Why WWE is dying?

Discussion in 'Smack Down!' started by Neezy Da Truth, Jun 30, 2003.

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  1. I've been watching wrestling since probably when I was a child, and now I'm 14 years old.

    I have watched, viewed, and opinionated all wrestling pay per views and so forth, from the first WrestleMania, to now.

    I've noticed the greats.. and realized who has sucked.. and what has needed to change.. but now, I realize and understand the WWE will always be horrible, and will never reach it's peak in which it was great.

    Wrestling has grown boring, and it's so predictable, that it's annoying.

    I mean sure - wrestling's had it's flares, such as the HBK/Bret Hart match-ups, and the introduction of TLC matches, and the Austin/McMahon feuding and so on..

    But, if you ask me, wrestling died as soon as that whole Invasion angle began.

    Sure.. WWE picked up some great talent alongside the storyline, but if you haven't noticed, they've killed every single ounce of talent they've recieved.

    Can you tell me which federation couldn't work Chris Benoit, Rhyno, Booker T, Chris Jericho, and hell, even a guy like Tajiri into a major star?

    WWE sure as hell tried pushing RVD as far as they could, until the fans got bored, and sure as hell pushed the Brock Lesnar thing as long as they could, until now, that's boring as hell too.

    Wrestling is wrestling. It's not two old men feuding, such as the Vince/Hogan issue.

    I'd rather see a Kurt Angle/Lance Storm match, rather than see Vince argue with some one-legged gimp every fucking week on television. And why is that? Because both superstars are pure mat wrestlers, and each have talent.

    I mean, really.. for those who ordered Royal Rumble 2003, you can't tell me that the match between Angle/Benoit wasn't great.. and if you're wondering why it was great, that is because they both are superb superstars.

    But now.. look as Kurt Angle gets pushed back into the stupid face storyline, just because WWE would rather ride Lesnar as Champion a few more months because it's supposebly making ratings higher.. or let's push Jericho back down into the Intercontinental rankings, although he made a statement and was the first damn Undisputed Champion.. or hell, let's make a smart idea such as bringing in wrestler's who made themselves names more than 3 years ago, and hand them main event spots that aren't even earned.. while guys like Booker T strive and deserve the top spot.

    Sure, Triple H being pushed back in the day was good to see, because he was formerly liked as a DX module.. but now, it's just boring. Either way you slice the pie, is Vince going to just push anyone to the main slot for nearly a year just because they're boning his daughter? Does this mean if Gillberg returned and began fucking Steph, we'd have to bare with him as the title holder for nearly a year?.. Exactly.

    Wrestling has it's actual wrestler's, and top dollar people that deserve to be at the top. I have longed to see Jericho, Angle, Booker T, Christian, Edge, Matt Hardy, Kane, Team Angle, and so on be pushed to the top of their limits. Heyman creates stars, so why not bring Heyman back to manage Jericho? Not only would it give him his deserved push, but it would kill the horribly produced bullshit he's doing now. Or maybe turning Booker T heel would serve as a direct mean for him possibly getting the top title, in which he's deserved for a while now.. and Christian.. I think it's about time he got pushed to main event, and we see exactly what he can do if pushed to his limits, as well.

    WWE can produce ideas.. but quickly kill them.. WWE can have the fans chanting "tables" everytime the Dudley Boyz come out, to the fans not even really giving a fuck about their appearances now. Us as the fans enjoy Goldust because of his comedic acts.. why not push more air time towards him? Matt Hardy has already proven that as a heel, he can produce magic.. so why not push him further?

    The federation also killed it self when it dropped all the titles that made the federation famous, and began bringing back old WCW belts - can some one please tell me why the U.S title is now coming to the WWE?

    Believe it or not, I'd rather see the old Kane on television bashing people's heads in as a heel, and not giving a fuck for anyone.. or a Lance Storm who actually gets a chance to highlight his skills, because he has some.. or hell, the conceited and cocky Jericho who has reason to be, because he is at the top.. and even that old gothic Undertaker, who had little children scared to even watch him enter the ring.

    Wrestling needs a change.. and it would be great if us as fans protested against Vince, and the WWE writers or some shit, because it seems that's the only way we'll ever get our voices heard.

    Angle/Jericho.. Edge/Lesnar.. Benoit/Booker T.. the Kane/Taker feud.. Christian/Lesnar.. or even Rhyno/Edge..

    Thinking about the situation and what could be produced, you cannot tell me those storylines I just thought about couldn't be great and major in helping WWE, if worked out correctly.

    These are just my thoughts.. and I wish the WWE could see them, so they'd stop killing a legendary product.
  2. Cane

    Cane Guest

    i'll summarize the situation in short

    it's not dying

    it's just returning to the state it's always been in prior to the breif fad in the rebelious era
  3. FortiFied Killa

    FortiFied Killa New Member

    Aug 8, 2001

    thank you...people think just you arent matching what you did in the height of your popularity your dieing...thats why it's called "the height" you only get there once
  4. Identity

    Identity Shaq fears Yao!

    Mar 14, 2003
    word..i agre with everything you had to say about the wwe...they to rethink there gameplan...maybe they relaxed cuz wcw was out of the way and thus they were the only real wrestling show on national tv...after the fall of wcw, wwe has slowly turned sour...trying to remake nwo was horrible attempt culminating in keven nash's knee injury...i don't know why vince continues to hold onto those older former superstars who are past their primes, why continuosly give them title shots when young bucks are primed to take over...that kinda logic is what made wcw's downfall, they're refusal to give the young stars a chance to shine...

    tonite's raw was horrible...i didn't even watch the main event cuz hhh was going to win cuz there's no way in hell that a title will be lost on raw...rico vs. maven match was a joke, it wasn't even funny...nobody in the crowd was laughing with rico's homosexual act, the only reason i stay tuned in that match was because of that white chick's pants...wwe doesn't need this many wrestlers on their roster, they need to cut the wack mofo's and keep the stars and rising stars...i don't want to watch tommy dreamer vs. randy orton on raw, i wanna see kane vs. kevin nash or booker t vs. chris jericho...bring more excitement cuz i'm sick of seeing test and steiner matches/plugs...get the wack shit out...

  5. Macabre

    Macabre Guest

    Cane's right for the most part.
    It is a fad that died out.

    But also I dont think the McMahon fam believe it was a fad. Instead of trying to keep the fans they got, they're trying what made them popular around '98.

    They should just focus on entertaining those that watch, slow down on PPV shit, and quit signing big contract wrestlers.

    I'm sure the fad will return anyway. It does about every 10 years.
  6. masterragu

    masterragu Sweep The Leg, Johnny!

    Dec 11, 1999
    they dont have to try to hard i mean they arent competing with anyone or anything...
  7. Macabre

    Macabre Guest

    Which is another problem
    All businesses need competition
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