WhiteOut - Hungry (over new 50/mobb deep beat) stream

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  1. Thurman_Merman

    Thurman_Merman got sandwiches?

    Jul 12, 2004
    Vocals: WhiteOut "Hungry"
    Beat: 50 Cent ft. Mobb Deep "Outta Control" (Remix)

    lo-fi stream: http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=2713001&q=Lo

    hi-fi stream: http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=2713001&q=Hi

    for now i stick to that green
    that dope drip is sour
    when i wanna get clean
    i smoke shit n shower
    no shit,flow sick
    hoes get devoured
    dro spliffs go quick
    roll six an hour
    imma switch my sales pitch
    get rich skip jail
    ditch the rails n just stick to ales
    flips kryp zips n bail then dip
    trips to zales to strip chicks with nails n lipstick
    prevail split chips shit we nail each bitch strips n sales restrict
    snitch get u nailed
    stick ya shit wit a switch trick get impaled
    slit ya wrist to ya dick with a bic
    inhale its the vicks take a whiff
    get blitsed n sail
    i was slammin alize
    now its back to quarts
    hit the slammer now a day
    aint goin back to court
    imma pack my shorts,slacks
    n hats for north,jay got the fat sack,pass the torch

    let me know what u think


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