Whoever thinks Little Dickens and C-Unit are fake, please enter

Discussion in 'Lipstick Gallery' started by Little Dickens, Jul 20, 2006.

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    It's amazing that this thread continued in such a serious matter for as long as it did... Wow, it's almost unfathomable...

    Dex, Raitko and X-Cal are the only three people who have been hinting the obvious... Basically let me break it down, especially for this NotorIET guy... Little Dicken's is just an 'alias' of someone... The only reason he made this thread was to hook some sad individual such as yourself to come in here and write a wall-o-text for absolutely no reason... And he succeeded... I still can't believe you people bought into this, wow... Aliases are like the plotline for an RM Punk'd episode...

    On a side note, that drive-in movie threater wall you constructed was pointless in the first place and far from funny in the second place... You guys got worked...
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