Why White People?

Discussion in 'Lipstick Gallery' started by Anidawehi, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. Anidawehi

    Anidawehi "-----"

    Oct 23, 2005
    Why do people assume that being white makes life easier?

    I've never had a politician shake my hand and say, "You know what....you're white, I'd like to be your mentor."

    I've never been given a fuckin thing in my life. I've had to work just as hard as anybody on this site for "everything" I have.

    And what is this retarded shit about white people not being in the hood?
    Maybe in some areas of New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans and shit but there's almost no place you can go without seeing white people. The shit's gettin silly.

    Kids on here obviously aint "really" who they say they are. (Even Gary has white people...not many, but they're still there)

    White dudes will fuck a Black dude up 75% of the time in a one on one fight.
    (If they could get over their media brainwashed fears)
    The only reason the majority of white men are afraid of black men is because of the media and it's portrayal of you. White people aint afraid of Mexicans or Puerto Ricans or nobody else. (Maybe Muslims Now, I don't know) It's the very stereotype that many of you perpetuate. Why would you want white people to be afraid of you? That's dumb.

    I've heard white guys talkin about the "Big Black Guy"...
    It's retarded. The big guys fall just like the little guys do when you hit them in the fuckin jaw. Nobody is above an asswhoopin. The right punch to ANY man will end the fight.

    Some of you need your asses beat.

    I keep seeing videos posted of little ass white kids fighting.
    Those are children. Those aint "Men"....
    They aint the blue collar motherfuckers.
    The majority of white guys reside in the midwest and work in factories and lumber yards or as construction workers. Those guys will break your fuckin face open.

    You kids on here at like all white people are this:
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