Why did they make the 90s camaros and trans am firebirds so UGLY?

Discussion in 'Car & Audio' started by VishTaphney, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Snikka

    Snikka Vision Action Execution

    Jun 17, 2000
    and you dont need to ADHERE to my tastes. Dude listen, just because GM didn't give the f-body cars all the best in everything doesn't automatically mean it's worthless. It has lots of strong points other than just looking at the exterior and desiding a verdict.

    You can change everything on the car from heads, cams, internals, power adders, suspension, drivetrain, rear, stabilizers, tires, rims, EVERYTHING far easier than most cars. They make big power in practically every set-up. I'm not saying it's the best stock.... But they did a damn good job on the engine and the basic purpose of the car, and thats all I'm proving. It wasn't made to be a handling car stock, and if you think that, then you're misinformed. GM could have done a lot differently...I KNOW THIS.. My car is pretty flawless though. but good enough for ME right now.. but trust you drop some money on you're suspension and you're driving a totally different beast performance wise

    God damn.
  2. Ethan Albright

    Ethan Albright New Member

    Oct 16, 2006
    Given the same mods to "the rest", no.

    Not even close. This is why F-Bodies stick to driving straight lines.

    You know this. Everyone knows this. Please, don't argue just for the sake of doing so.
  3. BoardWalk

    BoardWalk it's a monopoly.

    Jan 12, 2005
    Who do you define as "the rest"... I hope you are comparing to their major competitions BEFORE the year 2002.

    ANOTHER POINT: If you're running the highest quality suspension parts, how can you say the "rest" are running better parts?

    To even make you're argument hold water you'd need to find some sort of data to compare each and every different car set-up vrs. other comparable cars. Unless we check all the different statistics and lap times around United States tracks and see what kind of cars were running and their various set ups. ETC ETC.... IT'S NOT HAPPENING.

    So here's all stock cars from an independant source.

    Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo

    Skidpad: .91g
    Slalom Speed: 63.4 mph

    Dodge Stealth/Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 Twin Turbo

    Skidpad: .90g
    Slalom Speed: 63.7 mph

    Toyota Supra Twin Turbo

    Skidpad: .94g
    Slalom Speed: 66.1 mph

    Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am WS6

    Skidpad: .87g
    Slalom Speed: 62.1 mph

    and a few other cars that belong in this comparison

    Mazda Rx7 Twin Turbo

    Skidpad: .96g
    Slalom Speed: 64.2 mph

    Chevrolet Camaro Z28 SS

    Skidpad: .87g
    Slalom Speed: 63.0 mph

    2001 SVT Mustang Cobra

    Skidpad: .86g
    Slalom Speed: 65.7 mph

    ALSO, I believe the C5's were rated around .91 on the skidpad.

    So pretty much about what we'd expect STOCK. I'm sure it will vary from different sources. But again, for the lack of STOCK handling you would gain a much more competitive if not faster 1/4mile, higher top speed and plus the other benefits if you choose to modify PLUS the lovely sound of a v8. And with the money you saved you could toss that into the car and make it even better. So..

  4. Ben Official

    Ben Official Active Member

    Mar 13, 2002
    i see at least 2 trans ams a day over here. firebirds and camaros quite a bit too. i probably see 3-4 of the f body series a day. good performers, but ehhhh not the car for me.
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