why do yall believe humans CREATED the aids virus, but think its impossible to create

Discussion in 'IntroSpectrum' started by TheFrogFather, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. TheFrogFather

    TheFrogFather aka Seenz

    Jan 20, 2006
    ... life?????


    scientifically, viri fit both definitions of living and non- living

    and there isnt no real CONCLUSIVE definition of whats living

    so it can be considered either or

    but they are just like living organisms in that they replicate and pass on genetic material

    anyways, my question is this

    for all u religious BUFFS, who think its so INSANE that LIFE can be created, why do yall believe the aids virus was created?

    and oh yeh, man kind just recently created their first virus
  2. Cedric

    Cedric or otherwise Ced

    Dec 31, 1999
    Word-of-mouth about HIV [and the creation of] to cause AIDS in humans has definitely been passed around with different views—not everyone believes it to be “man-made”, but the origins about how it spread must be examined closer:

    First, virus-infected chimpanzees and monkeys contain SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) in Africa [and only Africa, no other known studies have allocated SIV to other continents’ chimps and monkeys]. When two primates fuck, they can pass SIV onto each other, and spread SIV likewise. They’ve fucked so often and so much in the past that it’s been a chimp/monkey epidemic, and throughout all of this, SIV has been able to transcend into more lethal strains.

    Second, “How did HIV pass onto humans?” The process of any virus passing through from an animal to a human (or vice-versa) is called “zoonosis”. There is a strand of SIV that’s highly contagious to humans; when this SIV enters a human, it alters it’s form into HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), and this person is infected. This is how HIV came about, is from certain strains of SIV.

    This particular act of zoonosis can occur at any time and any place, so pinpointing the “first time” is useless. When people gossip and views differentiate about the origins of HIV, they are concerned about the first epidemic(s). These are the theories that experts have created:

    One theory is the “Conspiracy” theory (the one that you have in mind about being “man-made”). This theory states that the Special Cancer Virus Program (SCVP) worked in conjunction with the CIA to secretly inoculate thousands all over the world of African-descent [back then] when smallpox was an epidemic, and when only so many people knew of such a virus’ existence and potential. They would smallpox-inoculate them, but were also including SIV/HIV into the mix. African-descents would fuck, and the virus would spread likewise, reaching it’s global state. The other portion of this theory [to be included] was that an extremely-large number gay men were given Hepatitis B inoculations w/ SIV/HIV attached. The goal of SCVP and the CIA? To make an epidemic ridding African-descents, and gay men.

    The next theory is the “Hunter” theory (and the traceable at that), in which a hunter would kill, butcher, and eat chimp/monkey meat. Some of these chimps/monkeys would contain SIV, and whomever feasts upon it would become a victim of zoonosis. Sometimes the splattered blood of an SIV’ed chimp/monkey would come in contact with an open cut/wound of a human, so that is another method.

    The next theory is the “Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV)” theory, and this states that in the late 1950s, there were millions in Ruanda, Urundi, and Congo combined that received polio vaccinations. The vaccine was called Chat, and the fighting-power in Chat was grown/taken from local chimpanzees. There had to have been chimpanzees with SIV, so when people were vaccinated for polio, they were additionally victims of zoonosis.

    The next theory is the “Colonialism” theory. This states that in the late 19th/early 20th century, Africans of French Equatorial Africa and Belgian Congo were slaved under colonial rule. Chimps were a food-source [for slaves], and there had to’ve been chimps with SIV, to create zoonosis in the camps, which was able to process quicker in a weakened slave body. Camp-owners employed prostitutes to keep slave-workers happy, so that increased spreading possibilities. There are debates to if the camp even existed, since there is a conspiracy surrounding shattered documentation(s).

    The last theory is the “Contaminated Needle” theory, and this states that African healthcare professionals reduce(d) the cost of buying new syringes by reusing a single syringe for multiple patients. It only takes so-many infected people to create immense viral damage.

    Many, not all, believe humans cannot be manufactured.

    The properties of viruses are unique and not completely understood, and until mankind can fully understand it will we be able to have more control over it. This opens the door for another conspiracy, in that it is indeed fully understood [by secured professionals], and kept behind closed doors to manage medical funding across the globe, as well as other reasons that remain under-the-radar of the mainstream globe.

    Life in and of itself is a complex issue, and can be laced to various venues. If you’re looking for scientific answers, look towards biology/ecology. You seem to have a penchant for Nimrod… that’s your mission, is to address this topic to him. If he can’t provide you with an answer, then I’m sure his resources/biology connects can.

    Everyone’s definition on how life came to be or what life is is very dissimilar from everyone else’s (even in Introspectrum), so I wouldn’t recommend setting a thread in here based on that, unless you’re looking for resources to form your own answer(s). Like various sciences and religions, you have to analyze everything yourself and separate fact from fiction based on your own research and will, because with a topic as sensitive as this, no one person can inscribe to you what is.

    Surprised to see you around these parts… keep up the comedy, you’re one of the few people that’s managed to make me laugh in real life.
  3. KingLeo3 - 3WE

    KingLeo3 - 3WE Trip Dub Connect

    Feb 3, 2003
    big ups on this
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