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    So another colleague is getting through with divorce. Another one of those silly, but unfortunate everyday stories. Two individuals who have failed to agree in advance on some basic rules of the game. This inability of theirs to reach an agreement, and a failed school of principles later, can potentionally result in breeding the ideal conditions for trauma and frustration of a seven-year-old girl and a ten-year-old-boy.

    Couples are able to agree on a lot of things. But mostly about useless, trivial things; banal examples ~ will it be a church wedding or a civil one. Will the wedding invitations be in white or pink, and how will those smell or be scented with. Will the bride wear a white garter on the left thigh, or will that seem inappropriate to this or other family member...
    This is something they're able to coordinate that for nights, weeks and months, but are completely unable to sit down, and go point by point what they expect from one another, and what they can offer.
    Compatibility of mutual expectations is so obvious then. But no! Obviously. This would be likely to significantly raise the possibility that the relationship lasted at least until the children began to attend college.


    Mr. and Mrs. were otherwise a great couple. We all adored them. They were fun, interesting and friendly. And frankly, they cared for each other, which, believe it or not, helps.

    "The only thing missing now, is you saying that the separation was caused by your or her infidelity," I reluctantly responded to the news. "Probably because of infidelity of both," he said. I could not hide the surprise :)jawdrop:).

    Even he, the person who never seemed particularly favorable to cheating, with his wife as an obvious unit for this kind of puritanism. A large unit, such as tesla or ferad. So large, that in practice, to measure Puritanism, one would have to use ten to the minus sixth or microdumbasses, ten to the minus ninth or nanodumbasses and ten to the minus twelfth or pikodumbasses.

    Anyway, the story is morbid. His wife suspected that her husband was meeting a younger mistress. In her suspicions, she went as far as to hire a private detective to get to the bottom of things. To the latter 87% of all income represent these kind of cases, and in all the range of their services, it's the only thing that an area of expertise can be shown. Well, now comes the sadly morbid part. When the wife exhausted all her saving, and was no longer able to pay the services of thedetective, she continue to pay in another way. You do the math. Obviously for some goal still justifies the means. And it doesn't even matter how silly the end objective is.

    What I wanted to get across here; is that in serious relationships people agree on everything, except the most important things. In this case ~ children. Because to not agree on something is always, and I repeat, always true incompetence, incompetence of both.
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