why does veryone ride dick of "explosive fighters"

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  1. Mac Sabbath

    Mac Sabbath New Member

    Sep 18, 2005
    lol, man. You can't be serious...

    Not only does Wanderlei clinch a little more than "sometimes," he was really one of the first if not the first to truly show how effective muay thai techniques like the clinch can be in MMA. I know because it's the reason I started liking him in the first place. Anderson of course is the new and improved version, but different topic for a different day...

    His fight with Mezger: dirty boxing clinch
    rampage 1: knees from the clinch, dirty boxing
    rampage 2: knees
    first fight with cro cop: closed the distance swinging, clinched for takedowns
    mark hunt: moved forward swinging, clinched for takedowns
    arona: closed the distance swinging, clinched for takedowns
    petarra: nothing but knees

    etc, etc

    Yes, he swings and occasionally has won only with swings. So has Fedor, despite being most at home grappling. But Silva's bread and butter is fighting on the inside, and he knows it. Or at least he used to, after watching the fight with Chuck.
  2. ANDtheMC

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    Sep 17, 2004
    Different type of swinging, again. Fedor's is methodical while Wanderlei swings for the fences. Even his "closed distance swinging" is on some brawling shit. You CANNOT TELL ME it is anything like the way Fedor knocks people out. Again, Fedor assesses the opponent, throws a punch and backs out unless he lands and he sees it hurt his opponent. He doesn't go into a blow for blow trade too often. Wanderlei does. AGAIN, A HUGE DIFFERENCE.
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