With Music Similar To Rick Ross, Terrance Hunt Is Bound To Be The Next Hip-Hop Music Trend

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    Jul 23, 2014
    New hip-hop music by the next big rapper, Terrance Hunt, is currently trending and reminds listeners of music by Rick Ross. Both are exceptional artists, and Hunt is up-and-coming with his catchy beats and heartfelt lyrics. Similar to Rick Ross, Hunt originates from Florida and is making his way to international popularity.

    Hunt is signed with indie record label, Raw Entertainment, and has released a new single entitled “Mary J” feat. RakanNn. Terrance Hunt brings meaning and soul in his music as he was highly affected by a car accident at the age of eleven. He uses music as a getaway to express pain, love, and everyday life- making his music even more powerful over his solid beats.
    Check out Terrance Hunt’s single, “Mary J,” if you have not done so on Youtube. You can purchase “Mary J” on iTunes. To stay connected and find out current happenings, you can go to his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For more additional information, you can go to his official website at www.TerranceHuntMusic.com.
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