butt
    I mean they're straight ass
    I spit straight gas
    If we were playing hockey, and he was a goalie, I'd punch him in his facemask
    Fuck his gay trash
    He'll get his brain bashed
    Look, I'm the best ever
    Roadblock is a bed wetter
    He'll never get cheddar
    He'll get his neck severed
    He wears red sweaters
    With red letters
    That his mom knitted
    She's a blonde bitch that rocks fitteds
    She told me to ejaculate on her boobs
    So I ejaculated on her shoes
    I heard she does donkey shows in Tijuana
    For three dollars
    Faggot, I will knee drop ya
    Roadblock is stupid
    He looks like cupid
    And when the weather's humid
    His red sweaters get ruined

    I'm the fuckin' best, you faggots...
    This verse will probably be voted as the best EVAR by you fuckin' morons...
  4. Donis

    Donis New Member

    May 15, 2003
    Damn... You got your feelings hurt. Fuck wasting 32 on a bullshit verse.

    24 will do..

    You never had the force to test me,
    So stop cryin'... I haven’t seen any ‘body that salty’ since I toured the Dead Sea.
    That verse was too bland. It was free of pizazz;
    I’m ‘Miles ahead in class.’ I should be teaching you jazz.
    I'm the king amongst men. You’re a priest around boys.
    I slaughter the best. You flee when you hear a loud noise..
    I’m a Milton with prose.. and every punch is papal.
    This battle will ‘end with a Mayday’ like the month of April.
    Against a genius with a chip, whose got a passion for the diction,
    You’re a silent disaster.. I’m the Battleship Potemkin.
    See. Every time I spit, I HAVE to speak ether.
    Fuck Showtime; The block calls me Masterpiece Theater.
    I break ‘drafting conventions’ when I’m on a mental conquest.
    ... like a terrorist crashing the Continental Congress.
    You’re obviously struggling, dude..
    I violate customs. You pocket fruits like you’re smuggling food.
    I’m rusty as fuck - but, I’ll still devour you..
    Your verse had more ‘dead giveaways’ than the will of Howard Hughes.
    Face it, your tough act brings little applause;
    The last Full Metal Jacket this imbecile saw was the Tin Man’s top in the Wizard of Oz.
    ..and when I hit a track, I bring violence that’s REAL..
    While you get less DJ wear than the Giants backfield.
    Best to run for the hills when the idol’s approaching.
    Warrin' with me’s a ‘Messi engagement’ like Lionel proposing...

  5. Resilient.

    Resilient. .. . ..

    Sep 9, 2001
    Ravenous - Really man? I wish you would have tried. I didn't say anything bad about your style, so I feel I got robbed here. Nice use of multies though, and it does flow. But there is nothing lyrically relevant in your verse at all.

    Roadblock - Definitely take this. Verse was decent. Some cool concepts in there I thought could be reworded. The Howard Hughes line was cool, the Giants line was alright, the month of April line was cool too. I never seen that concept before using Mayday so nice job with that. Flow was pretty decent, nothing too choppy.

    Vote - Roadblock

    Line of the Match:
    "I’m a Milton with prose.. and every punch is papal.
    This battle will ‘end with a Mayday’ like the month of April." - Roadblock
  6. SiegeSupreme

    SiegeSupreme Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2012
    Not really gonna leave that much feedback as Rav didn't try and it's fairly obvious who won.

    roadblock had some nice concepts mixed in with some pretty played ones but the verse was solid overall. Looked more like roadblock saw Rav gave 0 effort and wrote a verse that did enough to win.

    Both obviously have skill though and I'd like to see a verse when both are firing at 100

    Vote/ roadblock
  7. Thorne

    Thorne come at me bro

    Mar 31, 2009
    I’m a Milton with prose.. and every punch is papal.
    This battle will ‘end with a Mayday’ like the month of April.

    Best to run for the hills when the idol’s approaching.
    Warrin' with me’s a ‘Messi engagement’ like Lionel proposing...

    liked these two from roadblock.

    resilent posted a no show verse....

  8. wreck'n'eyez

    wreck'n'eyez Custom Title User

    Sep 25, 2005

    Not really gonna breakdown this as it doesn't need to be.. Rav didn't try, road had a decent verse, better than I expected I guess.. Opener was cool mayday line was straight but it seemed most of ur verse had more swag n flow instead of some haymakers.. Maybe it's cuz u saw rav didn't give a fuck so neither did u.. I don't blame u
  9. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    Ravenous, this was very lame and immature of you. If you're even half as good as you put on, then you should have the maturity level and just common decency not to pull off some childish shit like this simply because you lost your first match. If this is how you handle losing and if this is how you'll continue to conduct yourself, then just do us all a favor and sign out. Move on. The league is better off without faggots like you inflating records. You're no more than a no-show win. I actually applaud roadblock for still wasting lines on this so we'd at least have something nice to read.

    Roadblock, this was nice. Some played concepts flipped throughout, but with my not being here in so long, most of them were still decent. Mayday was refreshing, I've never actually seen that concept before. The rest were nothing new. Liked how you pulled off the opener. Jazz and masterpiece theater were cool for what they were worth—that is, bragging points. Overall, pretty good throughout, though it fell off towards the end. Still more than enough to claim the victory.

    Vote - roadblock

    Side note, which other name would I recognize of you? I know roadblock was not your primary name back in the day.

    Oh, Ajax. Go figure. What was the name of your homesite again? I came over there for a few touney's before it disappeared.
  10. namix

    namix u flip shit, i refine it

    Sep 25, 2003
    i liked the dj ware line actually - i like it when nameplays consist of the full name. i've done so many nameplay type topicals that things like 'messi engagement' just seem soo simple to me, but i can see why people like it, and you phrased it well.

    clearly the other dude wasn't trying as alluded to by everyone.

    I remember roadblock from the old rbl for sure - dig the style/execution. definitely some concepts that weren't jaw dropping, but really doesnt make sense for me to over-analyze it, since roadblock pretty much won by his deadsea line (actually liked that one a lot too - simple but funny)

    v- roadblock
  11. Ah Swoop Pen

    Ah Swoop Pen New Member

    Aug 18, 2012
    Ravenous - ur flowed real well but ur punches werent there im not sure of the inner drama to the reason behind ur lack of effort not my place to discuss but the verse lacked punches an wordplay

    Road block - Ur punches were nice cool wordplay that added more sting nice man u take this imo nice complexity respect man

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