When I Pull Up (Dirty South Exclusiive freestyle)

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by dsp2k5, May 1, 2011.

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  1. dsp2k5

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    Sep 7, 2005
    When I pull up on the scene, I pull up clean
    Cup full of lean, pockets full of grean
    Wallet in my jean is all full of G's
    Everyone in this city is cool wit me
    Cool wit D S P, the dirty south baller
    Yeah ... yall heard me, now holler !!!
    Walking into the club, turning down boppers
    Brought her homegirl in the mix, they working they knockers
    Caught her eyeing my crotch, she saw me watch her
    But she acted so hard like she wasnt, she ought to get an Oscar
    I know they somebody's daughters, but we bout to get all naughty
    Took me back to they place, they started to massage me
    Lucky ass me, it was feeling good too ... awww me !!!
    Everything was gravy till they men walked in and caught me
    Luck'ly I always take along my other "old nine" (get it)
    I held their ass at gunpoint as i banged they chics the whole time
    They chics got so wild, they wanted it the whole night
    I found out why when I stuck it in, they was both so tight
    They yelled it felt so right, they are really cool sluts
    To this day, they hit they knees when I pull up
    Yeah, when I pull up, you never know what will happen
    Maybe mackin', attackin', maybe grab a mic, rappin'
    Maybe just askin' whats crackin, or maybe jackin' ya action
    Maybe smackin' and slappin' ya jaw if ya ass is yappin'
    Im stackin' cash, scratchin' my head wondering where to stash it
    But my passion is riding slick in my whip
    When I pull up, they eyeing the diamonds shining on my wrist
    I grip my wood wheel real tightly wit my fist
    My Sprite mixed like this, it's something you'll love, girl
    Sometimes it slows down your breathing and you'll huff, girl
    And ladies, when I lay some game on you, you'll blush, girl ...
    Hurry and beat the other girls climbing in my ride when I pull up, girl!!!​
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