Winter GRB Rd 2: comPleXNY vs Punches

Discussion in 'GRB Archives' started by Cire, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Oblivion

    Oblivion ^^ Eeek oook

    Nov 30, 2001
    complexny-got a sick voice from talking, interesting to see how you get it into battling.. voice is okay, reminds me of someone i just voted on, can't remember who tho.. beat is ehh.. don't have kids was a nice line.. delivery is nice, and your flow is on and very good for battles.. beat tho is disgusting in a bad way.. when those high pitched strings come in it makes me want to grab the producers shirt, pull him towards me and just scream NO!!!! into his face as loud as i can.. kinda short track but it was good, no real complaints.. nothing that made me lose my mind but very solid all round, good work

    punches-if i remember complexny right its tha guy who got horribly embarassed by claiming some pornstar was his girlfriend ro something? or something like that, i'm sure.. my bad if i'm wrong.. will be interesting what you do with that.. flow is cool so is your voice.. scissorhands haha.. and tha messiah complex WAS a standout line.. very impressed by that line, i liked it.. plexiglass haha.. haha permanent peoples eyebrow.. another short track tho.. and tha accapella two-bars at tha end sounded like you really wanted to finish and just said it and kept whatever on tha first take lol didn't hear many/any mocking about that embarassing incident i thought he was involved in.. maybe i'm confused and it was someone else *shrugs*

    preferred complexnys agression.. but punches had better.. punches.. and had me laughing

  2. Reflexx

    Reflexx [insert cool thing here]

    Feb 1, 2004
    good stuff from both of ya. *misses not being able to vote*
  3. Worthiest Words

    Worthiest Words New Member

    Feb 2, 2004
    ComplexNY – beats dope, flows dope, nice delivery, some nice lines, some ehh. You got a dope voice, yeah this very nice, you came with it ..

    Punches – beats a lil mellow lol on some weed smoking ish. Flow is nice, you got some dope lines, and delivery is good as well.

    Damn yo this is fuckin close, I listened twice over too both you’re ish. Complex had some intensity with his diss, but I wasn’t feelin some of the lines although I can’t fault him on anything else. Punches had the lines and delivered them good. See I would have voted Complex if it was just based on delivery and flow, but Punches had the lines and did enough w th his flow and delivery. So I’m goin with Punches, he jus edged and believe me when I say JUST. Good luck to both, real solid battle.
  4. ntl

    ntl Lazer Rocket Arm

    Nov 27, 2001

    complex - lol @ that intro... voice is real cool, very intense style. man those beat strings that come in are so horrible. "x rayed ya head and found nothing" made me laugh. flow is on point. "wrapped up in yourself" good line. very short track

    punches - intro was coo too. man you got a suuupppppper laid back style.... lines are pretty well delivered though.

    so.... basically overall im feelin complex more... loved his intense sound and the lines were close so im gonna go complex.

    vote - complex
  5. Cire

    Cire The Peoples Champion

    Sep 18, 1999
    peeped both. in a nutshell. Complex, your voice is GODLIKE. you have one of the sickest voice i've heard but theres no substance to help people be like "Damn". to be 100% honest niggas will peep you and be like "Damn" the first 2 bars and be like "WTF" after the first 4 bars because your so inept when it comes to constructing anything that resembles a rhyme scheme. I aint trynna be an asshole. I just think that shit really hurts you cuz once you realize or find out how to construct one your gonna be dangerous. Punches the complete opposite, flows dope, just cadence and presence needs work, but i loved the verse.

    "Calm your britches man cuz you aint that vicious damn
    It just that when he raps he's giving daps to Edward Scisscorhands"

    that shit made me fucking die for some reason.

    anyways, gotta go with punches.
  6. comPleXNY

    comPleXNY Illest Alive

    Nov 22, 2004
    no doubt cire thanks for the constructive criticism i will definatley feed off that..
  7. _RhYmEs_

    _RhYmEs_ Need Dope Beats??

    Dec 31, 2003
    comp= ill shit son, your presence was there, punches was coo
    punches= ill shit too, flow was coo, punches was on point

    track wise i think comp had a better track, but this is a battle so judge it by lines, and punches outlined you, no pun intended

  8. ProFane

    ProFane dB's Finest

    Jun 27, 2001
    Complex- you got a good voice and mic presence but i can never get down with what you say. i went to a fight and a hockey game broke out???
    you wrapped up in your self which means you got a small package???
    you go out with chicks and you love to pay..... that line made some sense but it was by no means a witty line. you dig me. if you look confused its because your thinking. why would you add these lines. i mean there not even filler there more like statements.

    its like i could just say shit like
    fuck punchs thats what i say if your tie is white it means your gay. i dunno maybe i just dont get your style.

    Punchs pretty much outshined this battle. your flow was shaky at best but your lines were way far superior. and some of them were funny as hell.

    props guys. be easy.
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