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Discussion in 'the Onslaught' started by Mtoda16, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Mtoda16

    Mtoda16 New Member

    Jun 9, 2005
    Tell me who won this text battle:

    While im textin with these words and im squeezin my M-16 to the curve
    u can post more bars but in talent im exceedin n ya whole verse

    Poundings 2 ya head to the point u bleedin ur own flow
    u aint got nomore gas to go while im in turbo goin on nitro

    Versin me is like a horror flick u scared so u jumpin
    aint talkin bout Kriss Kross n!gga u frontin

    Bitch suck my dick slow ask ya girl how i fucked her mouth n made her cheeks blow
    i hold down M-16's weight like kelo no need 4 bladez cuz this faggot dont kill slow

    I'll extinguish ur presence with subliminal essence
    u aint fully grown aint even hit puberty now how u gon get to adolescense?

    U thinkin u hot and u got ya lil group dog pound/
    But look u still a lil niggu wit a lil bow wow sound/
    keep on talkin till I pull out an ak and u go missin/
    Cause I'll take out the heat like I'm a Detroit Piston/
    I know crips and bloods on the west look niggu I'm locoal/
    u be surrouned by red and blue like dude from the NBA logo/
    I already won this battle so don't even look to check the board/
    In real life I'll red dot u up and have u lookin like a checka board/
    crew vs crew we end yall rap career u know how we do it/
    so just tell dog pound to kiss the game goodbye like u g-unit/
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