Why the media was obsessed with censuring Obama... And how the narrative will change

Discussion in 'IntroSpectrum' started by d-rell, Nov 9, 2010.

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    May 21, 2004
    The more interviews I catch, the more I’m amazed at how calculated this White House is. For example, it can be said that the President invested his early political capital into his most challenging campaign promises before the anticipated drop in the job approval poll that seems to strike all Presidents once they leave the lively campaign trial and began to work into a stiff and stubborn legislative system. Obama is the most strategic President, and perhaps political leader I’ve witnessed or studied in recent times. Yet being calculated and deliberate in a high-speed society is barley an asset, this is no more axiomatic than the PPACA (health care reform) supported by many Congressional Democrats at their own political detriment especially upon the understanding that many of the provisions in the controversial legislation wouldn’t go into effect until years after the Nov. 2nd elections. The Obama team was skillful enough to at least get the congressional majority to vote long-term National vision over political interest by appealing to a sense of patriotism in both the House and Senate.

    The major dilemma of course is communicating this long-term vision to voters using News mediums that are programmed short-sighted. The News Media today, not surprisingly, reflects the society that tunes in. It confuses reality with reality TV, rejecting some facts as simple platitudes in desperate need to be styled and sensationalized. The cable NE!Ws Media primarily, in this age is Entertainment news, with commentary tweeks, exaggerated journalism, convenient edits, manipulative uses of soundbites, all designed to package a highly fabricated news brand built on the particular stations persuasion, leaving the enlightened viewer with the field job to sort our the propaganda.

    The News media appeared to favorably chronicle and capture the story of then Senator Obama’s unlikely rise to office of U.S. President and all the youthful excitement. Later the media focus, similar to Music Execs craving for the next Billboard Single, was fixed on the fresher story—the extremely unhip Tea Party movement. Now with the Nov. 2010 election finished, and the hand of pocket aces that come in facing an incumbent during an economic period with a 9.6% Unemployment rate has morphed into your turn to have a significant share in Governing, what’s the story now?

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