Who is like YAH ?

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    Jun 19, 2009
    A peice I did repersentin'


    Who is like the Most High, the living ELOHIM !?
    Who knew Ysrael by covenant,
    Like unto Lebanon, seeded by Cedar Trees ?
    There is none other, no not one, YAH is HE
    Wood and Stone know not of His eternal things
    Who hath delivered out the hands of Pharaoh,
    His judgment, arrows, plagues, Lo, on Eagle wings ?
    His nation of promise, the First Fruits of everything !


    Some refused the role, chased after shots of pagan things...
    Ysrael got pulled out, the heathen trod, cast lots and slings
    Scattered and cursed, but Yah never fails to keep His peace
    Egypt was judged, Babylon SOON... So believe that please.
    This mass awakening today, even the Gentiles seek and peep

    WOE to a boastful branch, the Natural will bleed and tweak you out
    In a lake called fire, in doubt ? All heed it now: Holier than thou ?

    Who is like unto YAH, the Mighty one of Ysrael ?
    ^HalleluYAH, bring Psalms as songs to sing
    Who sits on His Right Hand still, called Prince of Peace ?

    Yahshuah. Yahshua HA MASHIACH

    To the slumbered

    Truth is a Rubix cube. Hmm, how should I put it
    It's confusion to whom who have no rules to use it
    Wear Ye the breast plate of the sovereign Armor
    Eyes on the signs, and solve it with the solver
    Flee the devil and dissolve to not be the bothered
    Keep the law and hour, and one may be Honored by the Father

    This goes out to ones who's eyes open some to hear
    To your ears that answer cries in sight of there peers
    To all, even the ignorant willing of that Serpent deception:
    A truth has kept to His calling, sent by an accession
    That your assembly beholds a wise spoken tooth
    Hosted in righteousness as Hebrews who teach the truth

    The world lies to children, up is down, and down is uppish
    Spinning the needle around to try displace YAH's compass (vanity)

    They twist the laws to which is taught for the righteous
    All that wicked, is tossed to false light to be lifeless...
    The Truth is only to be one mind from ashes on the count of one trump
    That YAHAHUA is Yah's salvation, through him we become one lump.


    And for one moment the world will stand Judged
    And a shock wave of ripples send out a currier
    Between oppression, promises and lies it went
    And what came back was absolute serenity
    Of the one comfort in the upcoming Triumph
    And that night the Stars stood blood shot,
    the sun darkened, humbled and fallen
    For those who could see it, they mourned
    Violence and struggle washed clean in the promise

    Some time after that, Ysrael was united in MessiYAH
    All the world's windows were opened, aired out
    They were now the ship and YAH the bottle
    Faces were pious and knees bowed to the earth
    Pupils larger than dinner plates for a multitude
    Staring point blank at absolute wroth kindled
    Forcing every ounce of energy to move to repentance
    Behind a stage curtain called "too late"
    Wrapped in a moist membrane of
    Ysrael's ancestral past

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    Apr 12, 2000
    Bravo sir, im goin to share this with some of my friends, good work tho, i like how u took such a indepth subject and put it into a short composition, the word choice was traditional, and the flow wasn't forced, making it easy to read, some places seemed rough draftish but for the most part u should keep this type of thing goin on, i want to learn more now.
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    Mar 13, 2013
    Lets breakdown YAH - and end the fairy tales

    Yeshuaya (YshAaYH) only means "Yahweh saves" and is from yeshua (YShAa) meaning salvation and Yah or the (YH), is the short-hand power Name of Yahweh used mostly by Isaiah. So Yeshuaya in Greek is Iseous, and is where the word Jesus comes from.

    Now Jesus means "Yahweh saves." Yahweh (YHWH) which ofcourse means "I Am What I Am, I Am What I Was, I Am What I Will Be; or a better name would be
    "I Am What I Am In Time" which the "Tetragrammaton" implies: grammatology = "the essence of a name" and tetra, the 4 letters of YHWH meaning "I Am 'In Time.'"

    Now...Yah of Yahweh is not Yah/Yarikh, the Moon god of Egypt/Canaan. Yah of Egypt is actually the Yaach (YAaCh) when translated back to Hebrew.....and i quote the scholar - E.A. Wallis Budge. Yaach is closer to Yarikh than to Yah.

    Yarikh, if we notice, is either the cheth, which the 'kh' or 'ch' and this is what the Egyptian 'Rope' hieroglyph translates to: cheth (Ch) not heh (H).... Yah of Yahweh is spelled with a heh and not a cheth. So Yah is not Yaach. In some instances, the Aa (flag resting on the ground) can logically be pronounce as the 'Ta' and Yaach then could be pronounced Yatach....

    In the bible, Yah of Yahweh is not Yerikh (meaning moon (god)) nor is He Yatach.

    Yet the Iah, the Moon God of Egypt's official translation to Hebrew is Yod/Ayin/Cheth (Yaach). YAH of Yahweh is the Yod/Heh. These two names are not and were never identical. Yahweh is not the Moon god. Yahweh is "I Am 'In Time.'"

    Now the Yaach/Yarich, or the moon would equate to Sin/Nanna of Akkad/Sumer. Sin, according to legend, is the son of Enlil. Sin is in the Bible too, he is a son of Canaan. [see - Gen.10.17/ICh.1.15] Sin is the father of Utu/Shamash and Inanna/Ishtar.
    Sin is also Canaan or Ham. Now problems arise when seeing that Utu is Ham and Shamash is Cush (Enoch 3).

    Inanna/Ishtar is Naamah (sister of Tubal-Cain, wife of Ham) or Semiramis or both. Semiramis is the daughter of Canaan. Realize that after the Global Flood, the family of Ham deified itself with the help of Enki, (the old serpent/cherub of Eden or Satan)

    These stories, naturally confuse the average reader because they are the root of the Pagan Mysteries. Only the initiated/esoteric were given the Key to unlock these Legends. The Bible is not and never was a "mystery;" it is a continuous flow of knowledge/history/legend. Simply comprehending that [Genesis 3] Yahweh opposes the Evil Nachash (Serpent/Enki), the Bible cannot go into the general abyss of myth/legend that all other myth/legend(s) can be placed.
    The Bible has a separate and specific message.....
    The Bi Bull is a Taurus or Torus - a bigger outer circle with a small inner circle or 'Bull's Eye' because God is the Bull - EL Toro - the Aleph Lamed

    all of you are worshiping Nature and Astrology yet have no idea

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