Winter GRB Rd 1: Prime vs Und3rw0rlD

Discussion in 'GRB Archives' started by Cire, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. Cire

    Cire The Peoples Champion

    Sep 18, 1999

    - $1000.00 prize money will be donated by NDesigns Screen Printing
    - $800 additional prize money will be divided up into the final round.

    GRB - Winter Grand Royal Audio Battle 2006 Rules - First Round
    - First Round Audios are DUE Tuesday Night Dec 19th at 11.59 pm cst. Theme: up to 2-3+ Minutes must be about your opponent(s)
    - You must mention their BOARD name(s). Must be atleast 2 minutes.
    - If audio is not two minutes, you must contest it if you want a DQ.
    - One mp3 File Must Be posted Tuesday Night Dec 19th at 11.59 pm cst.- We will not store any audio files.
    - YOU MUST post using your board name that is registered to the match. Others will be DQ'ed.
    - Voting for Semis will start once all verses are up.
    - Voting links will be posted and votes will be shown.
    - No Comments allowed on battle post until voting links are posted.
    - Can post videos

  2. Prime

    Prime Ur Spouses Are In Danger

    Jun 21, 2005
    NO SHOW FROM ME!!!!!!!

    I went to record 2nyt on my new protools set-up.. Clearly haven’t figured out the ins and outs of it yet as I could only manage to either record my vocals without the beat, or hear the beat and not record any vocals.. Its a configuration problem I thought but I literally been at this shit all day with no fuckin steps forward.. I’m so fucking pissed right now.. All I can say is I would of ripped your anus really wide dude and your Christmas came early as to me no showing.. Just 2 show I did fuckin try or whatever hear are 2 of the verses..

    Good luck in rest of tourny as there are a lot of people a lot more ass than you.


    [Verse 1]
    Am a killing machine, “World” will know what a mean,
    When a dump him round 1, right out of the scene,
    This is for that green, am on the paper chase,
    So am a push it to the limit, get out of ma face,

    A should of been born black, a got so much soul,
    But this wigger wana be Negro so bad, its outta control,
    Total commodity, who resides in the burbs,
    Thinks he got some brother in him, cause he blows some herbs,

    Another Suburban kid, cant handle the strife,
    Didn’t receive his allowance, contemplated taking his life,
    Oh the stress he face, maybe time to call it quits,
    Focus on his Xbox, and completing Rainbow Six

    That’s an idea, put it into practice,
    Only time we’d bounce to your shit, is if you were under the mattress,
    We can tell, you’ve been rapping a few years,
    Cause flowing to a beat, seems like one of your fears,

    Son, you kinda spit it, like your dude Kamikaze,
    Which makes me turn of your audio, sadly,
    Cause now a don’t know, what to diss you on,
    Maybe for ma verse, a should just post up one of your songs,

    Fucker, what’s with your pronunciation at certain times,
    Its clear this dyslexic cracka, has trouble reading his lines,
    Probably the reason you got your dad, up in your rhymes,
    So when your spitting crap, he can prompt you by holding up signs,

    [Beat Switch]

    [Verse 2]
    Last GRB, a was blind robbed,
    So if it happen again, I’m a put Jeff out of a job,
    That’s right muthafucka’s, Primes a prob,
    And I’m a leap to the finals, like a big ass frog,

    “World” cant see me, like am in think ass fog,
    Dudes chasing his tail, like some dumb ass dog,
    “Under” got no respect, its plain to see,
    Only time you’ll be near your Prime, is when your facing me,

    Check, look at your image it’s a large sump,
    This guy looks like an extra, from “Forest Gump”
    Looking at your picture, nearly brought me to tears,
    Its like “Dumbo” on the mic, with those fucking ears,

    Bitch, a usually write ma shit, buy typing,
    But a was scared you were gonna, hear what I was writing,
    Tell me, do you take flight, if you run fast?
    Cory was everybody’s science project, in class,

    Your Ep, was scheduled for release in November,
    Its December… what happened? Did you not remember?
    Man a was outside the store, waiting all day,
    Just so a could buy it, shit on it and then throw it away,

    A read your interview to, for “Space Junkies”,
    The special edition, “The true thoughts of ••••••s”
    Dude describes his music, as “a multi-syllable” brand,
    Well Shit, that makes as much sense, as “Underworld” on land,
  3. Und3rw0rlD

    Und3rw0rlD two blunts and a mic

    Sep 17, 2003
  4. Janitor

    Janitor Guest

    under advances
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